Copyright (C) 1992 Homer Wilson Smith
     There are 3 kinds of people in the world.
     1.)  There are those that are being evil, they knowingly and
willingly, even if covertly, are trying to harm and destroy every one
around them including their own kind.
     2.)  There are those who are being good, but who routinely perceive
evil where it does not exist.  They also knowingly and willingly are
trying to harm and destroy the evil they perceive around them, however
they usually target other people like themselves or other beings who are
better than themselves.
     3.) There are those who are good and know evil for what it is and
do not mistake it in places where it isn't.
     Worse than evil is good that fears evil.
     There is no more fear than in the second group, who not being able
to spot the exact source of evil, are just sure they are surrounded by
it, and so take actions to harm and destroy anyone they have the
slightest suspicion about.  Since their perception of evil is often pure
hallucination onto people who are actually good and better than
themselves, they always manage to do more harm than good.
     In fact the people in group two are the darlings of the truly evil
people in group one, as group one can feed fear and lies to group two
and let them take care of the really good people in group three through
their witch hunts, repressive laws, and outmoded and suppressive
     The first group will torture you for fun or to get information out
of you.
     The second group will torture you for your own good.  They LOVE
you, don't you see, they wouldn't want any harm to befall you now would
they?  So they torture you to make sure that you remain on the straight
and narrow, so that one day you can all be in Heaven together and be
such great friends.
     Inside they have a heart of gold, filled with goodness and
kindness, but outside they walk bedecked with cruelty slung from their
hips like a six gun to do battle with anyone who would do wrong.
     Thus the number of gun fights in this town is amazingly high.  The
fact that they are all hallucinating psychotics does not help matters
     As the first group comprises maybe 2.5 percent of the population,
and the third group comprises maybe another 2.5 percent of the
population, that leaves 95 percent of the population falling into group
2, who being the self righteous and fanatical puppets of the monster
masters, are guaranteeing the fall of Earth and civilization into a dark
pit of mental, political and economic slavery that only an Atomic War
could end.
     Ever wish an Atomic War would come along and wash us all away?
     Ever wonder just who was making you feel that way?
     You wonder why people allow the passing of laws banning vitamins,
niacin, amino acids, herbs and other nutritional supplements from the
market place, classifying them as drugs bringing them under the purview
of the medical doctors and the AMA and making them available only by
     You wonder why the FDA is nuts on the subject of mind machines and
Scientology E-meters, when their sole use is for the betterment of
mankind and his physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health.
     You wonder why people elect politicians who ban marijuana and other
herbs which could actually help you in your sickness and spiritual
travail, and force you instead to take drugs and medicines that are
guaranteed to kill you or your bank account which ever comes first.
     You wonder why people create prison systems THAT THEY KNOW DO NOT
already much workable technology on the planet to salvage people and
return them to a useful life.
     You wonder why the government is allowed to push mental moron
religions like Christianity when the evidence is overwhelming that we
have lived before and will live again, and that yesterdays hero's and
artists are still with us today doing it all again, and so are
yesterday's criminals.
     The fastest way to let a criminal go is to execute him!
     If you're lucky he will come back as your kid.  If you're not so
lucky he will come back as your mother in your next life.
     You wonder why the government refuses to allocate funds to weaponry
and defense systems designed to protect us from incoming asteroids, or
refuses to fund the search for extraterrestrial life when they know GOD
     I would suggest the possibility that some people in the government
are in the pay of off world governments, but people would think I was
totally off my rocker if I said that.  Wouldn't want to ruin my
reputation, now would we?
     Well it's easy to see why the politicians try to push through all
these execrable laws and regulations.  There is always a buck to be made
in it for them or their masters somewhere.  The doctors sure don't want
you to remain healthy or able to cure yourself with natural herbs and
vitamins, when you could be paying them a precious buck to give you some
poison you can't pronounce, is probably addictive and you can only get
through the major drug companies for exorbitant prices.
     Every politician that ever was has always claimed that what they do
is for the public good, and every one of them could care less for the
public good and cares only about their one and only sweet mortal life
and their pocketbooks.
     The FDA SAYS its wants to ban vitamin supplements and mind machines
to protect the public from FRAUD.  But their real intention is to bring
the population more under the control of the government and the AMA,
those who make money from the public's dependency and lack of free
thought and inability to do anything for themselves.
     So when ever you see the government talking about protecting the
public from FRAUD, you have a dead give away as to where the fraud
really is.
     Just reverse vector on the finger pointing.
     The government has as much interest in legalizing marijuana as the
Church of Scientology has in Truth.
     But the real question is not why do the politicians and other
members of the criminal ruling class want to push all these stupid rules
into law, the REAL question is why do the people of the land vote these
other idiots into power?
     Is it because the voters don't know any better?
     Is it because they are all innocent victims who can't see the
conspiracy all around them?
     Someone once said you can't con an honest man.  Is this true?  Can
you only steal from a thief?  Does someone have to have a dishonest
heart before they can be duped by others with dishonest hearts?
     Does the criminal ruling class rule over the criminal citizenry
     Well I have thought about this one long and hard, and never was I
able to understand the procedure until recently, but it sounds so wild
and off the wall, that after reading my own rantings and ravings I could
only hope that what I wrote was not true.
