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>Of course, being at effect of your case (self-entrapment) you fail to
>see that although you chose to be at effect some time in the past
>(whenever that is) you still chose (at this moment in time you chose to
>be in) to be at effect, so as to be not effective to the degree of not
>being at cause (not knowing) to have a game, which... ? ... this is the
>part I have trouble with.

     Tis a good sign too.

     Why manifest?

     Adore has a very difficult answer to this question, one that most
will reject out of hand, particularly those pushing one side of the
dicom wing as 'The Truth".

     Dicom = DIchotomies of Comparable and Opposite Magnitude.

     Love/Hate, Beauty/Ugly, Good/Bad, Sovereignty/Anti-Sovereignty,

     Each side forms the wing of a dicom that the being is flying down
the time stream with, trying to be one, trying to avoid the other.

     Ultimately Truth/Lies and Beauty/Ugly are just more wings of a
dicom, so you have to take the following with a grain of salt and
understand that words fail to describe the non dicom state.  (Notice
even dicom/non-dicom is a dicom!)

     And so are manifest/unmanifest, and Native State/Non Native State

     So with that in mind, here is what Adore has to say about "Why

     All manifestation is manifestaion of *LOSS*, all persistence is
persistence of *LOSS*, namely loss of Native State which Adore defines
as Perfectly Happy, Alone, Forever and Beyond Thank you.

     "The law of Saviors is, if you are grateful for having been saved,
you haven't been."

     Actually Adore really defines native state as the Big Snooze, but
just prior to eternal sleep is this happy bedtime.

     Thus all manifestation is loss of this perfect native state.

     However there is a *MECHANISM* to the loss, namely lies, not just
any old lies but particular specific lies woven in a *TAPESTRY OF

     There are probably many such lies unique to each individual and
perhaps a number that are common to everyone.  Adore would claim, for
example, that "Learning by Looking" is one such common lie.

     Anyhow Adore says, the loss of any Native State beauty can only be
manifested and caused to persist by casting a beautiful lie or illogic
of exact equivalent beauty to the beauty that was lost.

     The lie persists, which covers the beauty of native state which is
now lost, but the lie itself is beautiful so the beauty manifests

     The being in the state of manifesting loss of beauty via a
beautiful lie or illogic can never see the beauty that was lost nor the
beauty in the lie or illogic, because the beauty is lost, and he
believes the lie or illogic which causes him ugly and suffering.  All he
can do is suffer the loss as long as he believes the lie.

     But the lie is beautiful!  Which is why he took it on.

     But the lie is beautiful only as long as he knows it is a lie.  As
long as he believes the lie is truth, the lie is ugly.  So he lives a
life of persisting ugly, seriousness, non humor while believing these
     The being lost in the lies of persistence can not see the lies nor
the mechanism of loss via the lies, (else they would unmock), so he
suffers a state of 'loss'.  But those that can see the tapestry of lies
in him and how he has woven it together with illogic, can see the beauty
that was lost instead.

     The suffering of others then becomes beautiful to those who can
     Its a show he is putting on for other people, who can see, even
those who can't see because one day they will be able to.

     One day *ALL MEN* will attain the awakened state.

     Everyone is putting on the show together, so in present time the
best they can do is suffer it all together, but one day it will begin to
resolve and they will all see what they have been showing everyone else,
in the way of a beautiful performance of loss and lies.

     That's why when you go up to a really high person who can see the
weave of lies and illogic, and you start telling them all your problems,
they are likely to get this really *BIG* grin on their face.  They think
you are just beautiful, just omni awesome.

     Kind of like a super Charlie Chaplin.

     That's the beauty of your native state, of your Self Love, they are
seeing, as it shines out of the warp and weave of the beautiful lies and
illogic that compose your suffering.  Your story of loss is so beautiful
that your pain is actually pleasure to them, the stunning almost
blinding gorgeousness of your own Native State and Self Love shines the
greatest from your worst pain.

     You may feel they are laughing at you, they are but its the
laughter of love at the divine show you are putting on for them at
your expense.

     It's the only way to give of yourself to another.

     "Tragedy is Travesty born of High Appreciation for Ludicrous Demise."

     From Adore.

     That is the "why manifest".


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