> And how do you win???

      I presume you mean at the game of 'going free'.

      Well all games lead to ludicrous demise because of the very nature
of their postulates.  You can never get rid of what you fight, and all
games are a fighting of some kind, so eventually of course you lose
crucified to what you fought.

      The pc comes in and he hates games, and he wants to play the game
getting out of games, but he doesn't want it to be a game, he just wants
out.  But he doesn't understand anything but games, he thinks maybe he
will win, maybe he won't, but he's sure going to be *DETERMINED* about
it etc, and of course he fails.  Notice he is operating the wrong
definition of To Determine, which rightly means to CAUSE, not TO TRY

      To be determined about something means just that, to be the effect
of other cause.

      Pc's who are determined to determine something are really messed

      Also notice that To Determine means TO KNOW BY LOOKING which is a
basic aberration, and is opposed to To Determine meaning to LOOK BY
KNOWING, or to create knowledge and then look at it.

      Run the cause and effect meanings of To Determine, determination,
determinism, determined etc until you get this utterly clearly.

      When one has becomed determined to win a game, one has fallen away
from determining the game, you see?

      The first address is to the problem of games, the pc's charge on
games, considerations on games, help as a game, etc.  The first thing he
absolutely needs to do is to stop treating getting better as a game, he
needs to cognite his way out of being determined and into determining.

      His games situation sucks, so he had better not make a game out of
improving his game situation, you see this?

      But even if his game situation didn't suck, it would still be
disasterous to make a game out of improving, having or optimzing
desirable games.  That's just something you DO, not something you TRY to

      This is Adore's "The way in is the way out." It gets him figuring
how he could come in.  He has to be out to do that, and out is where he
wants to be.  As long as he is figuring how to get out, he's in.  Get
him figuring how to come in, and he's out.

      "The creature can become the creator at will.

      The creature becomes the creator by BEING the creator becoming the

      So he has this life and it isn't going well, meaning he doesn't
like his present game situation.  He TRIES to get better by auditing but
makes a game out of it.  So the auditing has to disabuse him of doing
that.  This is done by auditing games, until the pc sees for absolute
sure that all games will end in defeat one day, and that getting better
is not a game, its a dance.

      Getting better games is not a game, and if you make it a game you
surely will have a game that will last forever and you will never win.

      The primary dance of getting better is to dance WITH the games one
is playing, sort of follow them in real time step by step, rather than
getting lost in them and taking them seriously.

      It doesn't matter at all if we build a better civilization, it
matters quite a bit that we not become interiorized into our failure and
call it life in the aftermath.

      Its like my effort processing, if I DO the efforts for real I get
worse, but if I run the efforts before doing them, I can ratchet them
out, then I can watch them better as I do them for real and not do them
quite as hard when I have to do them for real, and so they don't crunch
as hard, and I can run them out even more afterwards.

      Like in the morning I run what I will do, then I do those efforts
all day, then at night I run what I did do.  Get it wrong and it will
kill you dead like a bolt of lightning, so watch it.  It can leave your
heart a toasty critter.

      So winning at the 'game of having better games' is the same thing,
run the games before you play them, run them as best as you can while
you play them by tracking how wrong what you are doing is but do it
anyway, and then run them after you are done playing them.  This
recovers mass and energy for you from out of your ridges built up by
playing games seriously.

      Thus one has a game aspect and a non game aspect to every action.
The game aspect is the space time dramatization, trying to be rich, have
a good job, help people, build a new civilization etc, the non game
aspect is running this nonsense out before, as and after you are doing

      Chasing a better chase isn't going to work because it
prepostulates the possibility of failure.

      Auditing is merely help in doing this: often after you have done
something, it tries to run it out, "let's go over the efforts of that".

      But really a good session will deal with what you did yesterday,
what you are doing now, and what you will try to do tomorrow.

      First you run all the stupid things you did yesterday, then you run
all the stupid things you are doing today and right now in session, and
then you run all the stupid things you can't wait to do tomorrow.

      Then when tomorrow comes, and you do all those stupid things, it
won't be so solid in the end, you won't be quite as low at the end of
the day, and you will be able to loosen it all up again real easy and
end up higher than you were at the same time the day before.

      A good effort session will return tremendous quanties of energy to
you, even if you haven't the foggiest notion how you got into the mess
you are in.  Once you see it work, you won't lose it again for long.

      In the end auditing is a way of living and playing games by
unplaying them before as and after at the same time, and an auditing
session is just a more concentrated running of game efforts either solo
or with someone else.

Sun Jul 23 22:20:15 EDT 2017