It will be very hard to audit anyone on the following material
until they have been cleared on desire and view, for one of the ways
that parents ruin children is by teaching them the lies of non

     In particular the mortal mind set quickly turns any being into a
zombie, who can't have anything that they want, and therefore must want
everything they have, which is a tombstone at the end of their grave.

      There is nothing sadder than a mortal child, and teaching them
either death forever or hell forever is child abuse pure and simple.

     Even if the child doesn't believe a word of it for a while, the
horror he feels at believing his parents believe it will eventually
overwhelm him into believing it too.

     "It couldn't feel this bad if it weren't true."

     One way to stop the Zombie meme passing on from parent to child, is
to teach the child early on to respond to every parental assertion with
"You don't know that."

     That will put the parent in his place where he belongs, and if the
child turns out wrong, he will learn to apologize with grace.

     The parent is free to use it on the child too, hopefully the child
will mimic back, and a relationship of respect for view will develop
between them.

     "If you don't like it, it probably isn't true."

     On the surface that might sound crazy, but if you look deep to the
mind and heart of a GodSoul, it is the only path, because at the top
there is perfect accord between desire and view.

     If there weren't the GodSoul would remain eternally irritated at
the All_That_Is where it did not agree with his fundamental desires.

     Since everything that is created comes from a GodSoul with absolute
veto power over his own creations and those of others in his own dream,
anything created must have met his pleasure when it was first created,
thus perfect accord is the mother of creation.

     Thus even any disaccord to follow later must have been approved of
when it was first conceived and created.


     Now there is something that happens to a being while mortal that is
peculiar to being in a body.  He gets born as a baby when he is utterly
dependent on his parents for survival.

     Since his parents, no matter how good they are, are usually Zombie
Zoners, as he is soon to become, there will be certain events during his
childhood which will make him wish dearly that he was not dependent upon
them, and to never enter a parent/child relationship with them again.

     This is called debonding.

     For some, there will be very little to debond over, for others, the
child wants to kill his parents out of the gate.

     But he is unable to break that relationship without killing himself
and perhaps kamikaze-ing them, and so he begins the process of surviving
by succumbing, by creating MORE limitations on his already limited
existence in order to make himself sick, unable, or accident prone, so
as to win the sympathy and cooperation, and avoid the domination, of his
parents and other significant team mates.

     "Eat this, don't eat that, say this, don't say that, learn this,
don't learn that, sleep now, don't sleep later" etc.  The child has
become a doll in the parent's doll house.

     The parents think their child is THEIR child, their possession, to
do with as they will, rather than their responsibility to the greater
community of man kind.

     The child is a ward of parental guardians, not the possession of
child abusers.

     Your parents are supposed to BE ON YOUR SIDE in the game of

     The parent wants the child to learn how to talk so they can teach
the child what not to say.

     The child first tries forthright complaint to right the blunt and
crass injustices heaped upon him, and failing that, he takes to
unexpressed resentment or propitiation towards his parents and covert
hostility TOWARDS HIMSELF, to render himself and his body sick and

     All chronic psychosomatic conditions are the result of a covert
intention to succumb, based on the service computation that the way to
live is to die, or the way to survive is to succumb, the way to be able
it to be disabled, the way to be loved is to be sick, dead, or dying, or
something of that sort.

     There are millions of them, and the EXACT wording must be found for
it to free up.  This is because the words are in the very engrams he is
using, and the engrams will not revivify, release and/or erase unless
the exact words in the engram are found.

     By definition finding the words in the engram IS part of
revivifying the engram.

     Since the child was dependent at the time of these events, and
since his efforts to harm himself made him MORE dependent, and since
these efforts are never relieved, but are compounded by more of the same
kind of thing that he does to HIS children later on when he grows up, he
carries with him multiple layers of BEING DEPENDENT ON OTHERS TO

     The natural dependency of childhood on others goes away as he
matures, but the computational dependencies become utterly inexorable
and intractable, which is why he visits them on his children when he
KNOWS he hated it when his parents did it to him.

