What are we trying to do for the being?

     We are trying to help him.

     But help him to be, want, know, do, or have what?

     The being has certain fundamental desires, and along with them he
has problems attaining those desires mostly but not all of his own

     At the top, his most fundamental problem is how to get lost and
stay lost.

     Considering that space and time are illusions in zero dimensional
consciousness, there is no where to go, and so getting lost can be a
deep problem.  He has to create the illusion of somewhere to go, space
and time, and then get 'lost' in that illusion and also maybe forget
that he did so.

     How does a being create an illusion, and then keep it going on its
own, as if he didn't create it, long enough to get lost in it?

     Then once he is lost he spends a long time having fun, but after a
while the fun fades as the universe begins to win too much.

     In his endless search for the way home, he gets the eerie feeling
"I have been this way before."

     Exactly how long is something that you 'didn't make' going to
cooperate with your desire to have fun?

     Then he tries to get out of the illusion, find his way home for
real now, but the universe he created is not done with him yet.

     He starts to consider that his being lost is becoming serious, so
he becomes serious about finding his way home.

     Do you see the problem with this?

     Then eventually, in despair, a being that is lost and can't find
his way home, tries to die inside that space and time illusion.  It
never works, but he tries.

     At the bottom of the tone scale the being's most fundamental
problem is getting found and recovering his top level state, eternal

     But somewhere in between, his most fundamental problem is how to
stay lost and enjoy the adventure.

     Lost, but not too lost.

     Recognizant, but not too recognizant.

     Retain some sense that its still OK, that everything is no
longer OK, he knows not how or why.

     But he wonders.

     That is, he needs to know how to enjoy and be WILLING to play the
games of life that he and others have provided for him without falling
into a terminal dwindling spiral or other tar pits.

     Wonder works.  Wonder holds together the fabric of both dwindling
spirals and tar pits.

     Usually as a mortal at the bottom of the tone scale, you will find
your preclear playing games because he HAS to, even if a few of them are
games he would otherwise desire to play.  And he is terrified of losing
the main game, making a living and staying alive, because if he does
lose that one, that's the End of Games forever for him.

     That's called the Game of Games, as HAVING games has become a game.
Which he can lose.

     Further he is usually a mess of pain and suffering that he carries
along with him from earlier wars with his parents and team mates, and he
no longer knows what he really desires because most of those desires, he
knowshe could never have anyhow.

     So apathy becomes his primary motivation.

     His get up and go becomes get up and 'well maybe tomorrow...' or
     Use 'get the idea of' if spot doesn't work for you.

      Spot NO   desire.   (NO means pretended NO.)
      Spot SOME desire.

      Spot NO   want.
      Spot SOME want.

      Spot NO   can't
      Spot SOME can't

      Spot NO   can.
      Spot SOME can.

      Spot NO   won't.
      Spot SOME won't.

      Spot NO   will.
      Spot SOME will.

     His final solution to these failures to win his heart's desires has
been a computation to the effect that:

     If you can't have it, don't want it.


     If you were to ask him what he really wanted, he would tell you
only those things he thought might be possible, and half of those he
would hate having if he ever got them, the rest would be sad subtitutes
for his original great longings.

     And he would deny vehemently any of his true desires if you
reminded him of them.

     That's down BELOW refused on the CDEINR scale.

     Curious about, Desires, Enforce, Inhibit, NO, Refused, SUB Refused.

     That's a scale of failure, you see?

     But if he did manage to keep a hold on what he really desires, his
world view adamantly says he can't have it.


     At the top level this creates a GPM, a Goal's Problem Mass.

     At the bottom level this creates a lot of suffering, anger, fear,
numbness, sorrow, apathy and death.

     Not to mention shame, blame, regret, guilt, remorse, and covert
hostility towards self to forget the whole thing.

     Run spot NO/SOME on all of the above.

     You ask your preclear 'You want to live forever?' and he says "Oh
well no, no, God no, that would be terrible, things have been so bad for
me this life of 70 years, I can't imagine having to suffer another
quintillion years of this, God, have another mother, wear diapers, go to
school again, that was the pits, so no, I have had time enough for love.
Let me disappear into the dirt and make room for others, that is only
fair.  I wouldn't want to rip anyone else off of the experience of

     70 years of existence and he is seeking death to be no more.

