OK, let's summarize what we have so far.


      First and foremost we have the proof.

      The proof says that two different objects can never be perfectly
certain of each other.

      Thus if God and Soul are two different objects, they can
never be certain of each other's existence.

      Therefore you ARE anything you can be conscious of with perfect

      Everything else is a theory.

      Specifically the proof says:

      Learning implies Learning with Certainty or Not Learning with

      Learning across a space or time distance implies Learning by Being
an Effect.

      Learning by Being an Effect implies Not Learning with Certainty.


      Learning with Certainty implies Learning, but

      Not by being an Effect, and therefore

      Not across a space time distance.

      Thus consciousness and everything consciousness is conscious of,
including everything you see, hear and feel around you in your
consciousness is a zero dimensional hologram, a virtual reality
projection of multidimensional spaces and times.

      That which experiences space and time, consciousness, has it self
no space or time, nor any kind of dimension of any sort.

      In other words it doesn't take space to see space.

      And it doesn't take time to experience time.

      Seeing is direct perception.

      Direct perception means being in direct contact with the
object that is perceived.

      Interposition of space or time between perceiver and perceived
precludes direct contact, and therefore direct perception.

     Thus interposition of actual space or time between perceiver and
perceived precludes seeing.

      If you can see or experience it, there is no space or time between
you and it, no matter how much it looks like there is.

      Machines learn by being an effect, seeing learns by "reaching
out" and touching cause.  More accurately being cause.

      Although seeing is being an effect, seeing is not learning BY being
an effect.

      Direct perception is where being cause and effect are one and the
same event in one and the same object.

      You do not have to understand the proof fully, but you should
be able to repeat it verbatim to any little kid that comes along
until THEY can see it and repeat it.

       Use the simple minded version if you must:

      "If you can see it, it isn't OUT THERE, because if it were OUT
THERE, you couldn't see it."

      If you can't do that, then you just don't know anything of
worth, period.

      Enough said.


      The being can be in one or more of 3 different states called:

      1.) Eternality, existing above space and time.

      2.) Immortality, existing in an apparently endless and eventually
detested time stream.

      3.) Mortality, existing as a space time object which can die for
good one day.

      Eternality is the truth.

      Immortality is a lie, as space and time must always be finite,
that is must always be created in a 'while'.  All whiles end one day,
thus all experiences in space or time must end one day, and thus all
beings will one day attain the awakened (eternal) state.

      All three states have their related problems.

      From Eternality, the problem is to get lost and stay lost.

      From Mortality, the problem is to get found and stay found.

      From Immortality, the problem is to get somewhere else, anywhere

      Every problem the being has in this life is an echo of a problem he
has in one or more of these three areas, eternality, immortality and

      The sorrows of dying forever, are preceeded by the sorrows of being
in hell forever, are preceeded by the sorrows of not being able to stick

     Hell forevers are created by the conception of FOREVERS in time
itself.  One may do or wish anything on anyone FOR A WHILE without
consequence, but once one wishes something on someone FOREVER, the
sovereign desire to live only in a while for a while is violated, and
the being who conceives the forever ends up suffering the forever he
conceived regardless of whom he wished it off on, all by his own nature.

     However no hell can outlive a true confession, and a confession
consists of getting the forever off the wish and the conception.

     Nothing is forever but people and peace, and that forever is an
ETERNAL above time forever, not a forever in time.

     Beings, suffering from hells forever of their own creation, seek to
die or go to sleep inside the time stream they believe they are stuck in
forever, and eventually become things in that time stream that can die,
that thus offer the promise of death forever and thus escape from hell

     "Eventually all become marbles on the thetan plane."

     That's rough, the mortal meatball who 'Oh Poshes' immortality is
TERRIFIED OUT HIS WITS of a detested immortality.  In fact his entire
life is merely whistling past his own immortal graveyard where

     "...  Medusa's run around and chase everyone until they are
rendered stone.

     Fire and Brim Stone.

     A flaming marble with a flame cross." - Adore

     Don't worry, be happy, the way in is the way out, at the bottom of
the ocean of sorrow is love and laughter.

     The fires of hell can only lick your sorry ass.

     If you turn and face them, they turn to love and pleasure.

     If you turn and run away though, woe be unto you.

     Whatever you walk towards, can not stand.

     If you commit effort to any postulate of limitation or trouble, the
postulate becomes real and grows stronger by just that commitment.