     He is no longer able to think beyond doing the wrong thing to deal
with life and his own progeny.

     So the first thing that needs to be addressed on your preclear's
case is getting him to a point where he is ADEQUATE TO HIS OWN SURVIVAL.

     That means he can hold a job that he likes, save up for his old
age, and generally be able to live and breathe alone for himself.

     He doesn't have to support a girlfriend, wife or family, and he
doesn't have to run a business with employees, and he doesn't have to
make a million dollars.

     He just has to be able to be adequate to his own survival so he
depends on nothing and no one for his next meal, job, place to live,
creative tools to keep him busy, and he can pay for his own tombstone in
the end.

     Since the events that led him to create crippling computational
dependencies on others were based on an effort to win their help and
allay their hostilities towards him, the way to resolve these issues is
a direct address to being dependent, as a child, on teammates who are
not playing "all for one and one for all," and the injustices that
occurred therein.

     For example, mother feels most useful when the child feels most
useless, so mother makes sure the child is not allowed to feel useful to
himself or others.

     In a rage, the child gets sick, whooping cough, nearly dies, and
has mother in tears and regret about having been so mean.

     This makes a gorgeous, and I do mean BEAUTIFUL, villain, victim,
hero (golden ally) engram which the child can then use for the rest of
his life to keep his mother in line with reminders of guilt and regret.

     The child was born with a very high native sense of justice and
where justice was violated with no regard for his well being, the being
is driven into unexpressed anger and resentment, and finally covert
hostility towards himself to make himself sick.

     At first he knows he is doing it, but since he is using ENGRAMS,
which are moments of unawareness through force and pain, to bring about
these results on his body, he eventually loses awareness of what he is
doing, and the injury to self and body becomes automatic.

     He engages engrams to negatively affect himself by selecting them
and their valences to dramatize on others, and then failing, he finds
himself IN his own valence suffering as he did in the engram.
     Then as this ploy is useful to getting his way, sympathy,
cooperation, amongst monsters, he holds onto DRAMATIZING the engram out
of valence and failing back into valence over and over again, even if
only covertly.

     He as to DO IT, in order to HAVE IT.

     He also becomes ashamed of his 'survive by dying' behavior, and so
he hides it from himself regardless of how provoked he was, and how
necessary it might have been to his survival at the time (it wasn't.)
     He is a kid, living in a den of the Devil, judging himself as a
victim God.

     That is in part why they are called PSYCHO SOMATICS, because he has
gone psycho in creating them, and later psycho in trying to stop them.

     We define psychosis as the effort to stop what one considers he
didn't start.

     Psychosis is total devotion to trying to stop something.

     Since the way to stop any creation is to start it again and then
let it go, if a being can't start the creation again, he can never stop
it, and thus he becomes totally devoted to stopping what he considers he
never started.  Thus he fails chronically.

     These psychotraumatic (same thing) conditions are created to deal
with the prior injustices, and thus an address to these earlier
injustices will lead to the reason why he created them, and the moment
he did.  
     At that point he can stop doing these things to himself, and
reevaluate the usefulness of self directed covert hostility.

     You may have to also audit what HE did as a mother to a child in a
past life and that child's reactions to HIM.

     Your preclear has been the SOURCE of injustice nonpareil (without
parallel), and that's the earlier or later similar on the chain of
chains of injustice.

     Now at this point it is important to notice that if the being is
STILL dependent on the suppressive parents or teammates, he will find it
hard to let go of surviving by succumbing, but if he is an adult and
free to speak his mind and go off and do his own things, then erasure of
these events is possible.

     Even with the child still under suppression you should be able to
bring him up to where he at least knows what he is doing, and remains
good at doing it, and the child will also know exactly why he is doing
it rather than putting it all on automatic, asking 'where did this come

     A clear can make himself sick at will, and a child that is making
himself sick at will is far better off than an adult that no longer has
any clue where all the suffering is coming from.


