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     Size is measured by scope, span, depth and field.

     Scope is how large an area a being can sucessfully control.

     Span is how many objects in that area the being can handle at one

     Depth is the being's intimate knowledge of those objects.

     Field is the beings's reputation (in the field) for their scope
span, depth and field.

     There are very small men and very large women.

     Large women are very much bigger than small men.

     However on average, when men and women are matched properly
together, Child, Woman, Man and God form expanding concentric spheres of

     Each set of 4 spheres, child, woman, man and God is called
a Grade, so each grade has 4 parts of accomplishment.

     The woman teaches the child how to become a woman.

     The man teaches the woman how to become a man.

     The God teaches the man how to become a God.

     The child at the next level up teaches the God at the
nexst level down how to become a child at the next level up.

     When one adds physical child, female and male traits to this
system, along with the missing God part, a real mess can ensue.

     For example a woman in the 5th can marry a man in the 4th
grade, and thus constantly take rank over the man.

     The woman then tries to teach the man how to become a woman in his
own 4th grade which he already knows, or how to become a child in the
5th grade which the man is not ready for.  
     And the man in the 4th grade tries to teach the woman in the 5th
grade how to become a man in the 4th grade which she too already knows
and is trying to move on into being a man in the 5th grade.

     Also in such families, when a son is born into the family
he may be in a lower grade than his mother, so when it comes
time to take rank over the mother, he can't and the mother never
allows it.

     And when a daughter is born into a family where she is in a higher
grade than her father, her father will continue to try to keep rank over
her, but he can't and she won't allow it.

     Much unhappiness is caused when members of a family are mismatched
in their grades.

     Every sphere of activity divides into these 4 parts, it is the 4
fold Yin/Yang of Adore.

     Notice Yin/Yang is NOT a complementary relationship,
the female does not complement the male.  And together they do
not make a whole.

     The 4 fold Yin/Yang is an ENCOMPASSMENT relationship of
concentric circles, where each member encompasses the one below it.

     Together all 4 phases make a whole but dependencies and abilities
are not equal.  Each one lower is an apprehentice to the one above it.

     Every sphere of activity is itself completely enclosed by
a sphere bigger than it, and completely encloses a sphere inside it.

     Thus as a being graduates up from child, women, man and God into
the next full Grade of activity up, they take on the child phase of that
new Grade.  So that new child phase is actually more advanced than the
God phase of the sphere below it the being just came from.

     Each sphere is dependent on the sphere that contains it more than
the sphere that contains it is dependent on the sphere it contains.
Dependency goes both ways but is not balanced.

     For example if the mother/father dies, the child will surely die,
but if the child dies, the mother/father will probably live but be
severely de enhanced.

     Once the male son moves into full male hood, he takes rank over the
mother as he is now operating from the male sphere rather than the woman
sphere.  If he dies, often the mother dies too if there is no father to
keep the mother going.

     Dominance wars between mother and son arise due to both being in
different grades.  A lower grade mother with a higher grade son will not
run into so much trouble, the mother will be more than happy her son is
so powerful, but the son may be a bit miffed his mother doesn't have the
horsepower to really help him grow.

     But watch out when the mother is in a higher grade than her son, an
all out war will proably take place for dominance, and the son will
lose, often remaining in a child phase his whole life as his mother
won't allow him to grow into his man phase.

     When we talk about child, women, man and God, we are talking about
child-phase, woman-phase, man-phase and God-phase beings.  Each being
can have many different spheres of activity of different sizes and be in
a different phase in each sphere.  He will however have a primary sphere
and a primary phase.

     It is the duty of the God to serve and protect the man.

     It is the duty of the man to serve and protect the woman.

     It is the duty of the woman to serve and protect the child.

     One does not serve necessarily by doing the bidding of the served
for usually they have no clue what they need, but by providing safety,
space, affluence and discipline in which the served can most fruitfully
function and grow.  Prosper and flourish.