     If you let go of the postulate where you stand, where you made it,
it will vanish when you let go of it.

     But if you run away from the postulate, you are no longer where you
made it, and thus when you let go of it, it comes after you.

     That's your postulate.

     Above laughter is sleep, eternal omni awesome peace.


     Charge is created by violation of desire.

     Majesty is the sovereign desire that desire not be sovereign for a

     Sovereign means you want it, you got it.

     Thus desire can only be violated if it desires to be.

     Desire desires to play games of chase, but games of chase can only
be taken seriously if desire can lose.

     Applying majesty therefore, desire adjusts its sovereignty
downwards in to games of optimum chase.  But the state is unstable, and
thus either the being bubbles up and wakes up again, or the being sinks
down and starts to lose for good.

     You can never stay where you are, except in native state.

     Waking up is worse than losing for good, because losing for good is
an illusion, thus desire will adjust its games of chase to slightly less
than optimum in the direction of failure.

     Desire makes the chase ever so slightly too hard to win all the

     As desire begins to lose too often, desire makes more postulates
and considerations, considering them learned rather than causal, and
thus burdens itself down more, thus causing itself to lose more.  This
creates a dwindling spiral of chase, chasing the bottom of the tone
scale which he always wins if he continues at it long enough.

     "Event Horizon or Bust!"

     Thus desire can be assured that it won't wake up, and will have
something to fight forever.  Well for a while, but the sympathy pay back
is attractive and tremendous.

     However your loved one's will not be at the bottom of the tone
scale with you.

     Oh hell, eventually of course they will be if that is any solace to


     Desire is violated by view, a person's conception of himself and
the cosmic all.

     The being's conception of the cosmic all is a constellation of
postulates and considerations he has made about himself and things as
they are.  It is his postulated and considered view of the world.


     A postulate is a posted beingness created in the mere conception of

     Bang, this is an ashtray, bang that is a cigarette.

     Truth is, the ashtray and the cigarette are first created without
the significance of what they are or what they do or are USED for.

     The postulate puts them there, the consideration *CREATES* out of
whole cloth an apparent causal relation between them, namely ash trays
hold cigarettes.

     Without the added significance of what they are, both objects are
just generic objects, time place form and event, but no meaning or

     That it is an ashtray is an added significance AFTER the fact of
posting the existence of both objects.  Same for the cigarette.  One
would have no need for ashtrays as such unless one had conceived of a
cigarette with ashes first.

     Before the addition of added significances, creations are merely
objects beheld for their own sake.  But because they are an as-isness,
they tend to vanish easily when the being takes his attention off of

     Added significance to any creation is an alter-is of the original
creation as a significance-free posted beingness, and thus causes
persistence in time of that creation.

     Added significances are considerations.

     Consideration means to 'to side together', to RELATE two or more
posted beingnesses together either by cause or use or some other
relation.  Bang, ashtrays are used to hold cigarette ashes.

     That it is an ashtray is an added significance.

     That it is a cigarette is an added significance.

     That cigarettes produce (cause) ashes is an added significance.

     That the ashtray is used to hold cigarette ashes is an added

     In toto we have 2 posted beingnesses, and 4 considerations or added

     In the following material, the words postulate and consideration
are often used interchangeably, a bad habit picked up around the
beginning of departure from native state.

     All postulates and considerations are limitations on native ability
which is the ability to create anything that can be created in the mere
conception of things.

     If the being postulates an apple there, well then he has now
limited his potential to being in a universe with an apple there.

     Anything created limits native state.

     Which is why returning to native state once in a while is a good
thing as it produces a clean slate as if nothing had ever been created
at all.

     Nothing is retained, no memory, no 'lessons learned' etc.

     Descent from native state then is always NEW and FIRST TIME, even
though it has happened an infinite number of times already, and will
continue to do so forever (above time).

     Creating games of chase places postulates of limitation on the
ability to create things in the mere conception of them.

     Chase, putting time between desire and possible havingness, IS
itself havingness created in the mere conception of it.

     Games of chase are a good thing, but once one makes a game out of
making games, of chasing chase, with the possibility of failing, he is
on his way out.

     That's because if he fails to make a new game, he won't have any
more games FOREVER, you see?

     So its OK to make a game you can lose, it is NOT OK to make a game,
that you can lose, out of making games.

     The clearest clear that ever was clear could make games forever for

     If a being has the postulate that postulates do not work, then his
postulates will not work, because the postulate that postulates do not
work, works.