     Justice is fair exchange, it really has little to do with
punishment which is usually imposing an injustice on another in
retribution for an injustice.

     On Earth justice amounts to two wrongs make a right.

     True justice has everything to do with agreements, and in
particular agreements as to duties and rights.

     From the basic catechism of Adore:

     "For every duty there is a right, and for every right there is a
duty.  You have a duty to have rights, and you have a right to have
duties.  Rights are fair chosen exchange for fair chosen duties."

     Justice is an operating balance of duties and rights.

     If you would have rights, defend your duties.

     If you would have duties, defend your rights.

     The fundamental duty is honor, and the fundamental right is

     Honor is the ability to make keep and trade fair chosen promises.

     Dignity is being the sole operator of yourself.

     This I need to be true and this I adore." -From Adore.

     An injustice then is any violation of the fair chosen agreements
between parent and child of their respective duties and rights.

     Mother has a duty to feed the child and therefore the child has a
right to be fed.

     So mother makes breakfast for the child and then eats it herself.

     Child has a right to cry when hungry, and mother has a duty to

     Mother refuses to respond while the child is crying not wanting to
spoil the child, and only responds after the child stops crying from
apathy and wanting to die.  
     Every meal then becomes a near death experience for the child.

     How hungry do you have to be to stop screaming for food?

     I am sorry Lord.

     Ever starve something you loved to death on purpose?

     Morbid fascinations with evil of this order mean that the preclear
has had it done to him and may have done it to others in the past.

     Or mother likes to get the child to stop crying by shaking it hard
enough to injure its neck.
     Also mother likes to suffocate the child with hand over face until
the child is unconscious in order to get it to be quiet or get sympathy
from emergency visits to the hospital with the unconscious child.

     Or somebody hates the child so much that they sneak up on the
sleeping baby from behind and slam a pillow over its face and sit on it.

     These are extreme examples, but even in good families there are
signature injustice events that cause the child to go into a murderous
rage for the first time in his life.

     No one is exempt, and they can be found during the learning phase
of language when the parent first uses illogic against the child to
assert a wrong position and dominate the child into accepting it.

     The illogic has no force except to confuse the child as to which
universe he is in, but the force used to enforce the illogic causes the
descent into covert hostility, and later outright propitiation, saying
mother is right.

     "I really do need to learn how to flush myself down the toilet."

     Thus the auditor seeks each and every moment of murderous rage
between parent and child, and in particular the first moment of
murderous rage in this life, and then in any life.

     Including murderous rage against one's own body and self.

     Hubbard said "The preclear has to get angry to get better".

     Blowing the caldera (social facade) off his volcano and allowing it
all to release without harming anyone raises the preclear's affinity for
others, as he sees they are also stewing in their own suppressed anger
and injustices and acting like flaming assholes in the meanwhile.

     His parent is in the valence OF THE VOLCANO!
FUTURE LIFE in order to produce a well and happy human being.

     It's all a work of art after all.

     If these are not resolved and remediated with apologies, tears and
laughter ALL AROUND, they remain as festering sores and will be dealt
with by the child with a vengeance one way or another.

     In most families children are taught to talk, but then they are
punished for talking and expressing themselves.

     "This is a good word, and that is a bad word, and you shouldn't
even know what that word means..."

     "You are too young for this, you are too old for that."

     Ask any child of any age what all the words he knows are, and you
will find in the words he DOESN'T know, all the things the parents don't
want him in communication with.

     Thus in many instances, in the absence of outright monster mothers,
much of the covert warfare takes place during the time from just before
being able to speak and just after.

     A child will forgive its parents for just about anything,
particularly during the early times when it can't talk.  But once the
child begins to say 'Mother that isn't fair', and gets back the usual
'Shut up you little shit machine', or the "We are your only parents and
you are expendable" routine, the child goes into blame towards the

     Now blame can take two different directions.

     The mother can accept the blame and say "you are right, I have been
an insensitive selfish thoughtless incompetent bitch, and I owe you an

     The kid goes 'Cool!' and that's the end of it.

