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     If I speak with authority, it is only because I am author.

     No one is asking you to believe anything.
     Belief in this material is not required, only understanding.

     Only by understanding it, do you earn the right to disagree with
     Homer Wilson Smith, ca 2022 Ithaca, NY

     *VERY LONG*


     A Tone Arm is the indicator on a resistance meter that indicates
the resistance of the subject holding the cans.

     A normal healthy resistance indicator is about 5000 ohms to 12000
ohms.  When a being gets near a forgotten area of charge, the TA goes up
to 100,000 ohms or more.  When the area reveals itself and releases it's
charge, the TA comes back down to the healthy range.

     Sometimes a being will be found to have a chronically high TA, 24
hours a day, which means they are always in session and not able to find
the right item to audit.


     The preclear may be stuck in where and when he is trying to audit,
but then trying to resolve everything to mother or something irrelevant.

     Yes restimulations happen all during childhood, but WHAT is
restimulated ain't childhood, get it?

     The following may help to solve the High TA case.

     HIGH TA

     High TA is caused by mental mass.

     Mental mass is the same thing as physical mass, except it is mental
mass, and it provides resistance to awareness, intention (will) and

     A will trying to operate its attention while buried in mental mass
can't function, it can't move through the mass.

     Mental mass is caused by problems.

     ORS and ANDS

     A problem is a self determined inability to decide between two or
more mutually exclusive courses of action.  To go left, or to go right.

     These problems are called ORS.

     A problem can also be a self determined decision to choose BOTH of
two incompatible courses of action, to go left AND right at the same

     These problems are called ANDS.

     Almost everyone walking around is dying from an AND consisting of
The desire to die AND the desire to live at the same time.

     A problem can also be a conflict of intentions between two
different beings, one wants to put up a park, the other wants to put up
a parking lot.

     These problems are called INTENTION and COUNTER INTENTION.

     Lastly a problem can simply be a quandry about how to solve
something in the physical universe, like build a bridge, or find the
roots of an equation in mathematics.

     Not all problems are aberrative unless they become chronically
     ORS and ANDS are particularly bad for the psyche, conflicts with
others are a part of life, but if they become part of life and death,
then they can become heavily charged with mental mass.

     A problem can be a problem in being, wanting, knowing, doing (that
means causing either with postulates, considerations, or force/effort)
or having.

     Problems often manifest as questions.

     What is it?

     What is causing it?  (Why is it?)

     What should I *DO* about it?

     Do I want to do A or do I want to do B?

     An aberrative problem consists of wanting and not wanting the same
thing at the same time.

     I want to do A.  No I do not want to do A, I want to do B.  No I do
not want to do B, I want to do A.

     I want to do A AND I do not want to do A.

     I want to do B AND I do not want to do B.

     This vibration between wanting and not wanting or opposing the same
thing at the same time creates mental mass.

     It is possible for a clear to create problems of his own choice and
not create mass.  However non clears tend to dramatize seriousness at
their problems, and in particular at their inability to solve them.

     Anyone stuck in a serious AND won't be able to get up in the
morning and will be swamped in the most unbelievable whole track pain if
he does.

     The basic AND is "Get up and go, don't get up and go."

     Hubbard had a process to run in the morning when first awakening
before having to get up:

     "Give the body the command to NOT get up and go."
     "Spot what happens."
     "Give the body the command to get up and go."
     "Spot what happens."

     Namely the postulates and considerations about NOT getting up and
going or getting up and going.


     Drama is seriousness, importance, *PERMANENCE* and pain.

     We have since learned that the proper term for permanence is

    (So we eshew auditing permanent loss, but eternal loss, but it
doesn't run because if it is truly eternal it can't be lost.)

     When a person is introverted, he is not extroverted.

     Hubbard liked to define extroverted as able and willing to look
outward, but that's deadly wrong, as most looking outward is looking

     That's high death.

     He also liked to get preclears to mockup infinite space, and
infinite time, both of which will destroy the tone of a case faster than

     For one, the preclear CAN'T mockup infinite space or time, because
he can't conceive it, so it gives him a loss.

     He can mockup as much space and time as he wants, no upper limit,
but its always finite, and that's the way he wants it.

     Thus run, "Get the idea of a big space or time", "Now get the idea
of NO space or time."

     "Now get the idea of a BIGGER space or time." etc.  THAT will fix
his havingness.

     A BIG space and time is a tiny little garage he likes to part his
thetan nose in when it gets cold outside.

     Get the idea you don't have to mockup infinite space or time to go
free of space and time.  Notice the relief.
     Further the preclear is not interested in infinite space or time,
he is interested in BEYOND SPACE OR TIME, namely the Eternal.

     Eternality is not infinite time, even though a BIG implant crusade
has been going on for a long time to convince preclears it is so.

     Its just an effort to convince the preclear he can't escape
finiteness because he can't mockup infiniteness.

     One escapes finiteness by escaping both finiteness and
infiniteness, into a true scalar eternity.

     Extroverted means being able and willing to pay attention to the
     Any thing less is INTROVERSION on the awareness characteristic

     Permanence is any form of FOREVER or NEVER in time, which can not
exist, as all time whiles are finite.

     A time while is a FINITE stretch of time, no matter how long.

     It can be extended, it can have no upper limit, but it is always
finite in length.  That a perclear can conceive and have.

     One needs to get the full time while that any incident lives in, in
order to asis it.
     Eventually the indecisions of ORS and ANDS become suppressed and
forgotten, the being will be found to be off doing something else, and
the mental mass buries itself out of sight, but makes his space heavier,
thicker and more resistive.


     Generally beings do not intend to forget problems forever, they
intend to give them a rest and come back to them later, but then they
never do.  This is called
     Q&A, which litterally means question and answer.

     Colloquially Q&A means trying to go from A to B, but getting
diverted to C, but before getting to C getting divered to D, ad
infinitum.  Always going somewhere but never getting to anywhere let
alone the original destination.

     But technically Q&A means changing the question every time you get
an answer rather than continuing to ask the same question until ALL
answers to that question are found.  By changing the question every time
a new answer arises, one misses all the other answers to any question in
the series, and thus understanding remains forever incomplete.

     Example of Q&A:

     Auditor: "Tell me a problem"

     PC: "Well I don't get along with my mother."

     Auditor: "OK, Tell me about your mother"

     PC: "Well she is an alcoholic and drinks too much."

     Auditor: "OK, Tell me about alcoholism."

     This kind of line of questioning might seem to make sense but it is
death on wheels to your preclear.

     An example of non Q&A:

     Auditor: "Tell me a problem"

     PC: "Well I don't get along with my mother."

     Auditor: "OK, tell me a problem"

     PC: "I smoke too much"

     Auditor: "OK, tell me a problem"

     PC: "I hate sex"

     Now that might seem to open up a lot of areas without cleaning them
up, but the auditor is writing each one down, looking for a complete
list of problems the preclear is having, and then taking up the one that
is the most charged.
     It won't be a COMPLETE complete list of course, but you get what
you can, and then come back to it later and more problems will show up.


     Notice the auditor does NOT ask the preclear "What problems do you
have?" for that is a question, and questions are also death to a

     The auditor uses ONLY:

     "Tell me a (item)"

     "Spot an (item)"

     "Get the idea of an (item)"

     "Conceive an (item)"

     "Put an (item) there."
     The use of questions in auditing is probably the reason it doesn't
work on so many people, and that is putting it kindly.

     Auditor "What dogs have you had?"

