Man - Woman

    Women working on their Master of Defense can not conceive of Master of

    To the woman, Men and Women are the same or ought to be. 
    When women have male children, they teach this to them, and so their
sons never rise above the level of women.  This angers the sons so much,
they get their revenge by holding women down. 
    Thus it could be said that men are at the level women ought to be, and
woman are at the level they have been pushed down to by their own sons.
    If women taught the truth to their sons, their sons would not hate
women, and woman could rise to the level that man is at now, and men could
rise to the level that women can not conceive and men can barely dream. 

    "The man is *AS FAR ABOVE THE WOMAN as the woman is above the child."

    It's not so, only because women will not let it be so. 

    The man can only rise above the woman to his natural state if the
woman operates him AS A MAN not as a woman. 

    Women who operate men as women rather than as men, render men into
women, and women into something less. 


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