There is,
    Win, Play and Lose.
    They form a gradient scale from right to left.
    Winning is not playing and not losing.
    Playing is not winning and not losing.
    Losing is not winning and not playing.
    There is Want, Must and Can't.
    There is,
    Want to Win, Want to Play, Want to Lose
    Can  Win, Can  Play, Can  Lose
    Must Win, Must Play, Must Lose
    Cant Win, Cant Play, Cant Lose

    There is,

    Want to Win, Can Win
    Want to Win, Can't Win
    Want to Win, Must Play
    Want to Win, Must Lose
    Want to Play, Can Play
    Want to Play, Can't Play
    Want to Play, Must Win
    Want to Play, Must Lose

    Want to Lose, Can Lose
    Want to Lose, Can't Lose
    Want to Lose, Must Win
    Want to Lose, Must Play

    Incidents have to do with games and the above conditions.

    There is also the Game of Incidents.


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