     Dementia case: "What dogs?  Never had a dog."

     Auditor "OK, get the idea of a dog."

     Dementia case: "Oh certainly I can do that."

     Auditor "Thank you, get the idea of a dog."

     Dementia case: "Yep real easy, oh and by the way I had a spaniel
when I was a child..."

     For those with ears to hear and minds to understand.

     Now let's say that 'I smoke too much' was the item with the
greatest meter read or energy on it when the preclear offered it.

     Example of Q&A:

     Auditor: "Ok, tell me about smoking too much."

     PC: "Well it helps my anxiety"

     Auditor: "OK, tell me about your anxiety..."

     and away we go towards making a totally crazy preclear.

     Example of non Q&A:

     Auditor: "Tell me about smoking too much"

     PC: "It helps me with my anxiety."

     Auditor: "OK, tell me about smoking too much."

     PC: "Well I started when I was 3."

     Auditor: "OK, tell me about smoking too much."

     Eventually the preclear runs out of answers, and the meter dries
up, and the auditor ends that item as completed, then takes up the next
greatest reading problem for the next item.

     This will get to the core problems on a case very fast, the ones
that need to be handled that all the rest are sitting on.
     Once the core problems are found and handled, the auditor then is
free to back up the line, item by item, and flatten them all.
     To flatten means to check for charge or interest and run until
nothing more is found or the preclear is happy about it all.

     Floating needle or TA would be nice.

     He won't be human at that point though.

     Only a God can recognize the source of problems and make them
vanish.  (Scientology Grade I.)
     Only he who can put it there, can unput it there.

     By the way if all you did on accessible people was charge for your
services running the above process properly, you would have quite a
practice going in short order.
     The problem with the preclear is not that he has problems, but that
he doesn't know what they are any more AND CAN'T MAKE ANY NEW ONES OF
     Not having enough fun problems has become a serious problem to him.

     He has too few problems, not too many.

     As he runs out of problems, he holds on to the one's he has like
tar and crazy glue.

     NOT having problems has become a problem to him, they become too
precious to solve.

     Notice the auditor doesn't have to know how to solve any of the
preclear's problems, not one of them, and every time the preclear asks
the auditor for a solution, the preclear just put the auditor in
     The auditor response is to simply redirect the preclear back to the
session and continue on with it.

     Once the preclear FINDS OUT WHAT HIS PROBLEMS ARE, he will solve
them himself.
     The unknown-ness of the problem is the problem, and thus refinding
and reknowing the core problem becomes its own solution.

     Original creations are self as-ising.

     Thus HAVING problems becomes a big deal to him.

     An auditor who offers solutions to a preclear's problems, even if
begged to do so, should be fired for breach of trust.

     You are auditing a GodSoul after all, and no one can tell a GodSoul
what the proper solution to his core problems are.

     Particularly since core problems ARE THEIR OWN SOLUTION, and the
first primary core problem is not enough problems to waste eternities

     Thus asking for or giving a 'solution' to a core problem is nuts
and guarantees it's persistence.

     The ultimate in Q&A is to ask your preclear what questions he is or
has been asking, and then when he gives you one, try to get him to
answer it!

     I don't recommend it, but if you wanted to try it out some day,
simply run:

     Auditor: "Tell me a question you have."

     PC: "Where did I come from?"

     Q&A Auditor: "OK, tell me about where you came from."

     Non Q&A Auditor: "OK, tell me a question you have."

     As every question is a problem, when the preclear finds his core
questions, they will start to answer themselves, and all the others will
fall into line.

     Q&A in this context means the preclear has gone off and started
looking for OTHER answers to his core questions and killing himself in
the process.
     This is because he failed to handle his core questions properly,
thus creating a problem which doesn't exist and thus GUARANTEED WRONG
ANSWERS, should he ever find them, which he won't.

     THAT gives the prclear the creeps and a sense of unconfrontable

     Notice this, if the QUESTION is the right answer, then any other
answer to the question is a wrong answer!

     And a preclear hell bent on find answers that are wrong to his
questions is, well, hell bent.

     The preclear KNOWS what he is doing here, he chose it after all,
and then he turns it into a question and ruins himself from there on out
seeking an answer to a question which is its own answer.

     Since he already knows the correct answer to his question and is
pretending he doesn't, any OTHER answer he finds to the question will,
by definition, be a wrong answer, and so he starts racing down time
seeking a wrong indication, and he comes to feel there is only doom at
the end of time waiting for him.

     Which there is, as the correct answer exists in time BEFORE the
question that he is now trying to 'answer'.

     He hopes to find the answer in the future you see?  It's already
there in the past before he created the question TO COVER THE ANSWER as
an act of self treason.

     This is a huge practical joke he has played on himself as a God,
and only a GodSoul could appreciate the ludicrous demise that resulted.

     J.E.S.T means Jokes of Eternal Self Treason 

     J.E.S.T means Justice of Eternal Self Truth

     If the preclear feels the need to get an answer to a technical
question (how much ram does my computer hold), he can then seek out a
consultant, one who knows more about his questions that he does, but
never an auditor.

     The kinds of questions that are killing the preclear anyhow are the
kinds of questions that only the preclear knows the answers to, and if
the auditor dares to try and answer them for the preclear, the auditor
will almost assuredly be handing out a wrong indication.
     Most often the core questions are themselves subtle nonsense, and
the answer to them is to drop them entirely, thus they are 'self
answering' in the light of their own ludicrosity.  Giving an answer to
such a question simply continues the nonsense, and with it the suffering
and insanity.

     Wisdom is knowing what questions to answer and not answer, and
knowing what answers to question and not question.


     Q&A is also used to refer to the action of starting off from A
headed for B, and half way to B getting side tracked into going to C.
Then on the way to C, the being gets side tracked again towards D, etc.
Thus the original intention to go to B is never completed.

     This is similar to changing the question to the preclear everytime
he gives an answer as the first question never gets completed with ALL
its answers.

     If A is the question, and B is ALL the answers, then quitting after
only one answer and changing the question is never getting to B and
heading for C instead.

     Bad boy.

     In fact no action is completed because he never gets to C, D, E or
F either.  A being completely lost in this kind of Q&A is always in the
middle of going somewhere, but he ALWAYS changes where he is going
before the gets there!

     Ever know someone who starts talking about something, usually
important, gets interrupted, and then never comes back to it?

     Look upon these poor souls with pity, because every important
question they ever had, they forgot they were asking without ever
getting an answer and never getting back to them.

     'Was I just thinking something important?  Don't know...'

     They live life in a chronic feeling of having lost something but
they don't know what.  What they lost was what they were thinking about
which was going to get them on with their basic purposes.

     Forgetting questions important to one's basic purpose, is death to
the basic purpose and thus to the being.

     "Um, let's see, what should I do today?  I don't know, I am so
depressed, nothing seems interesting...."

     What WAS interesting to them is gone, buried under Q&A.

     "You know, I really wish I knew what an A minor diminished 4th is
but I will never understand that..."

     "I went to Cornell music school but got an A minor in the

     His thrust towards knowledge gets interrupted, or thwarted
momentarily, and they forget it and never come back to it.  So much for
the career as a song writer, and a creator of beauty surrounding A minor
diminshed 4ths.

     The beauty will haunt them in their dreams, but comprehend it not
they will.

     They are drowning in that Q&A, and their minds are like a ball of
yarn after a kitten has gotten into it.

