"Virtue for the Creator is not virtue for the Creature."
     Olaf Stapleton - Starmaker
     The 'goodness' of Sovereignty is quite beyond the 'goodness' of the
mortal mind.
     Calling Divine Sovereignty 'good' arises from the lack of a better
word to describe omni potent castingness of good and evil.

     There is in fact nothing more dangerous than Omni Sovereignty.
     Continuing questions about death forever and hell forever indicate
that just how dangerous it is, is still open to question.

     There is in fact nothing more safe than the totality of existence,
because there is no where to go, no place to get lost, and nothing to
     Safety means can not die forever (death), and can not live forever

     One can only sleep forever (eternally) and dream for a while

     Each cycle starts anew, each cycle is as if the first.

     The safety of the totality of existence is matched only by the
danger of Omni Sovereignty and its apparent willingness to experience
the unwillable.

     Freedom is eternal ability and willingness to choose between sleep
and dream.  This can not be lost in spite of the apparency that it can.


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