     Such a decent fellow, making room for others to suffer and be
buried too.

     We call that a 'Had time enough for love' case.

     He has had time enough for love.

     Thus most of your preclears will be solidifed into a state of sour
grapes, utterly and abjectly pretending to not want anymore what they
originally wanted but thought they couldn't have, and they no longer
even remember what the sour grapes are about.

     The term sour grapes comes from Aesop's fables, the one about a fox
who couldn't jump high enough to eat the grapes on a grape vine, and
finally gave up in disgust saying 'They probably weren't worth eating

     Can't Have = Don't Want.

     The hell it does.

     You can bury a desire, but you can never kill it.

     Technically we say that the being's DESIRE and VIEW have come into
conflict, want and can't have, and the result is an eternally dying
being, sinking under the weight of the yoke of his own conflict, burying
himself like Chernobyl in mental concrete so he no longer knows what he
wants, and no longer knows what his own views are, and he will fight you
to the death if you try to ressurrect any of his goals in the hope of
getting them going again.

     Resurrecting forgone hope is a cruelty of magnitude if you don't

     Any child will try to resurrect his parent's goals, but look what
the result is after the parents have gotten through with him, the child
becomes a parent and does the same thing to HIS children.

     And this is WHY it is called the Zombie Zone, those older who have
lost their goals, hammer the goals out of those younger so they become
like those older.

     Reich called them plague personalities.

     Note the parent's aberrations are contagious on the children.  once
they give up being decent beings and move into their parents valences
and continuums.

     Thus the being has come down the tone scale on his basic desires
through Curious about, Desire, Enforce, Inhibit, NO, Refuse, and Sub

     At Curious he is interested in his desires and knows what they are.

     At Desire he is all for them and seeking them actively, with
enthusiasm, courage, exhiliration, thrill and romance.

     At Enforce he is getting desperate and worried and starting to use
heavy effort, force, antagonism, anger, hate, no sympathy, and classless
out ethics to achieve his aims.  Classless means debonding from others
and self FOREVER.

     At Inhibit he is starting to repress these desires, he DESIRES NOT
TO DESIRE THESE DESIRES.  He is no longer happy he has desires, and he
wants to not want various things.

     At NO he is no longer aware of the desire or its failure.

     At Refused he will refuse to have what he desired even if you gave
it to him free of charge.  It's no good any more, it's too little too
late, too many tears already not cried over it that seal his tomb.

     Tomb nails are basically tears not cried, each uncried tear a tiny

     Dry eyed sorrow never heals, and in fact kills silently and slowly.

     Sorrow is love, so if you can't feel sorrow freely, you can't love

     Now that's pretty far gone, but it gets worse.  After he comes down
to refusing his own basic desires, he will take on substitute desires,
and failing them, refuse them too, and then take on further substitute
desires and failing them, refuse them, and on and on in a dwindling
spiral, a whirlpool of energy and ability going down the drain, until he
can't stand up any more.

     Eventually he has no future, he longs for the grave, and he can't
get up in the morning without drinking a gallon of MyLoft and Jim Beam.

     Thus the being that first presents himself to you for auditing is
not the being that he once was, nor is it the being that needs to get
better, for it is a mere shade, a social facade, of the real being that
has fallen asleep in failure, no matter how much he tools around in his
life living out his substitute nightmares making everyone else unhappy

     A being who is too far gone to stand up on his own, will hand it
all over to an automaticity born of his reactive bank, and he will let
IT stand up for him.  They can do apparently quite well, but there is
always something slightly off about the output of a robot built on super
suppressed pain.

     If this failure cycle goes on too long, he will become criminal,
for the last effort of a being trying to give is to take.

     From the Awareness Characteristic Chart:

     "...fixidity, erosion, dispersal, disassociation, CRIMINALITY,
uncausing, disconnection, unexistence".

      skip to near the bottom.

      And in session their goals for auditing are how to better be able
to be sick, dead and dying, but in less pain.

     How to better be able to get worse and not mind it.


     So the first thing that needs to be done with anyone who is still
on talking terms with themselves, is to get them to notice what they are
doing to themselves with this conflict between desire and view.