     It is in this way that problems sink into operating oblivion.  The
being starts off headed towards resolving them, and then forgets them
and never comes back to them.  This results in an incomplete cycle of

     But he says "I will push on down the time stream and continue to
try to remember or answer the question" which then pushes him away from
the original moment of time he created the answer in the first place,
and thus that moment of creation never as-ises, and he is now stuck in
time forever more.

     The ONLY way out from a time stream is via the moment of
entrance to it where the precleare put it there in the first place.


     I say operating oblivion because although the preclear is oblivious
to the existence of the unresolved problem, the problem continues to
oscillate in his face and space for the rest of time creating more and
more mental mass until he can't function at all.

     The fate of such a preclear is to become a bowling ball.

     "Eventually all become marbles on the thetan plane." - Adore

     (Thetan means the conscious unit.)

     (ADORE can be found at

     The resolution of this then is to find and lay bare the core level
problems that the being is caught in and get him back on the course of
remembering and resolving them, and then back on track with the
practical questions he lost sight of about his basic purposes.

     He may never resolve some of them, but having a problem is not what
sinks a being nor what makes him permanently unhappy.  It is having a
problem and forgetting it and not knowing it has been forgotten, and
wondering if something has been forgotten, and concluding no, nothing of
importance has been forgotten.

     "Let's see what should I do today..."

     The reason inventing problems of comparable magnitude works, is
because down deep problems are FUN, as long as they are fair chosen.
     Once they become serious, its down hill from there.

     Having fun problems are what he longs for the most, solving them
provides action and game for him.

     The loss of fun problems was a serious problem to him, and that was
the day he rues the most.

     He will be *TERRIFIED* of finding out his basic purpose after
having lost it for so long.  How's he gonna live that down?  Christ the
whole school yard will be howling in laughter at him.

     That's just endless layers of Q&A blowing back in his face once he
starts admitting that possibly he messed up his own ETERNAL life badly.

     The being is doomed at the point of forgetfulness with a self
creating mass that will eventually grow bigger than he is, across many
lives, and over which he has no control, and which will eventually tie
up more of himself and his mental energy than he has free to deal with
even the 'other' things he also got sidetracked into doing along the

     Everything he does after losing track of his basic purpose is a
substitute purpose, and when he Q&A's that into oblivion, he will engage
in a substitute for the substitute, and continue to Q&A himself into 20
or 30 levels of substitution until he can't get up at all in the
morning, not even to eat or kill himself.

     "I am too tired to eat..."

     "It takes energy to jump in front of the train..."

     The clarification and resolution then of the core level problems of
a being is important, and once this area is opened all the remaining
less important problems of the being will open up to come back under his


     A being has three operating states.

     They are:

     1.) Eternality, which is living forever above space and time.

     2.) Immortality, which is living forever inside one particular
finite space and time.  No matter how powerful or wonderful he is, a
GodSoul in time is a speck of dirt on the face of a GodSoul out of time.

     3.) Mortality, which is living for a while inside one particular
space and time, then to exist no more and the finite time while will
outlive him.

     Eternality is called an operating state advisedly, as at its top,
it actually is a state of total no operation, total unmanifestation,
total sleep.

     However it is a willful no operation and unmanifestation.


     "Pining is unsighable bitter noble melancholia, usually on the
subject of not operating divine operating religions."

     From ADORE, A Divine Operating Religion of Excellence.

     How can something outside of time operate?

     Well it can operate creating time and then jump into the spacetime
game stream.

     Q1: Theta has the ability to create space and time, and locate
objects in them and virtualize the cause between them.

     That's called 'puting it there', operating is puting it there.

     Being able to operate the native state of NO operation is just as
important as being able to operate post native states of SOME operation.

        "Get the idea of NO operation."
        "Get the idea of SOME operation."

     Run alternately to alternating sorrow and laughter.


     Eternality is the native state of the being, it has no space nor
time, yet powers all of many spaces and times via postulates, and

     Postulates put things there, and considerations put pretended
(virtualized) cause between them.

     Nothing 'out there' causes anything.

     All cause is the static orchestrating the kinetic.

     Scientology calls Eternality the STATIC, NATIVE STATE or BASIC

     The purpose of postulates is to design your future in a space time
game stream which is called a while, because it is always finite in

     The primary action of eternality is to descend into created states
of immortality or mortality, both of which are apparencies, within
actually finite space time whiles.

     A while is a finite stretch of space and time, usually very long,
but then filled in with shorter and shorter sub whiles, in which beings
can believe they are immortal or mortal as their hearts desire.

     Since all whiles are finite, true immortality IN TIME is
impossible.  True immortality is also undesirable, as entering a time
stream limits what a being can do and then forces him to do it forever,
and thus ALL immortalities become detested hells forever after a while.

     However all whiles end one day, thus there is no heaven or hell
forever inside space or time.
     There are however plenty of heavens and hells for a while, so watch
     Medusa is the Devil's Harem.

     So watch out, they will chase you around until you put them there,
tell them jokes of majesty and self treason until you have them laughing
on the ground.

     Then you can walk away.

     Medusa's Throne is made of all the bodies of everyone she has ever
turned too stone.

     "Who me?  I could never put THAT there..."

     Even if doing so would allow you to get rid of it merely by letting
it go...

     Being 'created' is a rape of vast and unfathonable proportions.

     There are a couple of corrupted immortalities.

     The first is where the being believes he was created by something
else a finite amount of time ago, but then he will live forever after
that, particularly if he is good or desirable to his imagined creator.

     He may tend to conceive of his creator as a God of Behavior.
rather than as a God of Creation.

     He considers his primary purpose in life is to remain in the good
graces of his creator by being good or obedient or serving the creator's

     He hate's this.

     The second corruption of immortality is where the being believes he
is indeed immortal as above but can be killed if he is not careful.
     These are called fragile immortalities.  "I have lived forever, and
I will live forever, but only as long as..."

     "I will live forever except if..."

     This gives him something to worry about forever.

     Something to fight and to be careful of, that which would do him

     An example of a fragile immortality is someone with an immortal
self-healing biological body.  As long as you don't damage it too much,
it can heal, but go over the line and its just as dead forever as any
other body.

     Here's the rub, if there is a finite, non zero probability that
something might happen, given an infinite amount of time it WILL happen.

     Thus it would be impossible to say I can be killed, but I have
lived forever and haven't been killed yet.

     That 'lived forever' is IN TIME, and so impossible anyhow as all
time is created in finite whiles no matter how long, so such a fragile
immortal being must have been created or created itself a finite amount
of time ago.
     If it were truly immortal into the past, then it would have been
dead an infinite time ago from the above mathematical certainty about

     Fragile immortalities are however very real, and the incidents that
took place during these times were HORRENDOUS, as people could be
tortured forever on the edge of death without ever actually dying.
     The problem was if you actually killed someone who otherwise could
have lived 'forever' then social hard justice set in as it was
considered an infinite crime causing an infinite loss.  For while you
couldn't live forever, you could be dead forever :)

     And thus people lived in 'could have hads' and were very vengeful
against those that had deprived them of an infinite future with a loved
one that the miscreant had killed even accidentally.  Blame FOREVER
became a perfect storm during these incidents.

     The approved punishment for killing a fragile immortal was HELL
FOREVER or DEATH FOREVER as commensurate consequence.


     One of the deeper possible hells for a while is the state of

     Mortality is the state of believing that the being was created at
some finite time in the past and will die forever at some finite time in
the future never to be seen again.

