> Homer I think you should reexamine your ideas on women.  Men and women
> have different functions in life it isn?t a question of one being
> superior to the other.  As a female Civil Engineer it is evident to me
> that men in fact are more visual/spatial than women.  This certainly
> gives men the advantage in subjects such as hard core math and science
> but it doesn?t preclude women from these subjects.   Women have the
> potential to make great contributions in these areas.

     I no longer argue about GMWC with people, each will believe as they

     Adore's position, notice I said *ADORE'S* position, is that the
relationship of women to men is not primarily one of difference or
specialization, which clearly exist.

     The primary relationship is one of encompassment of ability.  or
dependency on each other.

     The child is more dependent on the woman than the woman is on the

     The woman (with child) is more dependent on the man, than the man
is on the woman.

     The man (with woman) is more dependent upon the god, than the god
is on the man.

     The god (with man) is more dependent upon the child at the next
level up, than that child is depended upon the god at the next level

     The god phase being encompasses all the abilities of the man phase
plus some.

     The man phase being encompasses all the abilities of the woman
phase plus some.

     The woman phase being encompasses all the abilities of the child
phase plus some.

     The child phase being encompasses all the abilities of the god
phase at the next level down plus some.

     Thus like the dynamics, each phase is a repeating expanding circle
that encompasses all the abilities of the circles with in it, in a cycle
of 4 sub circles.

      An arena is a set of 4 circles from entrance to total mastery.

      Those 4 circles have their game plan to master and are called
God Man Woman and Child.

      Child  Master of Total Irresponsibility  Mimicry        Business   Trade
      Woman  Master of Defense                 Harmony        Art        Expression
      Man    Master of Offence                 Counter Point  Science    Discovery
      God    Master of Total Responsibility    New Beat       Religion   Creation

      "The purpose of Creation, is Trade in Expressions of Discovery."

     That sums up all 4 phases in one complete grade or set of circles.

     The chinese said there were two phases, male and female, yin and
yang.  Adore merely says there are four, god, man, woman and child.

     Most of the complaints about this seem to come from women, men seem
to get it instinctively.

     Women complain about not being understood by men, some men will
admit to this, but they also understand that it is not so much an
inability to understand women as it is a make wrong.  Men can't confront
what women have chosen to become.

     Most men will tell you that women CAN NOT understand the fully
mature man, just as the man can not understand the god, and the child
can not understand the woman, until they each grow up and master
each phase themselves.

     Similarly any being in a lower grade can not understand any being
in a higher grade, regardless of which phase they are in.

     The primary differences and specializations between men and women
are expressed almost completely in 'Master of Defense' and 'Master of

     Women who have mated with men in a lower grade, will be playing the
male role to their mate's female.

     As for *MY* opinions on the matter, I would have to ask anyone
interested, what the fuck they are doing in a male or female body in the
first place?

     Aspiring to be a dung beetle on a cow pie?

     If so, go for it.


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