     "You wanna live forever?"

     "Well, that would be nice if I could sleep as much as I want.  I
can't imagine ever having had time enough for love.  As it is, love just
makes me cry, every time I pick up one of my kittens, I start bawling my
eyes out because I know one day it is going to die.  I already have a
grave marked out for it!"

     He's got graves marked out for things before they are born.

     He is trying to run out his Last Goodbyes the day he says his First
Hello to make it bearble when it finally happens.

     This guy is in pretty good shape, you should be so lucky to find
such a being for your first preclear.

     "You think you will live forever?"


     "How does that make you feel?"

     "Feel?  What does feel mean?"

     We get them to see some of what they really want, and some of what
they really believe, until they see that the conflict between their
desire and their view is making them hopelessly sick and destroying
their lives.

     If you could right this one thing, this conflict between desire and
view, the being will start bubbling up in life, rather than floating

     He will give up one side or the other, but he won't hold on to both
if they are making him miserable.


     The difference between a human and an OT, is the human thinks the
world is not as he wants it to be, the OT knows it is.

     The human thinks the world is not as he wants it to be and that he
would never, could never, should never have created it this way, and he
in his right mind would never have offered to join it except as a
suicide mission to save a loved one, but now that he is here, he will
fight endlessly to improve it for there is nothing else to do.

     The OT knows the world is EXACTLY as WE wanted it to be, and he is
failing to fight or not to improve it depending on his mood of the day,
but he probably won't fight for its improvement in the way the human
might expect.

     The human as Creature/Character will fight for what is best for
himself and his loved ones, the OT as Creator/Author will fight to
improve the story.  He may or may not side with the good guys, for that
is a creature thing, but he may side with the underdog to make sure the
game is played fair and lasts as long as possible with quality and
return on investment of beauty and humor.

     Watch it though, an OT's sense of humor is divine, not human.

     OT's love ludicrous demise.

     Ludicrous demise sparkles in the eye of an OT the way
a diamond sparkles in the eye of a girl.

     Thus Characters have some animosity towards Authors, Creatures have
animosity towards Creators, Souls have animosity towards Gods, and
Humans have animosity towards OTs.

     Someone once said that the world is as it is, not as we want it to

     In apparency that would be true for the being as creature but not
for the being as creator.

     The creature being has accepted all kinds of 'truths' that are in
direct violation of his own deepest sovereign desires.

     Sovereignty means you want it, you got it.

     But from his point of view he's got all kinds of things he never
waned, so what's this thing called Sovereignty got to do with anything?

     So the guy must have a sovereign desire that his desire not be
sovereign for a while, to get down to this stage of harried creature.

     As a creature, he thinks his desire is not so sovereign any more,
and that crushes him more than anything.  For then he considers that his
desire and the WHAT IS are not in perfect accord, that the game is not
HIS game, and wouldn't be his game even if he could get rid of it, and
thus he starts his downward spiral of irresponsibility for condition,
and corruption, temptation and seduction into classless out ethics sets

     He hates the game FOREVER.  That forever defines classlessness as
it is a debonding from the AllThatIs permanently.

     No friendship with the WhatIs left.

     He is no longer aware of his sovereign desire constraining his
sovereign desire.

     But all this is fair chosen.

     Blackness is gold light opposed to gold light.

     There are no mistakes in his demise, his demise is well arted.

     Even mistakes can only arise once the being conceives of them and
approves of them in general if not in specific.  Thus we have full
responsibility for error, as there be no errors without the prior
causative and creative desire to have errors.

     He may not conceive every error exactly as it ocurred, he will
leave the specific nature of his errors to the AllThatIs as a surprise
and delight to himself, but there can be no errors unless there is a
sovereign desire to have errors.

     Thus errors are not an error.

     Perfection reigns at all times.

     When a being starts to not desire the WHAT IS, he will start

     When he starts to FORGET what his desires are, and pretends they
are something else, he is done for.

     In between, while he still knows what he wants, both as Author and
as Character, but believes he can't have them, he is sitting on a
razor's edge.

     Eventually he falls off that fence onto the side of hopelessness,
despair and apathy and starts to abjectly seek substitutes.