     Both his creation and destruction are against his will and act as
'rapes' of his sovereign desire to be in control of his existence.  But
mortality tickles his fancy, his sense of majesty, to not be sovereign
for a while.

     We call it Majesty because mortality is a majestic practical joke
for a GodSoul.  Majesty stands for Master of JEST (Adore).

     Which is why he creates these two eternally detested apparencies,
immortality and mortality, in the first place, never to really enjoy
them while he has them because he hates them too much forever while he
is in them.

     Mortalities are often employed to escape immortal hells which
become intolerable to the being.  

     He has forgotten (on purpose) how to escape upwards towards
the peace of Native State, and so choses to escape downwards to
the (apparent) peace of total oblivion.

     The trek towards native state is absolute, once he is there,
he is there, end of story for that cycle.

     The trek towards oblivion is asymptotic, he can never fully get
there, its like trying to sleep forever with an alarm going off full

     You can sleep forever at the top outside of time, but you can't
sleep forever in a body inside of time.

     At least the promise of death as a mortal is something to look
forward to.  Of course once they die, they fall back up to their
immortal hell state, and have to choose another mortal deceit to avoid
it all over again.

     It's a deceit because they believe they will die forever
some day soon, but as soon as they die, the find out they are still
alive and so have to plot another deceit, over and over again.

     Or they fall down into an unconcsious slumber until something comes
along (a local God or something) and wakes them up again in another
mortal shell to play the game of "I have never played before."

     They are very grateful to this God for having 'created' them,
and will follow Him to the death every time.
     Much of being reborn in a body over and over again is just this
taking place.

     So the cycle of a being is to start off in Eternality, postulate a
finite but big universe of space and times, enjoy a long stretch as an
immortal in those space and times, until it turns sour, and then enjoy a
long stretch of different little mortalities, until he can't stand the
hypocricy and deceit any more.

     At first he can't wait to get in, then he can't wait to get out.
Since he refuses to operate coming in at all, he of course can never
get out.  
     You have to BE out in order to come in, so operating coming in
puts you out.  
     You have to BE in in order to try to get out, so of course trying
to get out sticks you in.

     "The way in is the way out.

     "The being can become the Creator by BEING the Creator
becoming the Creature."  - Adore
     Yes that's a rough betrayal, but its justified because its just too
easy to get out if you do it right.

     He begins to seek the truth through total responsibility for
operating putting it there and eventually becomes Eternal again.

     A being in good operating condition, can keep one foot in
Eternality and the other in space and time.  With each in breath he
becomes aware of space and time, and with each out breath he snoozes
back to Eternality.

     At the beginning of each breath he can see his choice to manifest,
and directly operate his responsibly for the entire descent from
Eternality to his present landing in space and time as an immortal or as
a mortal.

     As he let's out each breath, he let's go of full responsibility for
his descent down from Eternality and so everything created vanishes and
he is left with nothing.


     By definition a prove it case is as stupid as stupid comes, for he
is asking for proof that he CHOSE to come in, and then forget it and beg to
get out.

     Beings who demand proof for paranormal abilities really have no
clue what they are asking for, and this constant traversal from
eternality into manifestation and back again in real time BY CHOICE is
really the only proof they will ever have.

     The proof is in the self aware, self luminous fair chosen
responsibility to operate the cycle of putting it there and then
not putting it there.
     The cycle of choosing to believe you had no choice.

     The reason it is so hard for beginners to free themselves by
putting things there is because he is putting more there than he has an
dream he could, would or should have put there.

     Once he can span what he has done, he stops whining about it, and
can assume the equipoise of sitting in his seat of sovereignty again.

     Imagine a God who puts something there, and then complains about it
and spends the rest of time trying to DO something about it by putting
MORE things there there to fix or destroy the first thing.

     How fast can we fill up a universe with unwaned things now?

     Time is made of this sequence of trying to destroy something he put
there at the first moment of time in the first place.
     The decision to put something ELSE there to destroy or undo the
first thing then becomes the second moment of time, and away he goes
down the time stream towards the garbage pail at the end of time which
will surely outlive him.

     However a being in good shape is very unlikely to get into any
trouble in any universe he is in, because awareness of responsibility is
a game destroyer.  
     The arcade game player hates remembering he wrote the game.  The
temptation to fiddle with the difficulty controls is just too great and
too easy.

     But such a being can not only adjust his own ability to play the
game, to make it easier or harder as his heart desires, he can also get
serious and forget he wrote the game in the first place or chose to
enter it.

     Then he is playing for keeps.

     This is the flip flop from fun to serious.

     Are you ready to own up to CHOOSING TO BE HERE and allow others to
do so as they choose?

     At this point (seriousness) both feet are firmly planted in space
time, and with each in breath and out breath he is mostly breathing
fumes and cursing his creator and the day he was created.

     From here on out his immortality will quickly decay into a hell
forever (in time) and then into a series of deceitful existences called
     He will take on the beingness of something that can die, like a
human body, in the pretense that when the body dies, he will die too and
be done with.

     "Ah peace at last" in non existence.

     But non existence at the bottom of the tone scale is a low tone
mockery of the 'non existence' of total unmanifestation of Eternality.

     He hopes the "non existence" offered by death is final and can't be
     "Jesus I am still alive, can we die little more please?

     Just a little we are almost there..."
     And as long as he wants it to be unreversible, that
is the way it will be, until he wants it to be reversible again, by
remembering that he WANTED it to be UNREVERSIBLE FOR A WHILE.

     By wanting it to be death FOREVER, he will end up in an endless
cycle of deaths for a while.

     The non existence up at Eternality is simply sleep, that the being
can wake up from any time he wants and play again.

     The unimpingability of being faux dead is not the same as the
unimpingability of the as yet unborn or unmanifest.

     The dead still have their bones stolen from their graves, the
unborn or unmanifest have neither bones or graves to disturb because he
hasn't invented them yet.

     All aberration is ENFORCED basic truth.

     The fair chosen state of being nothing at the top of the tone scale
is not the same thing has HAVING to be nothing at the bottom.

     At the top his choice is fair chosen, at the bottom he has fair
chosen to make it look like it isn't fair chosen.

     Do you have the balls?

     Fair choices about fair choices is all the power there is.

     You can't ever get rid of it.

     In truth at the bottom of the tone scale the being is constantly
BECOMING more and more nothing, while at the top of the tone scale the
being is BEING nothing and ain't BECOMING anything.

     Eternality is a state of being, time is a state of BECOMING.

     At the top of the tone scale in Eternality is peace and laughter.

     Adore calls it Halcyon, bemused relief on the verge of time.

     "The Halcyon winds of summer heal the cruel winds of winter."

     When first waking up from native state, The very thought of
existence is so hysterical and ludicrous, the being usually laughs
himself back to sleep again.

     Adore calls it High Appreciation for Ludicrous Demise.

     But once in a while the urge to thrill and romance will carry the
newly awakened being across the threshold of time into a while,

     "Thrill is always the effort to get lost, romance is always the
effort to get home." - Adore


     At entrance into space and time, there will be the joy and thrill
of immortality (in time), but this is soon followed by the fear of hell

     By his own hand, the being THINKS time is forever, but time is only
for a while.  
     His assignment of foreverness to time rather than to timeless
eternality is a major error, but this error is fair chosen and necessary
to the persisence of the game of seriousness that he wishes to play.

     The being has to protest and totally oppose (fighting) the
AllThatIs in order to HAVE an AllThatIS for more than a moment of

     That's why running upsets on Grade III is so powerful.