     Or the mother can refuse the blame, trying to pin it back on the
child as the child's fault, or refuse the blame with force, smacking the
child across the face with 'How dare you talk to me like that..."

     This is called failure of blame by force.

     Or the child can regret his blame of mother no matter how much she
deserved it, that's called failure of blame by reversal.

     In these two instances the CHILD FEELS GUILT even though it is the
mother who is at fault.

     This results in the covert war of covert hostility towards himself
that the child engages in to make himself more acceptable to the
suppressive teammates involved.  It can be particularly bad when both
mother and father gang up on the child, because then the child has no
one to appeal to.

     That's called being alone or sleeping with monsters.

     It is worse than having no one around.

     "How dare you talk to your mother that way, say you are sorry!"

     "I am sorry mother (that I didn't kill you when I had the chance.")
     At some point the child will permanently debond, not only with his
parents, but with PARENTING AND HAVING CHILDREN in general, and they
will grow old and die lonely and without children and possibly without

     Debonding is the genesis of loneliness.

     No one around to even TRY to bond and debond with.

     "You see that girl over there?  She's gonna be my next ex-wife."

     That's pretty high toned for Earth.

     Ask a child if they want to marry someday and have children.  If
they look glum or say no, watch out, there is/was a psycho parent in the
background ruining this child's future and temperament.

     It will be the parent that smiled the most to the public.

     First put the parent in therapy, never the child.  A clear parent
will heal any child automatically.

     OK, so that's the first thing we want to handle in all our
preclears, unresolved debondings whether great or small, and covert
hostilities towards self resulting in chronic unwanted conditions.

     The child has to HATE his parents and then himself in order to get
stuck with a chronic somatic.

     And hate God, and the AllThatIs too.

     By hate I mean wish death and damnation off on them, and mean it
with full body, heart, mind and soul.

     The churches tell us to "Love thy God will all thy body, mind and

     They leave out the heart, because they know in his heart the
preclear wants to kill them all dead and be alone as the last one left
standing in the entire Cosmic All.

     Later sympathies for his parents may bury his hate under a cover of
numb, but the somatic remains as long as the hate/sympathy relationship
remains covered and unexpressed.
     Notice hate is out of valence dramatization, and sympathy for the
villain is in valence feeling sorry for them.

     That creates a permanent somatic as it vibrates back and forth

     The preclear is stuck in the AND of

     "I hate you forever" and "I feel sorry for you forever."

     You can not make a volcano go away by pouring concrete down its

     Address is towards injustice between parent and child, and the
resulting resentment of natural dependency, resulting in refused
operation of the survival modes of that natural dependency, followed by
the creation of computational dependencies which make things better by
making things worse, for a while, but become a chronic problem later.

     Specifically address is towards unexpressions of any kind, the
child must be free to speak its mind at all times, in particular about
dependency, basic purposes, justice and fair exchange.

      Spot NO   unexpression.
      Spot SOME unexpression.

     If the child doesn't feel free to speak on any subject, you have a
dangerous psychotic suppressive parent at the helm, at least on that
subject, and a dangerously PTS (Potential Trouble Source) child headed
towards becoming a suppressive parent himself.

     If he wasn't already one in a past existence.


     Apology is a Janus two faced word, in that it has two diametrically
opposite meanings.

     1.) A statement of acknowledgement expressing regret, or requesting
pardon for a fault or offense.

     2.) A formal justification or defense for the transgression.

     In all fairness to good parents, everyone is born with a lot of
baggage from their whole track.

     Every being is carrying around a time track of his past history in
this universe.
     The body has its own time track that is separate from the being in
the body (who doesn't belong there by the way), and the body is
surrounded by many other beings intimately involved with the body who
have their own time tracks too.
     And all of these beings have time tracks they have bought or stolen
or traded with others down through time.

     As time tracks contain a complete record of everything, both good
and bad, that the being has experienced AND DONE, including masterful
fabrications, it has a lot of charge in it, which makes it almost
impossible to carry along with you without getting you into trouble.

