Beth Guest ( wrote:
>>     What turns it on turns it off.

>Hadn't thought of that.
>You could well be right...
>(But isn't there a process or several that could speed the process up?)

     Sure find the GPM that everyone is dramatizing, and indicate its
basic opposing intents.

    Benevolence - Malevolence
    Beneficence - Meleficence
    Benefactor  - Malefactor

     You know people can get very messed up in the head.

     People take on the winning valences in engrams, right?

     They do this because they are *LOSING*, out of desperation and
*TOTAL* overwhelm.

     What happens if the winning valence in one engram is
diametrically opposed in both intent and action to the winning valence
in a second engram?

     What happens if both engrams are in violent restimulation at the
same time, causing the person to be in both winning valences at the
same time, and thus utterly and irrevokably opposed to himself at all

     You would get a real basket case in flaming resimulation of
dramatization and broken dramatiaztion at the same time, right?

     Sort of like me.

     It's called a 'Cross Engram Chain', and is what is 'breaking your

     Consider it.

     Robert is not the asshole everyone makes him out to be.

     Nor is Phil.

     Sometimes it seems out of hand on this group.

     But what you are seeing is a very ARC broken group mind trying to
individuate from rampant wrong indications of *LONG* duration, I mean
millenia.  So no one can see each other any more, each sees their own
Nemesis one.

     Do this.

     Take what A says about B, and rather than agreeing and assigning
it to B, don't assign it to A either, but assign it to A's Nemesis One
which is in full hallucinatory restimulation in present time.

     The being is parked in multiple universes, all collapsed into a
mass he calls his face.  It's like 50 35mm slides all stacked and
looked through as if one picture.  The being thinks its all here now,
it may be, but its a lot of different here nows, not just *ONE*.

     He is in a much bigger here now than he is recognizing.
     This will help you understand what A is parked in, namely that
which is righteous and makes his Nemesis One wrong for existing at

     It's not a game any more, the invite is gone, the other side MUST

     Consider the invite, its an important concept.

     Covert Hostility is "Screw the rules, we will play because we
have to, but only long enough to destroy you."

     That's his attitude towards his Nemesis One, and thus that's
his attitude towards all of life.

     There may be people without tracks, but there is not anyone who
is not crucified on the face of his Nemesis One.

     Sympathy and No Sympathy.
     Frostiness and Friendliness.
     Animosity and Nuturance
     Operation and Crush

     Guilt Stupidty, Shambles and Shame,
     Ex Cooperation is the name of the Game.

     What you see on this group is the PC is *REAL* upset at a wrong
listing item, assigned intentions, missed and bypassed opp terms,
wrong way to's (got the items in the wrong order relative to himself

     Missed means almost got the item but didn't.  Restimulated but
not pulled.  Bullet went whizzing past the left ear.

     By passed means nailed the item on the head, but went right on by
and didn't notice.  Sometimes real charge is *SLOW* charge, the pc
expects a fast release and misses the movement of the mountains, and
skips on, leaving a simmering crack in his case that can't flow

     Ron's Black and White process sometimes fails just because the pc
is trying to run it too fast.  He needs to slow WAY DOWN, and run SLOW
BLACK AND WHITE, I mean REAL SLOW, to get it work at all.

     When it starts to run fast, it will run fast enough soon enough.

     People live in concentric spheres of charge.

     When they are big, they take responsibility for big games,
take big losses, suffer big regrets and wall it off with big walls.
Then they fall down to lower arenas.  If they walled off the
bigger arena again, they can get their 'F/N' back, I mean it will
swing on the meter, because the charge and loss and pain and hopelessness
and despair and ruined eternities are all walled off outside their
sphere of awareness.  So they F/N.

     Now they take on another game and go through the same cycle
again.  They lose their F/N, it turns into a Rock Slam, they wall it
off, become smaller, get their (smaller) F/N back and take on yet
another (smaller) game.

     The dwindling spiral is a dwindling spiral of taking
responsibility and F/N's.  Each F/N is left behind in a concrete wall
of R/S's.

     Eventually the being reaches a point where he can not keep the
charge walled up any more, and it starts to flood in on him.  A crack
developes in the 50 spheres of concentric pain he has left behind him,
and it floods his present space, his F/N goes to hell the TA soars,
and he comes in glum as can be.

     So you audit him on the crack that opened up, he blows THAT crack,
and the charge pouring in on him vanishes, the concentric spheres become
whole again, and he gets his F/N back.  *NOW* he's ready for session.
The auditor directs his attention to the next weakest spot in his
concentric spheres, it breaks open, the charge pours in as he remembers
the emotional curve from responsibility to regret, he loses his F/N, the
TA soars, he runs it, cognites, the charges vanishes, the TA comes down
and he gets his F/N back.  And now he is a bit bigger again.

     Sometimes the being can crack open a part of his case that has
never been handled by anyone before.  He can miss it and bypass it, and
the charge pours in from the channel that is better left closed, and now
he can't get rid of it.  And all his auditing is THROUGH IT.

     His TA starts high 5.5, stuck like amber and glue, then it loosens,
comes down to 3.5 or 4.0, and then jams tighter than a rock again.  He
ran something he could run, but he didn't touch the crack that needed to
be run.

     Entire cases can go this way, entire lives can be lead in this

     You are reading the out pourings of one.

     Ultimately its just bad auditing, or no auditing, almostly always
solo auditing of some sort, he opened the channel and was never able to
put the lid back on Pandora's Box again.

     So you don't want to do this to others, but its already done to
lots of people, and most of them are in one form or another, open
channel cases.  The 'be quiet and obey' solution that the Church
offers just doesn't work for them.

     So they come out here in the field to work on it and TALK about
it, Lord forbid, and screw the closed channel cases, their sweet
bubbling fat will feed the fire that keeps us alive in the night, you
know what I mean?

     But its hard to warm the stone cold dead, even if they pretend to
be alive and well.  Nemesis One is walled off well for some.  But not
that well or they wouldn't be here.

     NO one would dare face this thing alone as we are if they had a
choice about it.  That choice is *GONE* so they are here.

     But are the people on this group feeling cold and massy, or are
they feeling heat?

     They haven't found what they are looking for.

     To Find and To Look For, are major GPM goals.

     Each is trying to know and to make others know.

     Simple TROM actually.

     But each is unwilling to play the game, they wish the other side of
their Nemesis One did not exist.  They may deny it, but that's just more
charades.  No one is pure before Source, and what's left, no matter how
high they have gone, is many times worse than all that has gone before.

     Above where Angels dare not tread is where God's dare not tread.

     Think about it.
     Where you dare tread, vanishes underfoot.

     Each has their channel that is better left closed, and they
dramatize this by claiming that other's should keep closed to.

     One runs case by spotting case, not by dramatizing it,
     Except perhaps to make more of it WHILE SPOTTING THAT ONE IS DOING
IT.  This puts one back at static again where all things vanish when you
stop creating them, including the Gods who strut in their Pride and
their Vanity.
     To the degree that people are making more of it on clear-l, the
process is working.  To the degree that they are dramatizing their
live's away, it is not.

     "Precious are the days, as the days go by."

     One can learn a lot from Country Music.


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