     If you miss or bypass an upset you will upset the preclear with the
full power of the upset you missed on him.

     The being knows full well what he is doing and he makes these
errors of assignment in a twinkle of the eye.

     Immediately after he has no clue what he has done.
or why.


     "Conceive NO love of fighting."
     "Conceive SOME love of fighting."

     Make sure your perclear has his Ninja Suit ready to go.

     How can you weep and moan, and convincingly hang on a cross on the
underbelly of the astral plane, if you and everyone else just think its
all going to end one day anyhow?

     There's no sympathy for you there.

     Nope, the suffering has to at least look like it will last FOREVER,
or else seriousness loses all its meaning and attraction to those who
would be so stupid as to give a damn for you, you poor dear thing...

     Addicted to seriousness they are.

     And that's FOREVER IN TIME, love.

     Things don't last forever in Eternality, they simply ARE forever in

     Apparently the being who can have everything he wants forever for
free, has a taste for the experience of never having had it, chasing it,
losing it all and never having it again, forever for free.

     The being who can have (above time) in the mere conception of
things, longs to chase for things (in time) and maybe fail to attain

     THAT IS GAME and always includes the possibility for failure forever
for free.

     Sheesh, that's an adult taste if I ever saw one.

     Existence is only for mature audiences.

     A being who is the pinnacle of perfection, beauty and self love,
wants to experience detesting himself and burying himself in the tomb of
space time never to be heard from again.

     But only for a while, you see.

     It's a joke of love he has played on himself and anyone who loves
him and gives a damn.

     Those living down in the sufferings of the soup of their
own mortal deceits won't see the humor or worthwhile to it.

     "Life is not worthwhile!"

     But when viewed from the top where they would engage in these
divine shenanigans themselves, they appreciate these stories of
ludicrous demise immensely.

     Gods give strange gifts to each other of themselves hanging on the
crosses of despicable life.

     They love putting on play acting of tragi-comedies of
enormous moment for their adoring crowds of their comrades.


     "As a GodSoul, invent something you could never live down."

     Well OK, run

     "Get the idea of NO   living it down."
     "Get the idea of SOME living it down."

     So at the bottom of the tone scale at mortality, there is nothing
but anger, fear, sorrow and apathy.

     Mortality violates the sovereign desire of the being to have beauty
and love forever.

     But fulfills the majestic desire to not be sovereign for a while.
     Since the loss by final death is infinite in scope, the sorrow is
infinite in depth.
     That's why you can't run secondaries on humans.

     It's just not funny and there is no thankfulness at the bottom
of the well of tears.

     "I hate cats!"

     Recovering from this sorrow is hard and takes a spark of his own
eternal good humor born of divinity to soften it up, so he can begin the
long process of melting himself into laughter and high appreciation for
ludicrous demise again.

     You would think that being mortal would be a mortal loss, but its
an ETERNAL loss, a divine loss, and it takes a spark of the original
divine eternal motivation to engage in this nonsense, to undo it.

     It takes divine willingness to become mortal even if only in
     It's a pretended nightmare, but its a nightmare where fools rush
in, but angels dare not tread and Gods go running for their mama.

     No human could, would or should ever choose to become a human, thus
any human is terrified of anything that would, like a divine being.

     The creature hates the creator with all his body, heart, mind and

     The creature doesn't want to BE a creator, because he might just
create himself as a creature again.

     Thus humans can't stand divinity, as a divine being will just as
easily create the volcano as the pigmies that live at its bottom.
     Humans need to win, divinity needs to play.

     The motivations of the game creator are not the motivations of the
game players.  And is only just that the creator does these things to
his creatures, because the creator BECOMES his own creature, so justice
reigns even in the stadiums of the gladiators.

     Justice is you get what you postulate.

     Thus justice reigns at all times, it could not be any other way.

     Thus a mortal can not save a mortal.
     However the way in, is the ONLY way out.

     Only the God side of a GodSoul can save the Soul side from

     But only by rehabilitation of the GodSoul's willingness to have
become a human who detests his creator and wishes crucifixion off on Him
forever for free.

     There are no lessons to be learned here, only lessons to be

     Native state doesn't need no lessons.

     "Teacher leave those kids alone."

     At the bottom of the well of mortal cowering fear and sorrow are
pleasure waves, laughter and endless divine love.

     And that's just for cats.

     "And Jesus was a sailor when he walked upon the water,
     And He spent a long time looking from his lonely wooden tower,
     And when He knew for certain that only drowning men could see Him,
     He said all men shall be sailors then until the sea shall free
     -Suzanne, Leonard Cohen.

     But nobody dares go there to find out.

     Until they do.

     The lesson unlearned is 'there is no more laughter to be had.'

     'Existence is not worth while.'

     Get the idea of losing a cat.

     Get the idea of crying until you laugh.

     How big is your love for that cat?

     Bigger than the uninverse?

     The size of your love is the only proof you may ever have that you
are a divine being who created a universe that eats mortal beings for

     The being knew all this when he created his own mortality, so all
beings await the coming of their own Messiah postulate.

     With some help from their friends.

     Most are walking around with

     "I am small, my love is small, my tears are small...

     Blecch, I hate cats..."

     But do not waste time with those that ridicule you or throw
contempt on you with cat calls to Prove it!

     They want to know that YOU know it, so they can set out to destroy

     This is WHY we don't throw swine before pearls.

     Swine are heavey and swine bite.

     They do not want it proven, as they do not wish yet to be woken
from the nightmare, it's just getting juicy for them.

     Their true mettle has not yet been tested.

     Not to worry, no one passes the test, all are broken on the cross
of pride and shame until they self ressurect in the light of Eternal

     Mortality thus is fair chosen, the being POSTULATES the rules of
the game and the consequences, in general if not in specific, and he
then is the Imp Soul who appreciates a good nightmare (mortality) as
much as a good night's sleep up in AEternum (Eternality).


     To a being, who can create or have in the mere conception of
things, the idea of chase might seem ludicrous.

     Why are you courting that pretty girl or handsome prince?
     A GodSoul can create beautiful lovers forever for free in the mere
conception of them.

     That's a PDC step 1 by the way.  Philadelphia Doctorate Course.

     Never been one on Earth by the way, including Hubbard, but that's a
PDC step 1.

     But the Eternal being longs for chase, and thus places time and
limitation (game rules) between conception and havingness, thus creating
a game in which to play and win his heart's desire.


     Chase is conditions, necessary prerequities to having.

     The weiner is the havingness he holds when he wins it at the end of
the game.

     Later he then adds seriousness by adding the possibility of failure
to win forever.

     "I am tired of dancing, I wanna PLAY!"

     In order for seriousness to take hold and be taken seriously, I
mean why create seriousness if you aren't going to take it seriously,
the being has to hide from himself his own hand in the matter of
postulating seriousness and the possibility of permanent loss and
demise, into existence.

     "Who me?  I chose seriousness?"

     Some games are so rough, eventually everyone HAS to lose them all,
no one can win them forever.  The game then is only how long one can
keep the game going.  You win by being the last one left standing.

     Then you die too.

     Winning them all means dying alone.

     That's the weiner.

     Remember he is a being who creates in the mere conception of
things, so the day he conceivee that he could lose forever AND that his
conception had nothing causal to do with the truth of it, he was good to

     Hot to trot in space and time, headed for the garbage pail at the

     This is called the consideration/observation Flip Flop, and defines
a God Postulate.