     The being considers he has learned his conception of the cosmic all
by observation of his own limitations, when in fact he created those
observations through direct postulate and consideration first and came
to observe and thus believe them second.

     A God Postulate is that postulate which the being thinks he learned
by observation when in fact he created it by consideration.

     He may not have known his considerations were causal, but that
ignorance was also postulated.

     A native state being knows what he is doing, and can create
artistic messes of agony and escstacy fluently.
     M.E.S.S.  means Magnificent Examples of Shames and Shambles.  -
     A God Postulate includes a God Consideration, the terms are used
interchangeably but Consideration is probably more true.

     Changing one's consideration about the God consideration from being
a learned observation back to being a casual consideration, the being
can then let go of the consideration and it will vanish.
     Done in the right order of things, a being can erase all
limitations from his existence if he wants to.  He doesn't, but he does
want to reoptimize his game.


     Thus desire and view create charge, Often the being no longer knows
what he desires and no longer knows why he gave up on them.

     The pain of wanting and not being able to have leads to suppression
of both into oblivion.

      Spot NO desire.
      Spot SOME desire.

      Spot NO failure.
      Spot SOME failure.

      Spot NO success.
      Spot SOME success.
     Both failure and success lead to loss of chase and game, and the
existence of a game and something to chase is more important to the
being than winning the thing he is chasing in the game.  Many games
could have been won or list long ago if it weren't for the reluctance of
a being to lose the game.

     Thus the process of clearing involves at a minimum getting the
being to recognize his true desires for the world as it is, and to spot
the views he has that violates those desires, which prohibit him from
having or chasing those desires, and getting him to change those views
from learned observations into causal considerations.

     At that point the being can either let go of the desire, or let go
of the view prohibiting the attainment of the desire or its chase, or

     If the being has a causal consideration that his considerations are
learned observations, he won't be able to vanish them because he won't
be able to CAUSE them, and thus let go of them.

     One can not let go of what one is not PUTTING THERE.

     A being can only vanish what he is causing, he can only let go of
what he is PUTTING THERE and knows it.

     The being will find that he can not easily change just any old
consideration from learned observation to causal consideration, because
both postulates and considerations depend on a hierarchy of creation
that goes earlier.

     Thus the case must be taken apart in the correct order.

     Just remember that case operates in PRESENT TIME, his present time
and his view of his future are way more important to his auditing than
ransacking his past which is done.  He may have built a house out of
pictures of his past, but he does so out of a present time need to
secure a desirable future.

     Audit the house of protection he built, and all you will get is
old lumber and stone in your teeth,.

     Audit the PURPOSE the house serves (his future) and his present
time operation of PUTTING IT THERE, and he can sell the whole thing to
the first fool that walks by.


     God postulates tend to be missed and bypassed.

     Missed during life or auditing means the being once almost got the
postulate or consideration right but missed it exactly.

     Bypassed means the being got the postulate or consideration exactly
right, but then passed it on by.

     This happens because God Postulates tend to have so much charge on
them that when the being enters one it weighs him down with absolute
overwhelm, he thinks he just can't ever fight it.

     Which is true (fight it), so he goes on to look for something else
that might be easier to change or fight with effort.

     This creates a squirrel, which while looking for a buried nut,
actually digs in the right area, but misses it, gets worried and goes to
look elsewhere.

     Or the poor squirrel who FINDS his nut, but then considers that it
isn't his nut, and tosses it.

     He never comes back to the right area because 'he already checked

     Have you ever run into a person who, when asked a test kind of
question in math say, will give the right answer the first time, then
second guess themselves and go on to give endless wrong answers?

     They are bypassing themselves continuously in present time.

     The problem is one doesn't change a God Postulate with fight, but
by changing one's consideration that the God Postulate is a learned
observation rather than a causal consideration.  The mere flip flopping
from learned to causal will cause the God Postulate to start to melt.
It might take some time, not much but some, so don't bypass or miss it
due to hurry or frustration.

      The basic change is in operation from using effort to try to
UNPUT it there, rather than use postulate to PUT IT THERE.

      Once the postulate locks into actually putting it there,
the slightest distraction will cause it to vanish.

     And remember effort or throwing a fit won't get you there.

     You have to sit with a brick wall for a while before it turns to

     If it is the right brick wall, it will.

     Since many walls in your memory are memories of walls, you might
start with them :)

     But the past will never fall until the purpose holding to the past
is audited out.