     You can always tell a substitute goal, its the abject look in his

     You can't force yourself to desire just anything, your desires can
not be changed, they are fundamental and absolute.  They can't be any
other way.

     There is no accepting the FUNDAMENTALLY unacceptable.

     There is only PRETENDING that the fundamentally acceptable
is true.

     Thus if a being's desires are to be in perfect accord with the WHAT
IS, AT ALL TIMES, the WHAT IS is going to have to be a very particular
and specific WHAT IS.

     There is one and only one WHAT IS that is in perfect accord with
his desire.

     It may be a very rich and varied WHAT IS that he seeks, including
heavens and hells for a while and peace forever, but IT fits the exact
pattern of his love eternally.

     There is one view, one conception of the cosmic all, that fits the
bill of goods in what he wants in a best of all possible worlds, that
also includes the nightmare he is presently living as part of its many
possible offerings.

     Your game is to help him find it and conceive it again.

     Hopefully it will be the same IN GENERAL IF NOT IN SPECIFIC for
everyone :)

     And yes it will be, because at core all beings are the same in
general, if not in specific.

     Remember the One and the Many.  The One embodies identicality, the
Many embodies uniqueness.

     Your goal is NOT to help him figure out how God will ever make this
nightmare up to him, he IS God incarnation, we all are.  God is a multi
I-AM being.

     This nightmare was designed and chosen by the HIGH-US with
UNANIMOUS CONSENT and is a masterpiece of art that stands on its own,
that we created and gave as a gift to each other.

     A tragi-comedy of unspeakable grandeur and humor.

     From the small pits of stupidity we are hiding in, it might
not seem this way, but this again is by choice.

     He doesn't see the truth from inside the nightmare because he
doesn't see the whole picture of what he wrought, or HOW he brought it
about and keeps it around, but it is there to be seen, and when he does
see it, he will enshrine the whole thing on his mantle piece as a
triumph of beauty and creativity.

     It's already on his mantle piece, he is just living inside it
wishing it to death, but wishing it on all his enemies first.

     Now the goal of this first level is NOT to ressurrect every desire
he ever had, he would probably die crying.  Nor is it to convince him
that he can have anything that he ever wanted again, he won't believe
you.  He will probably sneer at you in contempt.

      Spot NO   respect.
      Spot SOME respect.

      Spot NO   contempt.
      Spot SOME contempt.

     The goal is simply and only to get him to see how the conflict
between what he desires and what he believes, is killing him.

     Once he sees that he is living in a ridge WITH HIMSELF, desire
against view, he will gain understandings about his condition that will
allow him to accept them, and start to take them apart one by one as his
heart desires.

     He will also see that continued engagement in personal deceits by
forgetting his true desires and pretending false desires has gotten him
into more trouble than it was worth, even in the face of final doom on
his original desires, should he continue to believe such.

     So worst case he can go out with his personal integrity intact, or
he can go out in a basket of fermented forgotten sour grapes.  Which is
it going to be?

     Personal integrity is knowing what you know, and knowing what you
don't know, and not pretending you know things you don't, merely because
they hurt or are inconvenient.

     Pretending to not desire something you desire and pretending to
desire something you would hate having if you had it, are both the
epitomy of out personal integrity.

     Out means not in.

     In means operating properly.

     Out means in the junk yard over in the corner in a scrap heap.

     Eventually, through this process your preclear will reach an
epiphany to the effect that he has been making himself more miserable
than necessary by digging a grave for his desires and covering it with
the adamancy of his views, NONE OF WHICH HE IS CERTAIN OF.

     He may be convinced, but conviction is not perfect certainty.

     Getting that straight will start his personal integrity soaring


     Yet his views were created FROM his desires!

     He is responsibile for every stupid, wrong thing that he believes.

     Sovereignty means desire takes rank over views.

     Anti-Sovereignty means views take rank over desire.

     That might be expected for a human who lives in a world he "didn't
create." But it is not OK for a GodSoul, whose top level existence MUST
consist of perfect accord between his desire and the AllThatIs.

     Think about it, do you really think that Eternality consists of
GodSouls forever irritated by some small outpoint or divergence between
their desire and what is?

