A being has stature on all 8 dynamics.

       Or at least he should have.

      Stature is composed of confidence, composure, equanimity, expert
competence, smooth control, self esteem, respect and forward moving

      Stature IS what is opposed or blocked on the 8 dynamics where the
being is no longer moving forwards or is moving backwards.

      Stature is accumulated over years of experience by trial and error,
even tribulation, fighting via pit bull determination and persistence to
hard won knowledge, that allows the being to stand out and be depended
upon in his field.

      Adore calls this REGENCY: universal acceptance by others, outside
of one's own normal operating jurisdictions, by virtue of needed,
wanted, and acknowledged superior operating know how.

      Stature is greatness.

      Greatest is for those who aspire.

      Greatest doesn't have to be across the whole world, one can be
quite enough great in his own time, his own land, his own life, his own
associations with friends that are near and dear to him.

      Great groups are made of great people, all in their own way, in
their own area of expertise.

      Greatness is the flow of the ocean coming in and going out, and
greatness is all the activities we engage in on the 8 dynamics in the
game of give and receive across the universe.

      Stature is a measure of how big a being feels when faced by the
ocean waves of the 8 dynamics of life.

      At the bottom you have the bug in tar or amber.

      A little higher you have the tumble weed, blowing where ever life
takes them, of little value to themselves, and no value to anyone else.

      Higher than that, the being is willing to dive into the ocean to
see if he can cross it, only to be pounded on the bottom or the reefs,
and swept back to shore again and again.

      Above him are the people who, while in the ocean, can grab the
flotsam, jetsam and seaweed and tie together a boat, raise a mast, and
fly a sail, and actually get to the other side.

      That's what you want to be, that is what you aspire to, if you

      You are a GodSoul after all, you have some serious power behind
you, rooting for you, the power of The Infinie.

      But you have to be rooting for yourself, or else the magic doesn't

      YOU HAVE TO HAVE STATURE WITH YOURSELF, as your own best friend,
confidant, consultant and councilor.

      You have to be able to say God is great, and I am great, because I
am God in carnation!

      It's no good being a full instantiation of the Infinite, if you as
the infinite are turned against yourself.

      And Class must be your flagship and that of your GodSoul.

      That *ALL* should live forever and be my friend.

      Then get yourself a crew that feels the same way.

      Always be a friend to all, they are your brothers and sisters after
all, even if you have to lop heads and let them visit the abyss for a
while, never forever, to get them to come around to being civilized, and
seeing and knowing who their friends are.

      Now each dynamic is a journey, from what we are to what we could

      We don't just enhance ourselves on each dynamic, we enhance
everyone else on that dynamic too, and they us.

ourselves and each dynamic that we operate on.

      Sometimes we get destroyed on that journey, and rather than pick up
the pieces and try again, we lose stature with ourselves.  We give up,
and giving up is not part of stature.

      Giving up is part of lying down and putting up a sign that says
'Tread on me'.

      You feel like the bottom of an cigarette ashtray.

      You feel brought low.

      Sometimes we get scared of ourselves, we put pride out and get
shame back, we didn't intend that, maybe we shouldn't rush in where
angels dare not tread.

      Or maybe we should just be aware of the angels hiding in the corner
and take our hint from their whimper before we try again.

      The greatest source of failure is UNDERESTIMATION.

      Underestimation of greatness, of the enormity of what we are trying
to accomplish, and underestimation of the enormity of the forces that
oppose us.

      You are a Soldier in a war between Gods.  Get it?

      It is hard to fail in the absence of underestimation, because no
matter how big the opposition, if we just know how big it is, it starts
to as-is and melt away.  But if we underjudge our opponents, then they
will out persist us until we are but dust in the wind.

      Thus failures on all 8 dynamics follow the line of underestimation,
cutting back, daring not, heeding the warnings of those who failed
before us, until we, like them, listen to our own council to not try.

      Not so dynamic then, are we.

      Better not to try, than to suffer the shame of collateral damage to
no gain, for nought.

      If we are near the bottom of the ocean, we will need to swim up in
order to see the sunlight again, because if we do nothing, we will sink
slowly forever more, as our shame makes us just the tiniest bit heavier
than water.

      Joke is, without the shame, we are just that little bit lighter
than water, and so we can float to the surface while taking a rest.  But
the closer to the light we come, the more we want to go into action
again, so no way does anyone ever float all the way up to Eternal
Omni Quiescence.

      Eternal Rest and Peace.

      But with the shame, inaction is a death knell to anyone so
burdened.  They are destined to become sediment at the bottom of the sea
until the next geological upheaval shall free them.

      Or not.

      So failure in life is not acceptable, not an option, long term it
is not even possible, but do you want to wait a billion years for some
asteroid to hit your tomb to wake you up again into a dim memory of

      So how do you audit this?

      Well it starts off with a few understandings.

      The first is that you and everyone else is God in carnation,
Creator become Creature, God become Soul, Author become Character,
Source become Sourcer.

      God did not CREATE things and life a stuff separate from Him.

      God is a chameleon, a shapde shifter who shifted his eternal
static scalar shape into the apparency of kinetic manifold that
you see around you and that you are.

      The second is, that your friends are the High-US, *ALL* of US.

      Where you are wishing that someone else weren't part of life, that
energy is NOT being spent increasing your own stature in the sea of the
8 dynamics, it is being spent decreasing theirs.

      Where you are calling upon the High-US to help you by harming some
other part of the High-US *FOREVER*, you will receive only the deafening
silence of sediment at the bottom of the sea, from those that have gone
before you and who agreed with you.

      Those who are being harmed the most, wanted to harm the most.

      Either before or after, it doesn't matter, but audit out the
wanting to harm forever, and the regret for having done so, and the
being harmed just falls off.

      The light will not shine for those who are turned against
themselves by having turned against another and regretted it.

      It's the FOREVER in the will to harm that drives the nail in the
coffin of those that wish that kind of ill, for in the end they wish it
off on themselves!  It's the regret that glues it together.

      It is your darkness that you are trying to put on another to make
their light go out.  So whose light goes out now?

      It is YOUR loss of stature WITH YOURSELF when you give up on
another no matter how vile or disgusting they may have become.  Their
vileness is their loss of stature with themselves, and when you try to
help and fail it becomes contagious.

      No part of God can send any other part of God to hell FOREVER, not
even itself.

      It says something about YOU, your inabilities, your failures, and
in the end about your future, every time you turn away from someone
*FOREVER*, whom you declare could out create your acceptance levels of
disgust, and whom you could not therefore help reintegrate into the
great team of life to everyone's benefit.

      You put yourself down the instant you conceive another should be
put down FOREVER.

      You can quarantine another by turning away from them for a while,
but never ever forever.

      They must remain on your appointment book.  as your best friend,
lost perhaps in a sea of psychosis and hallucination, until you, they,
the High Us and the All-That-Is are reconciled.

      "This dream ends forever when the circle of friends are all
holding hands again." - Adore.

      The consequences of dissing stature FOREVER are immediate and

      They can however be reversed, simply changing your mind, because a
God can create stature for self and others in the mere conception of it.

      Including those who are your most detested terminals.

      If you deny that ability, then you assert you are not God in
carnation, not the commander of your own destiny and the destiny of
others, and you are gone.

      For if not you to create stature, then who?


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