     But you know, I see this everywhere.  I used to have a nanny, a
Sweet Ole Lady type, who lives in New York City, in Brooklyn, and every
time I see her all she ever talks about is how HORRIBLE it all is out
there, out side her apartment.  All the gangs and drug wars and gun
shootings etc.
     Here is this little ole Sovereign Being, sitting in the middle of
millions and billions and trillions of cubic light years of space and
time which she her self made or agreed to, and the only place she can
find in it that is safe is this one little dirty apartment in the middle
of one hell hole of a city, land locked to one second rate planet lost
in the outer arm of a spiral galaxy called nowhere.
     Yet if you suggest to her that maybe drugs should be legalized and
then all the shooting would stop, and she could do away with her seven
locks on the door, she screams 'NO NO NO NO!, everyone would start doing
drugs and the world would go to pot!'
     Perhaps dear, but there would be peace on earth, no?
     Well this used to bother me no end, I mean this lady was clearly
fully responsible for her own condition, as she and thousands like her
are the morons responsible for voting into office the people who just
can't wait to start a drug war to keep the economy going and their own
pockets full of illicit drug money and money from the sales of drug
manufacturers like Eli Lily.
     You think Eli Lily wants marijuana to be legalized?
     So this lady is completely happy being inside her little apartment
playing the game of 'Ain't it horrible', totally unwilling to do the
right thing.  'If drugs were legal, then everyone would become a drug
addict (including me) as no one has the self restraint to remain
civilized, and then everyone would become a criminal (including me)
stealing money left and right and going crazy (her favorite word) and
shooting at each other, which is clearly what drug addicts like to do
     I mean they are in no pain, right?
     What ever happened to getting high and listening to Beethoven?
     It totally escapes her that the druggies steal money to get their
drugs, and if they were legal, they wouldn't have to steal money, and
the shooting would stop, and the bad guys would all starve to death for
want of a job.
     Or the gangs could get civilized jobs growing marijuana and coca.
     And so here is what I finally figured out is the real reason that
all these stupid laws are put into effect that feed the criminal ruling
class at the expense of the voters who fall over themselves putting them
into office.
     It's not so stupid after all, in fact its quite well designed.
     Go out and ask someone someday if they want to live forever, and
see what they say.
     The real reason all these things are allowed to continue is
basically because people WANT TO DIE.  But they don't want to be blamed
for taking their own lives.  So the entirety of their existence comes
down to trying to find ways to get others to kill them so that in the
end they can die pointing the finger at the bad guy.
     Earth is sort of a slow Jones Town.
     Such people allow the passing of laws banning the sale of vitamins
and natural herb healers because then they are FORCED to get sick and go
to their doctor and take their medicines, and their idiotic cancer
cures, and their barbaric surgical procedures, all of which are
guaranteed to kill them.  Then they can say, 'See, I gave you all the
power, and I came to you in my time of need, and look what you have done
to me, poor me! (gasp, expire.)'
     That, believe it or not is your average Earthling's concept of a
fine death...
     ...pointing the finger at the guy who did them in after spending
their entire life passing laws that made it mandatory that they go to
the guy in the first place.
     People are immortal beings, they believe they are going to die
because they do not want to be immortal anymore, they hate themselves,
they hate each other, they hate the universe, they hate hate, they hate
love, they hate EVERYTHING.
     They can't remember their past lives, they can't remember their in
between lives, they can't remember coming into this universe, they can't
remember their sovereign choice to BE, because they do not want to
remember and they have made damn sure they wouldn't be able to remember
even if they did want to.
     They hate the real god, themselves, so they invent a god who is
incomprehensible and who will take them away from all this
incomprehensibility forever.
     And then they crucify Him on a Cross, which makes a lot of sense,
so that someone else can take the blame and the punishment for their
sins.  Their whole game is how to die blamelessly.
     Anyone in a body, and that includes you and me, is an ostrich with
his head in the cosmic sands, and his tail sticking out in the air for
anyone to see.
     Put one of these jokers in office and soon you will see everything
good being banned, and the people of the Earth taxed to the hilt to pay
the police to enforce it.
     No one man can ever take power away from the people.  People GIVE
away power to whomever they choose.  It may happen slowly over many
lifetimes, but none the less people give away the power they complain so
bitterly they no longer have.
     No one man can control a town let alone a city, state, country or
     It takes having armies and armies and more armies to do this.  But
those armies are made of the very sons and daughters of the people who
complain they are oppressed by them.
     If you don't want to be oppressed, don't give your children to the
state.  Simple.
     Subversive?  Yes, it's the ultimate treason.  Just tell the state
'No you may not have my child for your war machine.'
     Is anyone listening?  No.  There's too many people who WANT to be
oppressed, to be put down, silenced and lead to their slaughter.
     They WANT their children to come after them with guns, they WANT
someone to blame so that in the end they can die and say 'Good bye cruel
world, you have done me wrong, you have left me no other choice, I owe
you no longer, I am free to go, gasp, expire.'
     Sorry buddy, you get to be reborn on Earth again right in the
middle of the mess you bore, nurtured, fed, trained and elected into
power in your previous life.
     You deserve what you get and you get what you deserve.
     There are no innocent victims.
     Sorry guys, Justice Reigneth.
     Talk about a foreign idea.
     Anyhow, Immortal Ostriches just do not do well in this game of