     You wouldn't want to meet this thing in a dark alley, let alone
carry a whole mess of them around in your pocket.

     The primary claim to fame for a time track is its tendency to
restimulate in moments that are similar to present time.
     The kid is being spanked in this life for stealing candy, the same
being was publicly whipped to death for stealing gold from the king 500
years ago.

     Maybe the whipping happened to the being or done by the being,
maybe it belongs to the body or its spiritual team mates, maybe its from
a bought or stolen time track.

     It doesn't matter, if it comes into restimulation during a
spanking, you can expect the child to have an 'inappropriate' reaction.

     Even if the parents are utterly perfect, the ups and downs of life,
school, work, war etc will restimulate a being's whole track and produce
wild and unexpected behavior, usually not appropriate to the situation
at hand.
     This can range from heated words to murder.

     NONE of it more than passingly logically related to what's going

     Usually a being knows when he has over reacted, and the natural
tendency is to apologize for this behavior and make amends to the
wounded party.

     Sometimes the wounded party accepts the apology, sometimes not.

     Often however the being has no clue where the behavior came from,
it just takes him over and 'makes him do it,' and he feels deep shame
and chagrin at this, sometimes blaming it on the people who were
restimulating him, driving him crazy, making him trigger happy.

     But he does regret it.

     In these cases the being will be tempted to make himself right and
the other wrong, and thus justify his over reaction.
     This leads to the odd situation where the being feels down deep
that it was wrong, but has to outwardly assert that it was right.
     This includes then the tendency to do it again and again when the
restimulation calls for it, but restrain it over and over and punish him
self for it because it is wrong.

     The action in question becomes both right AND wrong.

     This right wrong oscillation is one form of pure insanity.

     Now parents have no idea where this stuff comes from either, AND

     So wars get started between parent and child where a few apologies
traded back and forth would have brought peace.

     For example, parents don't like a friend their child brings home,
and they thoughtlessly refuse to let him play with the friend.
     The parents in this case may be right, but child doesn't see it
that way.

     2000 years ago, this child's parents kept him away from the one
true love of his life and arranged behind his back to have her killed.
     He found out about this before it happened, but could not stop the
murder, and when he learned his parents were directly involved he
debonded from them forever.

     So now, the child goes into a fury over being criticized for his
new friend.
     It can take some very big parents to bring the child to present
time, and separate the two events, especially if everyone is guilty all

     If instead they get angry at the child and use force to separate
him from his new friend, telling the child to obey and suck it up
without question or recourse, the child may debond for good, and the
parents will lose, for the child will abandon them to die alone without
his care in old age.

     God, justice is sweet.

     Always use reason first before force or deceit, the child does.

     Parents should give their children some tools against the parent's
own insanities.
     For example teach your child early on to tell you that if you keep
at it, he won't take care of you in your old age.

     Anyhow apologies are important, but can never be forced.
     Numbness is usually some kind of refused apology.

     A parent who tells his child to apologize for something the child
is still furious about will be rewarded with a full fledged debonding
that won't heal until the PARENT apologizes to the child for overriding
the child's self determined affinities or lack thereof.

     And the child won't TELL the parents what he is so ticked off
about, so if the parents can't figure it out, they are out of luck.

     Good riddance.


     Blame happens when someone or something does something harmful to
you and you punish them back.
     Usually the villain apologizes, the victim accepts and mutual
affinity is restored.

     Sometimes the victim will punish the wrong person for the harm done
to him by mistake and so the victim now becomes a villain.
     The victim will then blame the true perpetrator for having turned
him accidentally into a villain.

     Mother has a bad habit of moving child's toys where he can't find
     One day child gets furious at mother for doing this, but finds this
time his toy had been misplaced by someone else, maybe even himself.
     Ever accidentally blame someone for something you did yourself?

     Now he owes mother an apology who has been jerking him around for
ages and ridiculing his upsets on the matter, and he blames the person
who did move his toys for irritating him to a point where he blamed his
mother when she was innocent.

