Stark ( wrote:

>One can be certain that one is experiencing whatever one is experiencing. 

     Yes, experience-of is certainty-of and certainty-of is

     Experience of color-form and experience of personal agency is all
we can be certain-of.
>If you are seeing the color blue, you can be certain that you are having
>the experience of seeing the color blue (regardless of whether or not there
>is anything blue "out there", or whether "blue" is the correct label for

    1.) There isn't anything 'blue' out there, as blue describes an
experience, not a wavelength of light.

    2.) There is no evidence there is light out there either, so yes
yes, all there is, is the blue and what is causing it to appear and
then to be seen.

> If you are 100% certain of this, then you should be certain that you
>are certain.

     Yes, however this is way beyond most people at this time.

>Homer claims that one can also have certainty of cause.  

     Yes, the cause of personal agency in putting out the
blue color-form there, and the cause of the color-form to
allow you to see it and check out that it is indeed blue.

     Process 1.  To be done with mockups only.

     Mockup a table.

     Mockup a blue ball on the table.

     Get the idea to move the ball to the left one foot.

     Want to move the ball to the left one foot.
     Intend to move the ball to the left one foot.

     Move the ball to the left one foot.

     Perceive the ball moving to the left one foot.

     Check out that the ball has moved one foot to the left.

     Determine WHY the ball moved to the left one foot.

     Run until certain of cause through personal agency.

     Process 2.  Run with real universe objects.  Don't get into
whether they are really real or not, pretend you are dreaming and what
you are looking at are dream objects.

     In particular don't get into evading the process with scientific
snobber about physical universe mechanics, just consider yourself in a
dream where there are no photons, no eyes, no optic nerve, no visual
cortex, just you and a simple dream mockup of your own.

     Obtain two objects of obviously different color, such as a red
peice of paper and blue peice of paper.

     Place them on the table next to each other.

     Look at them.

     Ask, do you see two differnt colors?

     Get your answer.

     Check out whether it is right or not.

     Ask, how do you know?

     Observe the process of 
     1.) Question, wanting to know
     2.) Observation, Looking, perception
     3.) Learning
     4.) Answer
     5.) Checking it out to make sure its right
     6.) Perfect Certainty.
     Spot the fact that if the two conscious color forms had NO cause
over you at all, you would not be able to see them let alone learn
that they are in fact two different colors.

     Spot the fact that learning implies the existence of cause and
being an effect on the part of the learner.

     Spot the fact that without you being an effect of the color forms
cause, you could not check out your answer to see if it is right or

     Run until certain of cause resident in color-form.

     Don't get lost in philosophical snobbery, run it simply as a
Looker looking at a Looked-At through a Looked-Through.

     Run until certainty of cause is apparent, sufficiently strong to
be a standard of comparison for all other possible certainties of
cause that might make a pretention to truth.

     Once you have attained certainty of color-form cause and
certainty of personal agency, Then you can waste time with whether the
Looker/Looked At/Looked Through/ model is correct or not.