     As for the human, his views are FULL of things he really doesn't
know, so he has given up on desires he needn't have.

     In the second place the rest of his views are just plumb wrong,
though fair chosen, and so he has given up on the rest of his desires
when he shouldn't have.

     Now we say shouldn't have advisedly, because these mistakes are all
fair chosen in order to HAVE the nightmare in the first place.

     Yum, terror.

     For ages, when he couldn't decide between two different realities
or views, he has been choosing the one that made him feel the worst as
the most probable one.  Wouldn't want to feel good about something only
to find out later he was wrong again eh?

     After this little awakening he begins to realize he has been doing
himself a disservice by throwing a tails weighted coin everytime he
doesn't know if something bad is true or false, 

     The fact that he feels bad about it indicates it must be true.

     He stops doing that on the face of it.

     He comes to accept that something true might actually be good, too
good to be true even, and that's a big step for him to start getting
better because he now has PERMISSION to get better and believe it.

     Throwing a tails weighted coin means the coin is weighted to come
up tails, and tails means he is choosing the possibility that makes him
feel the worst because 'why could he feel so bad about it's possibility
if it weren't true!'

     Technically we say doubt is self casting.

     Doubting the positive aspects of eternality makes us feel so bad
that we conclude our doubts must be right from the mere omni awesomeness
of how bad we feel about it.

     That's called learning by emoting.  You picture each possibility as
if it were true, and you pick the one that makes you feel the worst.

     That is pretty much what 'spiritual research' amounts to on this
planet at this time.

     Thus we get death forever sciences and hell forever religions.

     The joke is the people who end up in these hells are the ones who
worry about it and mock it up the most.

     Sorry, you get what you conceive even if you wrap it up as a
Christmas gift for someone else.

     Christmas you know is a celebration that the majority of the world
is going to hell forever for not toeing the party line of the minority.

     Although there may be some optimists in the world, almost everyone
has a deadly serious streak of pessimism when it comes to their most
vital cherished desires, the ones that run their engines.
     And that streak is ruining them, no matter how happy they think
they will be playing peanuckle on their snout with the worms, or playing
harps in heaven while their loved ones burn in hell.

     Giving up this tendency to pick the worst of two doubted realities,
gives his desire some breathing room to see if it might be possible to
chase real fun again, even if it takes a philosophical miracle to make
it so.

     The fact that some reality makes him feel bad becomes evidence to
him that it IS probably wrong.

     Since the AllThatIs *IS* an operating miracle, it needs to be given
a chance, eh?

     It is way better to not know if you can win, than to falsely think
you can't, particularly if the ONLY evidence you have for your impending
failure is how bad it makes you feel worrying about it.

     People feel so bad worrying about mortal death, they become
convinced that mortal death is actual.

     DOUBT IS SELF CASTING for just this reason.

     If you doubt your Eternality, you will feel so bad those feelings
alone will act as evidence you really are mortal.

     The joke is, worrying about death or its truth will kill you.

     There is apparent evidence enough for the bad things in life, we
don't need our own doubts and feelings sealing the judgement on them.

     Particularly when we really don't know the truth.

     But for many, it is easier to assume they are going to die forever
one day, than not know.  The not know gives them the willies and keeps
them alive in an anxiety that is almost intolerable.  That need to end
the anxiety leads to an overwhelming need to know, even if it is wrong.

     Bye bye personal integrity.

     "In faithless free fancy, we chose to dance." -Adore

     How many false things do you believe simply and only because you
couldn't stand the not knowing?

     Once the guy is able to face the not know without running for cover
under false conclusions, he is more able to face what he really desires,
and the possibility he can have them.

     And what he really desires goes WAY beyond anything he ever
concieved before.


     As this process progresses, the auditor can go over with him the
material in TRIAD until he has a good grasp on exactly what it is his
fundmental operating desires might be.  If your preclear finds he has
disagreements with the material presented, that's fine, at least the
preclear will know he has fundamental desires and he had better figure
them out forthwith.


     True indoctrination is not brain washing, is indication of
possibilities to be considered.

     The caliper (measure) of the caliber (worth) of souls is the
questions they have asked and the answers they have rejected.

