>On 9 Jun 1999 22:06:13 -0400, (Ralph Hilton) wrote:
>>Rubbish. Here people who wish to belong to the established Church have to
>>pay tithes.

Fredric L. Rice (FRice@LinkLine.COM) wrote:
>That's a travesty of the idea of helping others.

      Help is not charity.

      All of life activities is help, people co producing and co
exchanging what they have produced.

      Help is team work.

      You don't have to be hanging off a cliff to need or want help,
anyone doing anything that involves teamwork, anything big that is,
will want and need help to get it done.

      Fair exchange for their services is essential.

      Charity is a very small subset of help.

      Help is people helping *EACH OTHER*.

      There is an implicit exchange involved.

      Whether two people help each other through co auditing, or one
audits another professionally and the other pays for it with money or
bartered services, its always a paid for exchange.

      Even offerings of charity should not necessarily go to those first
in line asking for a hand out.  It should be doled to those who are most
likely to make a return.

      Whether you demand that return directly to the doler is a different
story, such debt born of having receieved charity can always be paid
forward to others needing charity down the road, or simply, having
completed a charity fix and repair cycle, becoming a fully productive
citizen as a result.

      In a welfare society where everyone has a right to live regardless
of their ability to live, or exchange for help, it becomes fashionable
to think that people should just hand out their work and production to
the first beggar in line.

      In this road is death, as it disrupts Darwinian selection of the
survival of the fittest.  Fittest becomes defined as those most capable
of getting first in line, even over other's dead bodies, and asking for
or taking the biggest handout and doing nothing productive with it.

      "The Foundation of Life is Fair Chosen Exchange."

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