     Notice that although the man phase being is 'subservient to the
woman' and lives to serve her needs, the woman takes orders from the

     The man gets his vision statement from the woman 'A better world
for my child.'

     The women gets her mission statement (marching orders) from the

     The woman wants a school, the man designs it and tells her how to
build it.

     The man is pilot, the woman is co-pilot.  If they disagree on a
course of action, on how to get to the woman's desired destination, the
man's decision and judgement rules.

     Women are advised to pick their pilots wisely then.

     The relationship of server to served is not one of master and
slave, but one of master and apprehentice.

     It is the purpose of the child to master total irresponsibility,
his primary mode of learning is through mimickry and he operates through
his body.

     It is the purpose of the woman to master defense, her primary mode
of learning is through harmony and she operates through her heart.

     The job of the woman is to fortify the fort so speak, so nothing
can get through it.  The purpose of the fort is to build schools inside
it to teach her children.  The place of the woman is not 'in the home'
but in the fort, in the *COMMUNITY*.

     The mother teachs by inventing dangerous games for the children
preparing them for the life and death games of real life.  The reason
the mother rarely leaves the fort is because she can not go where she
can not take her children and in general she is not built to do so.

     The woman's skills are to be able to operate close in, with
cooperative groups, not widely separated out beyond the frontier.

     The woman's primary superiority is the ability to endure hardship
and deprivation and to design well in matters of art, care and defense.

     It is the purpose of the man to master offense, his primary mode of
learning is through counterpoint and he operates through his mind.

     The job of the man is to seek danger before it seeks him, to expand
the frontiers of his controlled territory, to put as much distance
between those frontiers and the walls of his fort defended by his women
as possible.  That distance then becomes a safety margin for the woman
and allows her to expand the fort when necessary.

     The primary superiority of the man is the ability to think quickly
on his feet during times of great danger and to design in matters of
science and offense.

     It is the purpose of the God to master total responsibility, his
primary mode of learning is through new beat, and he operates through
his soul.

     When ever a being enters a new (higher) grade of activity because
they have mastered a lower one, they enter into the new higher arena in
child mode.

     As they learn and become competent amongst others via mimickry,
they enter woman mode and learn by harmonizing with the themes of
others.  Their harmonies can not stand alone, but enhance the melodies
of others.

     Then they enter man mode and learn by counterpoint where they
create new melodies that can stand alone, but which intertwine with the
melodies already going on enhancing the whole piece.

     Then they enter God mode where they learn by starting a new beat
unrelated to the present sphere of activity of which they have mastered
all sides, that then becomes the beginnings of a bigger grade and
preparation for entrance into the next sphere up.

     The primary sin of the child is to refuse to operate in the woman
what the woman has that the child doesn't.  It is the child's duty to
learn what the woman has that the child doesn't and to make sure the
woman allows him to operate it.

     The primary sin of the woman is to refuse to operate in the man
what the man has, that the woman doesn't.  It is the woman's duty to
learn what the man has that the woman doesn't, and to make sure the man
allows the woman to operate it.

     The primary sin of the man is to refuse to operate in the God what
the God has, that the man doesn't.  It is the man's duty to learn what
the God has that the man doesn't, and to make sure the God allows the
man to operate it.

     The primary sin of the God is to refuse to operate in the child at
the next level up what the child at the next level up has, that the God
doesn't.  It is the God's duty to learn what the child at the next level
up has that the God doesn't, and to make sure the child at the next
level up allows the God to operate it.

     Child -> woman -> man -> God -> child -> man -> woman -> God ->


     People are either ascending on this ladder of growth and
accomplishment or they are descending.

     At some point the SON of a woman grows up and enters the father's
sphere of control, at this point the son takes rank over the mother, and
eventually even his father in old age.

     Because the mother and women in general should have the most
contact with the young son, the mother is directly responsible for the
son and how it turns out.

     Mother is the name of God in the eyes of children.

     If the son turns out bad, the mother is held accountable.

     Absent mother is the most criminal mother there is.

     From Adore.

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