OK, I am going to say this one more time.
   No one seems to listen or care, so if they don't get it this
time, then they are gonna just have to live forever until they do get it.
   Carol thinks that Divinity is a gradient scale of Good.
   Like So:

   Anti-Divine -> UnHoly -> Evil -> Bad -> Good -> Holy -> Divine

   Carol believes that God who is all Good, created man who in his
ignorance and willfullness was capable of doing both good and bad.
   It would not have been good of God to do otherwise, either by creating
man to be unable to do bad, or by creating man with equivalent wisdom to
God so that he never would do bad. 
   God is not held accountable for the acts of man, even though he created
man knowing full well what the outcome would be, as it was that very
ability to do bad in man that made it good for God to create man with the
ability to do good and bad. 


   Good, being all good, is held up as an idol for man to worship and

   Yet if man did as God did, created a being who could do both good and
bad, based on 'free will' and ignorance, this would be considered very bad
indeed by everyone involved. 
   Since the only righteously proper beings to create are those with free
will and the ability to do good and bad, man is effectively limited from
creating other beings due to the consideration that it would be very bad
for man to do what God did, even though this is exactly what men and women
do eveytime they do the bunny hop.

   This is Divine Garbage.
   Divinity is not Good.
   Divinity is not Evil.

   Divinity has a sense of Humor.
   The good do not.
   Niether the good nor the evil have a sense of humor, as they take their
evilness and goodness *VERY* seriously. 

   Without evil and goodness there would be nothing for the divine to
laugh at.

   If you can get your Monsters and Saints to crack a smile, you are half
way there to saving them from their fates. 

   The good are those who wish to cause pleasure to those who wish to
cause pleasure to others, and who wish to cause pain to those who wish to
cause pain to others.

   The evil are those who wish to cause pain to those who wish to cause
pleasure to others, and who wish to cause pleasure to those who wish to
cause pain to others. 

   Divinity casts both good and evil forever for free according to an
impulse that is quite completely beyond the comprehension of both the good
and the evil. 

   Upon the nature of this impulse, most who speak know not, and most who
know speak not. 

   The good are incapable of spawning universes of good and evil.
   Know them then by the fruits that they do not and can not bear. 

                              Divinity          (Humor)
                        Evil <------->  Good  (Seriousness)


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