     If your preclear is a 'I am a brain!' case, and the spectre of
meatballism and 'scientific' convictions about the actuality of space
and time keep him from being able to accept the possibility of various
things, the auditor can go over the PROOF with him until he is finally
able to truely not know whether he can have what he wants or not.


     But really I wouldn't go there, it will proably kill him.

     If he is that far gone into delusion about illusion I would
simply tell him you are spiritually asleep, the world is a dream,
and you can wake up to freedom.

     If he can't have it, I wouldn't kill him with the kick back from
the proof no matter how satisfying that might be, you will only feel
pity for the bugger later.
     That's inescapable.

     Remember not knowing whether you can have what you really want is a
LOT better than believing falsely you can't.

     Only wooses prefer to believe falsely they can't have, rather than
not know if they can or not.

     So don't throw no pigs before pearls.

     That said, since the proof is a perfect certainty about the nature
of perfect certainty, it provides a standard of perfect certainty
against which to judge everything else.

     Knowing the proof allows a being to keep looking when otherwise he
might give up in despair from the onslaught of the lie factories around

     Bringing him up to the 50/50 point again on any desire may willy
the hell out of him, but he will be open to seeing the possibilities
again, and not shut his mind down because 'everyone knows the world is
not too good to be true.'

     "Too good to be true" means simply desire and view are in perfect

     Is the ultimate AllThatIs too good to be true?

     Do you have what you want at the top?

     That would be a real show stopper wouldn't it?

     Do you have what you want now in the game of not having what you

     Once he understands WHAT he desires, he will understand that IF he
can have what he desires, then at the top his desire and the AllThatIS
MUST be eternally in perfect accord, no disagreements with the WHAT IS,
because that is what he desires!

     Further anything created must have come from his own desire,
including his desire to have things that have the apparency of not
coming from his own desire.

     Thus anything that exists must have been desired at the time of its
creation or agreeing to, and must still now be desirable from the
Creator or buyer point of view, and so yes indeed the AllThatIs is the
best of all possible worlds.

     If you can have whatever you want forever for free, then it's ok to
not have what you want for a while when you want it.  :)

     That would complete him on this part of the program.

     The goal is NOT to make him happy with everything that exists,
truth will spend a very long time beating him down over and over again
on the subject.

     Sometimes the illusion that space and time are actual is so strong
the PROOF will be the ONLY thing that will get him to stand up again for

     The proof is the only immutable true friend he has, even before
himself because his MADE of the proof, of the conscious self luminous
light of 'I AM AND I KNOW IT!'

     The goal is to get the being WILLING to play the game of life again
no matter how bad it is, with a relentless persistence born of knowing
it is HIS game he is playing.

     "I may be an asshole, but I am a COOL asshole!"

     No matter how good a game is, if the being thinks he didn't create
it or choose to enter it, AND SO DID EVERYONE AND EVERYTHING ELSE, there
will be a subtle background disharmony that will eventually bring him
down and crush him.

     No matter how bad a game is, if the being thinks he DID create it,
or chose to enter it, for God knows what reason, there will be a subtle
background harmony that will keep him bouyed no matter how tough the
going gets.

     A being can't handle losing to another being or cause, he will do
himself in before allowing another or other thing to do him in

     Losing one's will to live creates a very strong will to die.

     But a being can handle losing to himself, and once he knows it is
himself he is up against, AND ONLY HIMSELF AND HIS OWN FAIR CHOSEN

     And that's the E/P of the process called DESIRE AND VIEW.

     E/P 1: Willing to play the games of life and no longer fooled by
the games of ludicrous demise born of fair chosen self casting doubt.

     E/P 2: Personal integrity completely in, he knows what he knows and
knows what he doesn't know, and his integrity is no longer commandeered
by his fear of not knowing, or detested sour grapes.

     E/P 3: The preclear is at 50/50 about whether he has and can have
what he wants, chase and adventure, love and hate, sorrow and laughter,
lost and found, thrill and romance, triumph and crushing defeat, and
aware of his personal responsibility for his game roles and state.

     E/P 4: This game isn't for creatures, only for Creators become

     Take a break, go have a donut.


     HELP Part 0, TRIAD
     HELP Part 3, PRIDE
     HELP Part 6, STATURE
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