The main thing women hate men for is men never train women to become
men in their next lives. 
    Men don't consider that women CAN become men, ever, and women hide
their resentment by pretending they don't want to be come men. 

    "If I were a man, I would get a sex change operation!"
    Son's are expected to become men so they receive the full training by
men to become men.  Daughters are considered to be unable to become men,
and so do not receive the training they crave and need to survive even as
a woman.  Part of being a complete woman is to be in training on how to
become a man. 

    Daughter's are not able to become men in this life, but they are able
to become men in their next lives, and they need just as much if not more
training in this life to become men in their next lives as sons need to
become men in this life. 
    That's the truth. 

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