     ((This confuses postulates with considerations, but applies equally
to both.

     So let's clear it up here.

     Postulates are the operation of Scientology's Q1.

     Q1: Theta has the ability to create space and time and post
(locate) objects in them and virtualizes the cause between them.

     A postulate creates a posted beingness in a space time.  Postulates
put something there, they post it into existence.

     Considerations put into existence apparent causal relationships
between posted beingnesses.

     The being actually is causing both A and B, but then considers that
A is causing B.

     Consideration comes from CON SIDE, to side together.

     Postulate: There is a cigarette.

     Another postulate: There is an ashtray.

     Consideration: Ashtrays are used to hold cigarettes.

     A consideration creates a causal relationship between two different
posted beingnesses.

     A God Postulate is that postulate which the being thinks is true
because he has observed it to be true, when in fact it is true only
because he postulates it is true.

     He THINKS it is true because he observed it to be true, when
in reality he postulated it true first, then observed it to be true
second, considering that he observed it to be true first.

     Thus the magician becomes the scientist.

     The being has caused himself to become an effect.  But as part of
causing himself to be an effect he has postulated that he COULDN'T have
caused himself to be an effect.  Thus he believes he really is an
effect, and since he didn't create being an effect, there is nothing he
can do to take it back.

     He hopes perhaps to ameliorate some of the pain of being an effect
by using what cause he has left to CAUSE SOMETHING MORE, but it will
always be a bandaid on the original effect that he believes he had
nothing to do with.

     He didn't create the spider, but he can create some spider poison
and kill them all off.  But then he is stuck with a whole lot of dead
spider bodies looking at him with those sad eyes.

     The unwanted spiders never got as-ised or truly handled, you see?

     He would never PUT a spider there, but he is happy to go to the
store and buy some raid and try to spray them out of existance.

     Postulates can only be undone by doing them again and then taking
them back rather than committing to them with effort as if they were
true truth observed.

     Make it once, it sticks, make it again its gone when you let go.

     In truth it is simpler than that, make it once and you have it
until you let go of it.

     Make it once and then ask what to do about it, and it will out
persist you and the rest of time.

     That's because your idea that you must figure out what to DO about
it preposulates that the original postulate is still active and won't
vanish on its own.

     So the as-isness results from getting the preclear back to the
"make it once and then simply don't ask what to do about it, and let go
of it, hey check that other girl out!, and its gone."
     But maybe now he's stuck with the other girl because he is asking
how to get her to go on a date with him.
     Gotta create time to have a date, don't you see...

     The second a being gets INTERESTED in a postulate and starts asking
questions about how to have it or what to do about it, boy is he gone.
     He will never get rid of that postulate that there is a second

     Questions about postulates cause persistence of the postulate
because the question prepostulates that the postulate is still true and
so carries the continuing postulate forward into time as long as the
QUESTION asking persists.

     "How did THAT get there?  What should I DO about it?"

     A few trillion years later you have a MEST universe so solid no one
believes in spirit or postulates any more.

     AS INTENDED, artful dodge.

     In the absence of the ability or willingness to postulate it again,
put it there again, he can't take his postulate back, and so he remains
at effect until he does take it back.

     He is willing to make raid but not spiders.

     He can't take back what he isn't able or willing to PUT THERE.

     He is afraid that if he puts it there again, it will simply stick
there forever again, but in the end that's just another continuing
postulate or putting-considerations-there about putting things there.

     Postulates or considerations about postulates or considerations are

     Thus skill at putting things there and not putting them there goes
a long ways towards clearing out any infacility in as-isness, isness,
alter-isness and not-isness.

     So from the bottom looking up through all the concrete he dumped on
himself, he needs that divine lightning strike to remind him of his
sovereignty, and his hand and ability in the design of his own future.
Then he can start to make it all again and take anything back, that he
or anyone originally put there.

     If he is afraid he will meet his 'maker' if he swims up towards the
light, he will swim down instead.

     Meeting your maker is a joke.

     The darkness at the bottom is MADE of conscious light, black light,
all he has to do is PUT THE DARKNESS THERE AND LET GO OF IT, and he will
start to come apart and bubble up towards the top.

     The way down is to fail to make something again that is already
made, and then try to make MORE of something ELSE to do away with the
first thing.

     But in really really serious games, he doesn't just postulate
failure for a while, like you lose one chess game so you play another,
he postulates failure forever.
     If he fails to make a living and eat, he dies and that's it bud.

     Once the very existence of games depends on the winning of any
particular game, then seriousness obtains.

     The being in the mortal state can not conceive that he created his
own mortality, nor that anyone or anything should ever have, could ever
have, or would ever have done so.

     The intention to do so exceeds him and strikes him as alien beyond
comprehension and confront.

     Therefore he is stuck in a self made prison of irresponsibility for

     Thus he hates himself, and hates his God and its Heavens and Hells,
and seeks his final tomb like an old man seeking a long lost love he
never met.

     Better to be dead forever than go to heaven forever, and
contemplate how close to hell forever he is.

     For underneath that heaven forever in time is a hell forever just
waiting to nail him and he knows it.

     Heavens and hells come in waves, cycles of heaven then hell, then
heaven, then hell.  If he tries to stop the cycle in a hell, well he's
got hell forever.

     Since a heaven FOREVER *IS* a hell forever anyhow, think it
through, he ends up in hells forever no matter what he does.

     If he is willing to drink in heavens and hells (in space time)
cyclicly, well then he can do that as long as he wants, no upper limit
to the number of heavens if only he deals with the no upper limit on the
hells inbetween.


     Time consists entirely of emotional curves from high to low with a
little upspike at the end when he gets some sympathy for being so hurt
no one else can confront him either.

     High appreciation for ludicrous demise is born of majesty, which is
the sovereign desire that desire not be sovereign for a while.

     Majesty is Master of Jest.

        J.E.S.T stands for Jokes   of Eternal Self Treason.
        J.E.S.T stands for Justice of Eternal Self Truth.

     The being in present time does not know what he wants.

     A clear knows what he wants.

     He wants to be Eternal.

     But as an Eternal he wanted to be an Immortal.
     It was a practical joke on himself, a PRANK or practical yank.

     But as an Immortal he wanted to be Mortal.

     That was a safe solution to the dangers of eternal hell fire.

     Now as a Mortal he wants to be Eternal again.

     That forms a problem to him called making case gain.

     Further the being is scared witless of the sorrows he has
suppressed over his immortality and mortality.

     One can cry an ocean of tears, but can one cry forever?

     The body balks.

     Cats ought to come with warning labels.

     At some point a spark of divinity must be experienced in order to
help convert the sorrow to laughter.

     One spark of divinity can convert endless oceans of sorrow over

     One may not be able to cry forever, but one can laugh forever right
out of time across the verge and back into Eternality.

     Laughter is the stairs that lead home.

     But if one can not cry, one can not laugh or love, for sorrow is
love is sorrow is love is sorrow is love.

     Remember the guy with one foot in eternality and the other in hell?

     Well with every in breath, the love of eternality turns to the
sorrow of death.  And with every out breath, the sorrow of death turns
to the laughter of eternality.

     Now THAT'S a person who can feel and make the sun shine, as long as
night is allowed to come around once a day.

     Be is in command of the AllThatIS and his relation to it.

     He is master of his own game and he knows it.

     Are you ready for that?

     Are you ready to be free, to be what is, and what it dares?