     On the other hand, if the postulate/consideration does not melt,
then you need to find its underlying arch stone.


     Once the being sees how his desire and his view creates charge
which burdens him down and hurts him endlessly, he will be wary of the
effect his views have on his desires.

     He will no longer suppress his desires or his views into NO DESIRE
and NO VIEW in order to avoid the pain of violation, and he will begin
to suspect any desire/view pair that does cause him pain.

     After a while he will get the idea that TRUTH does not hurt, and
thus if a desire/view pair hurts him, one or the other or both must be a

     People spend their whole lives hating not having what they would
hate having if they had it.

     After some experience winning with this, he will no longer fall for
the self casting effects of doubt, and will reject automatically any
desire or view that makes him feel worse, rather than catching the ball
of pain and running with it to some unknown disaster or oblivion.

     This creates a being forever bubbling upwards in life rather than
downwards, because he is dropping lies like a hot potato, JUST ANY ONLY

     Dig it and don't leave it, that's a new thought.

     At first he starts to win at his chases more often, then he starts
to have without chasing, but merely by conceiving.

     One he is free to create or vanish chase at will he is as free as
anyone is ever going to make him, because from there on out a GodSoul
will do whatever a GodSoul will do.

     Probably tar on a grand scale.

     If a being complains about being stuck in something, he doesn't
have enough of it, and has lost the ability to make more of it.


     The search for Peace grows old, but not as old as the search for

     Particularly between parent and child, where one owns the force and
the other does not.


     "For every duty there is a right.

     For every right there is a duty.

     Rights are fair chosen exchange for fair chosen duties.

     You CHOOSE and are responsible for both.

     You have a right to have duties, and you have a duty to have

     No one ever told it to you that way before.

     Justice is a fair chosen operating balance of duties and rights.

     The fundamental duty is Honor.

     The fundamental right is Dignity.

     Honor is the ability to make, keep and trade fair chosen promises.
Basic promise is to Adore Operation.

     Dignity is being the sole operator of yourself.

     Reputation is for those who excel in this field.

     In Excelsis Deo." - From Adore

     Teach that to your children if you dare.

     Forget Mother Goose.
     At first the being will try forthright methods to effect justice.

     Failing that he will try force.

     Failing that he will try deceit and covert methods.

     Failing that he will damage himself to try to elicit sympathy.

     All psychosomatics are a covert effort to succumb.

     Covert even to himself.

     Thus he handicaps himself, so others will help him rather than harm

     How sick do you have to be, before people will try to make you

     For some, you would have to be pretty well dead for them to notice
you weren't a problem to them any more.


     Blame is the effort to get another to accept responsibility for
something, usually something bad, like an injustice that a parent does
to a child, or visa versa.


     If they refuse the blame, it comes back on you, as YOU didn't take
full responsibility for their irresponsibility to start with.

     This stirs the feelings of guilt and shame and self blame, IN YOU,
because you failed to take responsibility for their refusal to take
responsibility for you.

     Self blame is nuts, it just continues the crime you are feeling
guilty for doing to them!

     Two wrongs (do not) make a right.

     You end up punishing other people for their punishing people

     Take responsibility for your original irresponsibility, and be done
with it.

     The efforts to get apologies, give apologies, and refuse apologies
CAN KILL YOU, so run them out to full resolution and love.

     Withholding your love is like withholding YOUR air.

     Who dies now?


     You are an adorable operating pride source.

     Pride is agent.

     Pride is the source of majesty, intelligence and all ability.

     Pride is vision of potential, because pride is source of potential.
They never told you that one.

     They say that pride goeth before the fall, and this is true.

     But there are two kinds of pride, pride that you take from
accomplishment, and the pride you bring to accomplishment.

     The pride you take from accomplishment is never as great as the
pride you brought to creating the accomplishment in the first place.
Thus taking pride from accomplishment leads to a dwindling spiral of no
accomplishment and anti pride.

     This is the only danger, and the only fall.

     Pride is operating craftsmanship of class.

     Pride is outflow, not inflow.

     Pride is unformed magnificence.

     Pride is the quality of the canvas BEFORE the masterpiece is
written on it.

     Pride is the Master's Throne.

     Source sources sourcery from Source by casting Pride before

     If you don't have any pride, you are in trouble because pride
powers the forward motion of your life.

     And that is about all you need to know about pride.

     OK, let's take a break.


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