It would seem to me that the tiniest slightest desire to change or get
rid of something would entail just that much non acceptance of the thing
one wants to change, and that would be enough to cause its persistence. 
    I find it unworkable to use the word acceptance as the operative
function of vanishment.  I would prefer to use cessation of resistence or
unacceptance.  Cessation of resistence and unacceptance does not equate to
    Ron said it well in the Phoenix Lectures.
    Things persist because the pc is trying to make them not exist
    It's ok to want something to not exist, to not accept its continued
existence forever and ever, but its the way you go about making it not
exist that determines whether it continues to persist or not. 
    The idea that you can accept something that is vanished is not
coherent and in fact gets the pc to recreate what he is trying to vanish
in the effort to accept it!
    The idea that it takes time between the acceptance of something
and its vanishment is an arbitrary, and leads to, "well you have
to accept it long enough for it to vanish."

    "No one is asking you to accept it forever, just for a while, at which
point it will fade away."  One begins to ask "OK, how long already?!" 

    Acceptance is the RESULT of a reality change, a change from wanting it
never to have been there, to wanting it to have been there for a while. 
One can then let go.  Things that "should never have been but were anyhow" 
are a death trap to the thetan.

    He's not accepting that it ever was.  So it persists.
    If he can reach an acceptance that IT WAS, it will be gone now.
    Acceptance that something was, comes from understanding why and how it
was created and the purpose and *mechanism* of its continuance. 
    The beauty of the purpose and mechanism makes it OK that NOT OK
existed for a while.  That's humor, the universal solvent of all

    Unacceptance comes from the violation of resonance brought about
by incorrect understandings of purpose and mechanism of creation and

    Vanishment is vanishment.  Acceptance itself is a persistence of
accepting something that is persisting.  That's not a vanishment!  Thats
a persisting!
    Correcting the misreality that causes the dissonance removes
the UNacceptance which creates a vanishment.  It does not create
an acceptance.

    It's *GONE*, as gone as never was.
    Thus I conclude that acceptance as an auditing tool is a trap,
although a subtle one that leads utlimately towards accepting a
persistance forever. 

    Its fine to get the pc to look at his unacceptance of things, but
its just going to grind him in if you get him to try to 'accept'
the things he wants to get rid of.

    Dig it and don't leave it.

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