     "Now I am guilty because of you."

     But he also still blames his mother for all the past times she did
mess with his stuff and never apologized, so he is caught in a
humiliation of having to apologize to an enemy, his mother, someone who
might have deserved an apology in the present instance, but certainly
didn't deserve an apology for a long run of past incidents that had been
building up to overflow.

     Mother's leering sneering gloat over his humiliation doesn't help.

     About the worst thing a being can do is blame another for his own
     The other gets punished and the being has a major withhold for the
rest of time.

     Goober has been warned over and over again never to play with
     One day he is playing with matches and burns the house down.
     No one is harmed, but when asked who did it, Goober says Dufus his
friend from next door did it.
     Goober's father, who never liked his neighbors anyhow, storms next
door and sets Dufus's house on fire, which burns to the ground, killing
Dufus and his mother.

     Goober's father goes to jail, and Dufus's father suspecting Goober,
swears eternal vengeance against Goober.

     Goober later arranges for Dufus's father to be killed, and the
matter and accusations are dropped and forgotten.

     Goober now has a multi layered skeleton in his closet which is very
hard to audit out.

     Sometimes a being can't figure out who is at fault, and gets into
an indecision on blame and or apology.

     Thus the blame stays alive and the apology is never given, all
powered by doubt, should I blame or should I apologize?

     A being can become completely insane if he has a blame AND an
apology towards the same being at the same time.

     That's not an indecision you see, he will be blaming (punishing)
AND apologizing (punishing self) full time.

     ANDS kill sanity, like cyanide kills rats.


     So the basic law here is emotional numbness is the result of
withheld or refused apology.

     There are a number of flows that can go on which if not handled
will make the various parties VERY SICK on both sides of the war.

          Child trying to get an apology from the parent.
          Parent refusing to give an apology to the child.
          Child trying to give an apology to the parent.
          Parent refusing to accept apology from the child.
          Parent trying to get an apology from the child.
          Child refusing to give an apology to the parent.

          Parent trying to give an apology to the child.
          Child refusing to accept an apology from the parent.

      ((The above was taken from the following written log ago.

      Lines 71 to 102
      Don't run it as Spot, run it as causal conception:

      "Conceive trying to get sympathy from someone."

     Most of negative case sticks in the later efforts to get and not
give sympathy, apology, cooperation or granting of beingness between
self and others.

       Spot who you are trying to get sympathy from.
       Spot who is refusing to give sympathy to you.
       Spot who is trying to get sympathy from you.
       Spot who you are refusing to give sympathy to.

       Also the effort to give and not accept sympathy, apology etc.

       Spot who is trying to give you sympathy.
       Spot who you are refusing to accept sympathy from.
       Spot who you are trying to give sympathy to.
       Spot who is refusing to accept sympathy from you.

       Since the way to happiness is a true confession:

       Spot who is trying to get a confession from you.
       Spot who you are refusing to give a confession to.
       Spot who you are trying to get a confession from.
       Spot who is refusing to give a confession to you.

       Spot who you are trying to give a confession to.
       Spot who won't accept your confession.
       Spot who is trying to give a confession to you.
       Spot who you won't accept a confession from.

      The above is called a 16 way bracket on getting and giving,
accepting and rejecting sympathy and apology.

      This one process alone can save a life of suffocation.))
      We run this as follows:

      When NO won't run although it obviously should, use REFUSED

      Spot NO   apology.
      Spot SOME apology.

      Spot NO   indecision on apology.
      Spot SOME indecision on apology.

      Spot NO   blame.
      Spot SOME blame.

      Spot NO   indecision on blame.
      Spot SOME indecision on blame.

      Spot NO   blame AND apology.
      Spot SOME blame AND apology.

      Spot NO   injustice.
      Spot SOME injustice.

      Spot NO   dependency.
      spot SOME dependency.

      For the rest of these, ideal can be replaced by perfect,
or best possible.