      Spot NO   daring.
      Spot SOME daring.

      E/P: able to dare.


     The primary purpose of auditing this material is orientation,
knowing which way one is heading, and which ways there are to head.

     The only safe way to head is in because coming in is self erasing,
it puts you out.
     If you are trying to head out because you can't stand being in,
well that gets you more in forever for free.


     There are 3 headings coming in.

     Those three headings are eternality, immortality and mortality.

     Each has its attractions, and each has its downsides.

     There is no real downside to eternality, except the impulse to
manifest is as strong as the tide coming in.
     But nonetheless, eternality is being home, anything else is being

     But then there is the being who can make his home IN being lost,
wherever he is.

     The thrill to being lost is assuaged by the hope of romance while
getting back home.  
     Therein lies the friendships and sharing of self love with each
other that you meet along the way.

     Being lost with friends is FUN, as long as you are trying to find
your way home.  Getting home might seem sad, because the friendship and
the group breaks up.  But the higher you go, the more you are all

     Once the being makes the (fair chosen) error of assigning
foreverness to a while in time, and worse begins to WISH OFF forevers in
time on others as vengence, he also begins to take them on himself, and
these then lead to his hells forever.

     No hell can outlast a true confession of the prior wish that
another end up in hell forever.

     Its fine to hate and love FOR A WHILE IN TIME, but never FOREVER IN

     Probably the only overt act that could ever be to oneself, others
or the AllThatIs, is to consider a finite while in time to be infinite
in time.

     And woe be to you if you then wish such a thing on another, for in
conceiving it you HAVE it yourself.
     Your hell forevers are MADE of the hell forevers you conceived for

     Most hell forevers arose out of the effort to hurt YOURSELF
forever, in order to punish or take revenge on someone else who loved
you, but slighted you.

     They laughed them off as ludicrous, these hells you create for
them, but you are stuck with them because you were serious about them.

     Tell me that's not justice.

     For a being who can create in the mere conception of things, any
hell forever you wish off on another, immediately becomes your own, as
you conceived it and thus you got it.

     Particularly if the other guy doesn't want it or you regret trying
to hand it to him.  :)

     Then who deserves it?

     You already created it, so you might as well wear it.

     Further the very idea that ANYTHING could last forever in time is
an unconfrontable horror that violates the most fundamental of sovereign
desire to be limited and unfree only for a while.

     Time is prison.  Of limitation.  Of having NOT having.

     Thus the instant a being gets involved in forevers in time, whether
good or bad, he has sealed his fate.

     One day he says to a girl, "I will love you forever", boy did that
get boring fast, the next day he is saying "I will hate you forever".

     His hatred is HIS hell, not the person he hates.

     Eventually his hate turns to regret, as his hate violates his own
sense of sovereign perfection, and he turns to hating himself.

     He hates another FOREVER, but he knows that hate FOREVER is wrong
and so regrets it, and so he figures he will do the right thing by
everyone and punish himself for wronging another by doing the same wrong
thing to himself FOREVER.

     Fair is fair, right?

     Smart is smart, right?

     However in the world of Sabe (time), 'fair' is not always sane.

     Sabe is pronounced SA-BAY.

     Dura is an extemporal (eternal) world of permanence, of having what
you want, forever for free, as Adore likes to put it.  Where there is no
time, there is no coming or going, thus no possibility of loss.

     No possibility of GETTING OR LOSING.


     And at the very top, that having is having only of potential to
get, have and lose manifestations.

     Sabe is a temporal world of sorrow and permanent loss.
     Whatever comes must go, the sorrow of the Last Goodbye gets its
power from the surprise and delight of the First Hello.

     The transition from Dura to Sabe is fair chosen, for what purposes
only the GodSoul knows.
     That's you bozo.

     Sabe is pronounced SA-BAY and bears some coincidental similarity to
the word to sob, to cry.

     Dura bears coincidental similarity to the English word durable, but
neither Dura or Sabe are of Earth origin.

     High Halcyon is high appreciation for LUDICROUS demise.

     Eternal good humor on the verge of time.

     "The punishment for the high crime of guilt is divine
magnificence." - From Adore

     But you have to be godawful high to see this.

     That is why God loves you no matter what kind of M.E.S.S.  you have
created for yourself.

     M.E.S.S.  means Magnificent Examples of Shames and Shambles.

     It helps that you ARE that God incarnation, and thus forgiveness
comes from yourself to yourself and others.

     The HIGH-US forgives the HIGH-US.

     Thus if you need to be forgiven, you need to forgive.  It really is
just that simple.

     Eventually, after you have forgiven ALL OF THEM, you will get
around to forgiving yourself.

     Ain't that a hoot.
     And then what is left to hate?

     Who can't you forgive?  They are the key to your cage.

     Except if you can't forgive yourself.

     In which case you might never get out of it.  :)

     No hell can outlast a true confession and repentance.
     It just is not mechanically possible.

     The hell you suffer is the hell you have not confessed and are
still holding onto in order to stick it to another.
     The instant you stop making hells trying to cast them off on others
or yourself, you don't HAVE any more hells to get stuck in, as a being
can only get stuck in a hell HE created to cast on another and then

     Try to understand this.

     You conceive a hell to stick on another, so YOU have that
hell now.  You try to stick it on the other, but he rejects it or
you regret it, and so you are right back to still having that
hell in your hand with no where to put it.
     The only final answer to a hell you have conjured up for another,
is to unconjure it up.

     The hells others are trying to cast onto you in their own insanity
are but pretty baubles to a clean GodSoul.

     There is a beauty to all this, and your preclear will have to see
that beauty to come to grips with the worthwhileness of his apparent

     His fall was artful and is art.
     It is not a HUMAN beauty, it is a DIVINE beauty.

     The Creature shudders in the light of its glory, but Creator basks
in its rays.

     So the human has to transit to the divine, then he can take
responsibility for it and take it all back and return to native state of
unmanifestation, ready to do it again if and when he is so moved to
cross the threshold of time and laughter again into chase, thrill,
romance and eventually seriousness.

     The urge towards unmanifestation is as strong as the tides going


     Everything your preclear is suffering from is a surface fumarole
powered by a problem with either eternality, immortality or mortality.

     Which is why this posting is called TRIAD.

     A fumarole is a steam vent leaking charge and pressure from an
undergound vault of explosive emotional energy born of indecision (ORS),
decisions (ANDS), and accumlating Q&A.

     He couldn't decide whether to go left OR right, so he built a house
at the fork, and closed off the roads.

     Or he is out in his car with the brakes on and the pedal to the
metal trying to go left AND right at the same time.

     Check for smoke coming out of your preclear's ears.

     Then he forgot he did this, "I was born here, I wasn't going
anyplace, there were no roads that I remember".

     Oh, the hell there weren't.

     Out back, where the fork and the roads used to be, is now a

     Your preclear will come up with all kinds of reasons why he
shouldn't go near this material.  He will tell you, it's too late, even
if he were to get better now, he is too old, he couldn't possibly get
back on that journey again, he could never live it down.

     And if your preclear hasn't come up to overwhelming feelings of the
outrageousness, absurdity, ridiculousness, preposterousness,
ludicrosity, incredibility, forbiddenness, impossibility and
danagerousness of getting better, then he just isn't making any case

     These are called Guardian Dicoms for a reason, they protect the
secret of eternality so no one will discover it.

     Remember power stems from EXTROVERSION to Eternality, not the junk
yard called the MEST universe.

