Heidrun said:

> I am not going to play that game, and I have no illusions
> about being invited to lead a team of OTs. They will not
> grant me more than an average manager post, and will 
> choose one wonderful Tarzan to whom they can look up.
> We are still very, very, very, very human.

     OK, I have to speak here.  This may get me into more trouble than
its worth, but maybe something good will come of it.
     You seem to be ambivalent.  In one sentence you seem to state you
agree with this view, but in the last sentence you seem to feel it is
an unfair result of aberrated human-ness.

     If you agree with your point of view, that is fine, walk with it
and use it to your advantage, find a man to lead.  But if it is only an
enforced view because everyone around you is a male slave master, then
by all means shake it off now.

     So then here is what Adore says about men and women.
     Remember these are not necessarily 'true', but is more a statement
of the charge on the consideration of the times, and should be looked at
in such a fashion.

     Remember too that Adore does not believe in one life, one body, one
     From Adore, A Divine Operation Religion of Excellence,

     "The closest a woman will ever get to being a man is to have a

     There is being and having.

     The closest a woman will ever come to being a man is having a man.

     The closest a man will ever come to being a woman is having a
     There are 4 levels of development in any area of mastery.
     They are assigned the terms CHILD, WOMAN, MAN and GOD.

     As any area of development is mastered, the being passes from the
child phase to the woman phase, to the man phase, to the God phase and
then into the child phase at the next arena of development up.
     Within one area of development the man phase is more advanced than
the woman phase, but in the next development area up, the woman phase is
more advanced than the man phase in the prior area of development.
     So it is sort of like grades.  A man in the 4th grade is more
developed than a woman in the 4th grade, but a woman in the 5th grade is
more developed than the man in the 4th grade.

     It logically follows that the child in the 5th grade is more
developed than the God in the 4th grade too!

     So you can see that this might really break some brains.

     Adore says (within each grade),

     The man is as far above the woman as the woman is above the child.

     The God is as far above the man, as the man is above the woman.

     The child at the next level up is as far above the God at the last
level down, as the God is above the man.

     The woman is as far above the child, as the child is above the
God at the next level down.

     Adore lays it out as follow.

     WOMAN    HEART     ART         EXPRESSION

     "The Purpose of Creation is to Trade in Expressions of Discovery".

     The child phase is Master of Irresponsibility.

     One might think that Master of Irresponsibility is an oxymoron, but
in fact it is quite necessary to master irresponsibility in order to
start any new endeavor.  One is confronted with enormous chaos, often
pre created, that one must walk into, and start to put order in.  A
person who can master total irresponsibility is in a position to start
putting responsibility in on each and every area that she wishes to

     Adore associates the child phase with BODY as the first level of
mastery and MIMICRY as the level of learning and cooperation.

     The WOMAN phase is Master of Defense.  The woman phase is often
involved in the teaching and nurturing of the child phase so that it can
come into the woman phase.  The woman phase does not seek out danger
before before danger seeks it, but the purpose of the woman phase is to
invent dangerous games for the children.

     The purpose of dangerous games for the child is to train them to
become ready for real games when they grow up.
     Adore associates the woman phase with HEART as the second level of
mastery, and HARMONY as the level of learning and cooperation.  Just as
the child learns and acts by mimicing the woman, the woman learns and
acts by harmonizing with the man.  Just as the child is in
apprehenticeship with the woman to become a woman phase being, the woman
is in apprehenticeship with the man to become a man phase being.  This
has nothing to do with physical male female bodies, it has to do with
phases of development in ability and goals.

     The MAN phase is Master of Offense.  The man seeks out danger
before it seeks him.  The man will ORIGINATE going places that no woman
with a child under her care would ever go and certainly where neither of
them would ever take a child unless absolutely necessary.  The man does
this to find danger and deal with it, before danger finds him.
     Where the woman builds a protective defensive net (or camp) around
the child, and stays with the child, the man builds a protective
offensive net around both the woman and child, and is often out on the
perimeters of action way out side the defensive net the woman has built
around the child.

     The woman protects the child by staying in or with, the man
protects the woman by going out before something comes in.

     Adore associates the man phase with MIND as the third level of
mastery, and COUNTERPOINT as the level of learning and copperation.
Counter point is a musical term meaning to weave an independent melody
that can stand alone, that yet can be played along side with and enhance
the other standalone melodies (other men) already taking place.  This
differs from Harmonizing (woman), where the harmony line can not stand
alone, but does enhance the melody line (male) already in progress.

     The GOD phase is Master of Responsibility.  The God is able to do
the jobs of the child, woman and man phase completely and with full pan
determinism.  The God phase is no longer defending or offending but
designing the game and playing field of the lower 3 phases.