      Spot NO   ideal mother.
      Spot SOME ideal mother.

      Spot NO   ideal father.
      Spot SOME ideal father.

      Spot NO   ideal son.
      Spot SOME ideal son.

      Spot NO   ideal daughter.
      Spot SOME ideal daughter.

     If you don't like Spot use "Get the idea of" or "Conceive".

     The above can be run between parent and child, or any other
terminals of import in your preclear's life.  By import we mean a
dependency where justice and fair exchange went awry.

     If terminals are hot on the meter, you KNOW there is something

     The word sympathy can be substituted for 'an apology' in the above
processes and should be, on a second run through.  This process alone
can keep a person from killing themselves from suppressed hysteria,
often manifested as an inability to breath.

     You need to breath in order to speak, so if you are caught in an
indecision about speaking, namely blame or regret or both, you won't be
able to breath comfortably either.  You will be trying to breath AND not
breath at the same time.

     The suppressive is the terminal who is refusing to apologize or
give sympathy for a true wrong, but engages in justification to cover up
themselves instead.

     Probably the only thing wrong with a criminal is he never
apologized.  But then neither did his parents, nor anyone else around

     You know if you feel bad about something you did, apologize for it,
even if the other guy deserves to be shot for what he did.

     Don't cover YOUR undeservingness with HIS undeservingness.

     Suppressiveness is not necessarily a chronic condition, both sides
will act suppressively when surprised by their own over reactions during
moments of perceived injustice.

     But suppressiveness can become chronic if the
justification/restraint process is allowed to continue and is not
resolved through apology, sympathy and good will again.

     Generally the being will want to know where the over reaction that
controlled him unexpectedly came from, and he will need auditing on the
earlier incident that became restimulated.

     Most of these will be almost unconfrontable for how horrific they

     Hey they ended us up here didn't they?

     But the end result of running them out will be tears and laughter


     Getting the first time that the child chose to deploy becoming
sick, disabled or accident prone in order to handle a suppressive
parent, and visa versa, will clear the
injustice/anger/regret/justification/restraint cycle out of the
relationship, and produce a dependency release.

     Remember both parent and child will have 'started it'
independently, and both will have continued it once the other started

     Who started it first is not relevant, and both are nailed to their
crosses from THEIR OWN exorbitant lunacy not the lunacy of the other.

     You know,

     Get the idea of you starting it, and getting nailed to your cross
by doing so.

     Get the idea of the other starting it, and YOU getting nailed to
your cross anyhow.

     What you are looking for is perceived injustice, anger, regret of
anger, followed by justification, no sympathy and failed or refused
apology, and yet restraint from doing it again.

     It wasn't what the parent did to the child that aberrated him into
a state of permanent unhealingness, it was what the child did to himself
when the 'reason/anger/deceit' cycle was put into play.

     The way to happiness is a true confession.


     E/P 1 is a well and happy human being, no longer suffering from
computational dependencies and free from deployed somatics or chronic
unwanted disabilities or conditions.

     E/P 2 is adequate and sufficient to his own survival with a body.

     E/P 3 No longer making other's wrong or justifying self for one's
own or other's misdeeds.  Able and willing to apologize for anything
whether he did it or not, no longer stuck in an indecision or an AND on
blame or apology.

     E/P 4 No longer needs, but can receive and give sympathy and
apologies freely.  Able and willing to be wrong, willing for others to
be wrong.

     E/P 5 Able to spot and not get involved in other's continuing
insanities, justifications and restraints, make wrongs, covert
hostilities towards themselves, or withheld/refused apologies.

     E/P 6 Able and interested in raising sane children who can raise
sane children.

     I mean what do these Earthling parents talk about to their children
at dinner anyhow?
     How to best raise a child?

     Shudder the thought.

     E/P 7 Never had a bad parent, and can't imagine what a bad parent

     E/P 8 Desire is sovereign on the second dynamic (families).
     Sovereign desire means desire = have, perhaps with some chase.


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