     His Guardian is the thing he most wouldn't want to meet alone in a
dark alley at night.

     We call that Nemesis One.

     But the secret that it guards is just too good to be true, after
all he's been through, there is NO WAY anything could be as good as
Eternality and freedom to have what he wants, including the ability to
not have what he wants and having to chase it for a while to fail
forever more in hallucinations of humiliation and disgrace.

     Try dating a girl sometime.  For a while stupid.

     And that most desired gem of all gems, seriousness and believing
its all FOREVER.
      DICOM means DIchotomy of Comparable and Opposite Magnitude.

      Credible - Incredible, 
      Possible - Impossible, etc.

     These items are so powerful that the only way to audit them is to
be with them until they subside on their own.


     Thus looking for something that will help make it all seem more
credible or less preposterous will not work, the items must be run as
themselves, and confronted as themselves, until they vanish as

     Nothing can ever make up for something else.

     Looking for a solution to the above guardian dicoms is non confront
and Q&A, pure and simple.

     Nothing other than the item itself will assuage itself.

     Each item will vanish on its own in a burst of glory of the Golden

     Imagine never being afraid, or angry or sad and being unprovokable?

     That's the Golden Temper, Master of Magnificence and Respect.

     "Oh Gorgeous and most ExCaliper Lord,

      Master of Magnificence and Respect..."  -

     The Guardian Dicoms are self vanishing when they turn on, but they
run out SLOWLY, might take an hour of just sitting with one of them,
until its gone.
     Then the next one will appear, and do the same.
     Eventually your preclear will run into the first one again at a
higher plane of existence.

     Running these items with pure confront is kind of like sitting next
to a brick wall until it crumbles from your mere presence.

     Crumbling a brick wall is easy, crumbling incredibility and
impossibility, not so easy.

     But crumble they do, it might take some faith or adventurousness to
wait the duration, but its not forever, and the first time it works for
you, you will understand, and your adventureousness will be rewarded,
and that faith will never be shaken again, no matter how long it takes
the next time.

     That is Eternal COURAGE reborn again through understandings.

     Because you will KNOW how things work, and that it couldn't be any
other way.
     And while you are confronting one brick wall for it to collapse
into fairy dust, you will be making other brick walls to see if you can
get them to persist for as long as the one you are waiting for.

     And never again will you Q&A with a Guardian dicom, looking for an
answer to it or something ELSE to make up for it.

     Guardian dicoms are ONLY self vanishing.

     Finally your preclear will come to the qualms, the utter and total
danger of it all.

     The Cosmic Willies.

     Safety is Eternality, thus truly infinite, outside of space and
time, because there is nothing to endanger you unless you make it so.

     Except for Eternality's fair chosen tendency to manifest.

     Boy is that dangerous.

     Danger is always in manifestation which is always finite and for a
while, and always fair chosen.

     Thus in the end the All-That-Is is safer than it is dangerous, but
while in time it sure doesn't look that way, and your preclear's
attitude towards himself is "trusting that son of a bitch who chose all
this for himself, well that ain't going to happen on my watch!"

     His computation is that the safest thing he can be is a mortal worm
on a stump.
     God knows what he might create should he ever go Eternal again.

     Freedom to create without restraint?

     Can one remain calm with that?

     Do you trust your self to create only what you would wish for?

     Is that what you did the last time you were there and set yourself
up for this place?
     See, being mortal is the opposite of being able to create in the
mere conception of things.
     A mortal was CREATED, see?
     That's as low as you can go as a GodSoul, incipient carrion at
something else's cast.

     He is trying to protect himself from ever creating anything ever
again, at least by mere conception.
     Gotta have a committee go over the design of the thing, pass laws,
raise money, woo politicians, test it on others, anything to make sure
he doesn't just create something he can't get rid of again.

     Which he can only do if he conceives that he can create something
he can never get rid of again and which has unforseen forever

     Being able to create in the mere conception of things is the most
dangerous thing in the world, and he has spent the last untold eons
seeking a safe solution to it.

     At first being able to create made HIM dangerous, anyone who could
create anything in the mere conception of it would certainly be a force
to contend with.

     But then regret of creation made his ability to create, a danger TO

     This is part of the hell cycle, all creations are creations of

     Lots and lots of finite space, finite time, finite force and finite

     No matter how big, totally imprisoned and no where to go.

     Don't you see?

     Whether cast on others or one's self, if they are intended to be
FOREVER, they eventually come to stink, but they are forever you see, so
he now can't get rid of them by definition of original intent.
     At least until he takes back the forever part.

     But he can only take the forever back if he is willing to be able
to create it again!

     He doesn't HAVE to create it again, but he will.

     Unimpingable eternality is the source of all willingness.
     To even create FOREVER's again.

     No lessons learned, fresh slate.

     "Well let's see now, what's this forever thing I am never supposed
to create again?


     Conceived and signed off on.

     If you wish a forever off on another, you get stuck with it
yourself because you aren't willing to be stuck in the forever yourself,
but you want another to suffer it instead.

     Nice guy.
     But you have to make it and thus suffer it in order to give
it to another.

     If you make something bad, and the other person won't accept it,
then you keep making it and keep trying to pawn it off, don't you see?

     That's how forevers go sour.

     "I can't stop doing this, because then I would have to admit I was
wrong, how am I to live that down!"

     You can do anything to anyone FOR A WHILE without consequence,
unless you create a fair chosen consequence for yourself.

     But violate the finite length of a while in your wish or creation,
and bam you are doomed.
     It is your own sovereign desire screaming that becomes your own
hell forever.
     It is the forever that makes it scream, even if it is a forever
created for another.

     This is the genesis of conscience.

     What is wrong is FOREVERNESS in time.

     That is part of what he tried to create you see?

     He tried to create another at effect forever.

     Then he took it on himself perhaps when the other convinced him he
had succeeded :)

     At first he was cause and then he was effect because being an
effect is what he tried to make another be, and so that is what he
caused himself to be.

     If you make someone else an effect forever, YOU CAN'T FIX IT, even
if you regret it, and thus YOU become an effect of their being an

     But once he becomes afraid of his own GodSoul abilities, he is on a
dwindling spiral from there on out seeking the Holy Grail of a safe

     In the end there is no greater danger than a safe solution.

     Except perhaps the power of manifestation.

     So where is he safer?
     As a GodSoul who can create anything in the mere conception of it,
or as a worm at the bottom of the ocean who can't create anything and
lives to be eaten over and over and over again?

     Have him spot danger and safety until both are under his command.

     That's a big one, don't go by it.

     A being that is not in Tone 40 command of danger and safety is sunk.

     He's on a fast moving train with out tracks up ahead.

      "Get the idea of NO   DANGER."
      "Get the idea of SOME DANGER.
      "Get the idea of NO   SAFETY."
      "Get the idea of SOME SAFETY."

     Then take each and every problem, upset, anxiety, indecision,
DECISION, certainty and uncertainty, doubt, OR and AND and choice in his
life, that he knows about, and assess for whether it is a fumarole on
eternality, immortality or mortality.

     Once the core of the fumarole is properly spotted, dig for the
underlying problem with one of the three.

     He will eventually find out why he is mortal via auditing his
immortal problems, and he will find out why he is immortal by auditing
his problems with eternality, and he will find out why he wants to be
eternal again by auditing his mortal problems.

     E/P (End Phenomenon of the auditing program) is facility with life.

     Life = Operating the AllThatIS.

     Known in Scientology as an Operating Thetan.