     Adore associates the God phase with SOUL as the fourth level of
mastery, and NEW BEAT as the level of learning and cooperation.  At the
end of the God phase, the God has mastered the present level of
development and is looking to start a whole new game in which prior
mimicry, harmony and counterpoint melodies no longer apply.

     To mimic means to do the same thing.

     To Harmonize means to do something different that enhances
something else, but which itself can not stand alone.

     To Counterpoint means to do something different of equal stature to
something else, both of which can stand alone, but which can co exist to
make a better whole.

     New Beat means to start something totally new that all prior melody
lines and harmonies do not fit in to.

     The child aspires to become the woman, the woman aspires to become
the man, the man aspires to become the God, and the God aspires to
become the child again at the next level up.

     Now the preceeding data is very easy to abuse.  For example there
are lots of men who think that all men are better than all women, these
are sort of a 1st grade man.  They have never met a 2nd grade woman.

     There are lots of women who think that all women are better than
all men, they too are in the 1st grade for the same reason.

     Sometimes a 2nd grade woman, who still thinks that all women are
better than all men, will marry a 1st grade man just to prove her point.

     Sometimes a 2nd grade man, who still thinks that all men are better
than all women, will marry a 1st grade women, so he never has to take
responsibility for bringing the woman up to the man phase.

     A common symptom of a lower grade being is a refusal to
apprehentice to the more advanced being in the same grade or even a
higher grade, and a refusal to operate the abilities in the more
advanced being that would be used to help the less advanced being

     Thus the woman who thinks that men and women in the same grade are
equal, will refuse to load the man's abilities lest she have to admit
that the man can do things she can't.

     Men who think that men and women are equal or forever beneath them,
will forbid the woman to engage in him those abilities which she aspires
to apprehentice to.

     Learning one's way out of these things is part of what 1st and 2nd
grade are about so at this level you get a lot of this.  By the time you
get to 3rd and 4th grade though, both men and women have begun to catch
on, sort of.

     "You are a Sourcerer.

     Sourcerers like to Source Sourcery.

     Usually on Apprehentices.

     Apprenhentices are Apprehensive about Apprehending Sourcery.

     Sourcerers Cast Sourcery from Source by Casting Pride before

     Worship is the Ship of Worthy Work.  Worship is what a Master does
to a Pig in a Pen, in the hopes that one day the Pig will be better than
He.  Any Celestial anybody has this dream."
     One can also get very confused between the Master/Apprehentice
relationship that Adore posits, and the Master/Slave relationship that
many humans posit.  The primary difference is that the Master is trying
to make the Apprehentice a Master too.  The Slave Master is not.

     Say the word "Master" to someone sometime and ask them what words
come to mind.  If he says "Apprehentice" you have an Adorian on your
hands, if he says "Slave" you have a human on your hands.

     It is also possible for people take on 'wrong' bodies, like thetans
who wanted to be female but got a male body or visa versa.  It can be
hard on a male phase being if they have taken on a female body, and it
can be hard on a female phase being if they have a male body.  These are
however merely short term symptoms of being in the wrong place at the
wrong time, and really have little other significance.

     Also beings can have many goals and developmental areas going on at
once, each in a different phase.  So they are female phase in one, and
male phase in another, and child phase in a third, and God phase in a
fourth, and frankly 3 of them will conflict with whatever body they

     If a being takes on a female body because her primary goal is
female phase, but that goal gets crushed in child hood, she may escape
into a secondary, smaller but male phase goal, and now sbe is upset that
she has a female body!  The being has a 4th grade female body but longs
for a 3rd grade male body!

     If any of the above is true, then it is natural for a being in a
woman phase endeavor to seek child phase beings in the same grade, to
give themself, as women phase beings, purpose in life, and to seek male
phase beings to provide the offensive protection that they need to
provide a good play ground in which "to invent dangerous games for the
     Male phase beings have similar longings for woman phase beings and
God phase beings in the same grade to help and to help them.
     The 12th grade female longs for a 12th grade male but finds none,
and has to settle for a 3rd grade male instead.  This can be quite
upsetting unless it is spotted.
     Sometimes however you get a 12th grade being coming to Earth where
almost everyone is still in the 3rd or 4th grade, and the 12th grade
being takes on a female body because they are in a female phase on their
primary goal, and suddenly they feel they should be subservient to all
these snot nosed little 3rd grade men running around.
     The vibe is SUBSERVIENCE which is a Master/Slave relationship, not
a Master/Apprehentice or a Pilot/Co-Pilot relationship.
     Worse a 12th grade being coming in as a baby body, may choose 3rd
grade parents, because that's all there are, and you can be sure that
all hell will break loose as they start to run their 3rd grade trips on
the 12th grade child.

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