> Maybe YOU are holding something for LIFE?
> Any vision you would like to project into space/time and make
> it a reality?

    I would like to stop HAVING to BE, DO, HAVE, VISION etc.

    I have been running:
    "What are you interested in?"
    On the meter, dead as a doornail at TA = 4.5.
    Body is so tired I can barely put one foot after the other
to walk around or get up.
    Part of the ARC break with looking through those magazines were
the articles and pictures on these mountain climbers.  I was beyond
my imagination that any body COULD ever have enough energy to do
all that work, let alone have the motivation to expend it.  I can
barely lift and lower my diaphram, except to cry.
    Did find sorrow on the item "Interested in Death', to hurry along the
transition out of this body. 

    Been finding lots of sorrow poking around other items, but
it dries up and doesn't run out.

    No, there is nothing I want to bring to Earth, except music
perhaps, and I am radio dead inside.
    It barely read on the meter.
    But it read.
    So did girls.

    Lots and lots of sorrow on girls.

    Having girls, and being girls.
    Mothers, daughters, girlfriends.
    "Is this a mother - son thing?"
    "Is this a father - daughter thing?"
    "Is this a girlfriend - boyfriend thing?"
    Witholds as a girl in a past life, 8 lives ago.
    Death of a daughter in last life.
    Can't imagine being a girl.
    Can't imagine having children.

    Terrified of death of a daughter, particularly when it was my fault. 

    The mother gives you this *LOOK*.