>At 8:44 PM -0500 2/26/99, Ryan wrote:
>> I want to get _more_ exterior.
>> Can go interior, can be at "back" of my head, but can't go out further.
>> Anybody got a particular HCOB/process/RD to offer me?

     You are trying to take your mind with you.

     Exteriorize from your mind.

     A being exterior to his mind is exterior to questions and

     No more questions and answers.

     No more problems to pose and re-solve.

     No more trying to take responsibility, trying to not take

     No more wanting to know, wanting to not know.

     No more trying to know, trying to not know.

     No more effort to know, effort to not know.

     Trying to know how to exteriorize from the mind is an effort to
know and thus interiorizes into it.

     Watch it, Medusa is the Devil's Harem.

     The prior beginning to any incident is the effort to take
responsibility for an area.

     To take responsibility means to take responsibility for (to
create) or to take responsibility over (to improve).

     Run the emotional curve from trying to take responsibility
for/over an area to create or improve it, down to regret about taking
responsibility, with special attention to the efforts to know and not
know all the way through.
     Taking responsibility is the earlier beginning, its the moment of
interiorization into the mind which ends in grief, and unwillingness
and inability to take responsibility any more.

     Run wanting responsibility, not wanting responsibility.

     Being forced to take responsibility, being prevented from taking

     Being rewarded for taking responsibility, being punished for
taking responsibility.

     Notice that *TAKING* is a pulling in, so that one can put out
causative flows.

     Thus, yes 'one pulls it in' whatever it is, literally.

     One wears the mind in order to get involved in the game of posing
and re-solving problems.

     Don't wear the mind to get rid of the mind, it will stick like

     Don't make the mind into a problem.  It will stick like glue.

     Don't doubt a true certainty.  If you do you will get what you
deserve.  That is justice and the genesis of humor which re-solves all

     A Grade I is someone who has no unwanted problems, because he is
able to look out into the world and find a life full of problems that
he wants.

     That's what life is, a huge infinite grocery store of every
possible problem to taste and enjoy.

     We are talking pure magic here.  Can you imagine a world where
pleasure comes from waking up in the morning, picking a problem to
solve, and getting on with solving it?

     The *PURPOSE* of life is to pose and resolve problems.

     It's a playing field where people can choose and play out the
problems of their choice.  Only by withdrawing from ones fair chosen
problems, does a being get trapped in problems that are unwanted,
because they come after him in the vacuum of his withdrawal.

     Unwanted problems arise when one refused to want problems that
one wants.

     Then one wants 'to not have problems'.  That's glum sourness
about problems one wanted and 'couldn't have'.  Audit consequences to
taking responsibility.  Overts of creating consequences,
determinations to have or create consequences to taking responsibility

     Audit taking responsibility and regretting taking responsibility,
refusing to take responsibility, denying you took responsibility, no
sympathy for responsibility and those who take responsibility etc.

     Taking responsibility *IS* posing and re-solving problems.

     One can go exterior to problems, have none at all, but only by
exteriorizing from taking responsibility, from wanting to know/not
know, and from the mind.
     That's different from being glum about it all and regretting the
day you ever got the idea it might be fun to do something about

     The being going out the bottom is withdrawing from problems he
doesn't want by withdrawing from problems altogether, and he thus gets
covered in problems he doesn't want and goes glum stuck in wanting to
know but can't know, or wanting to not know, but must know.

     The being going out the top goes out in humor and class, freedom
to not know at will, no longer desires to know or not know etc.

     Can you stop the effort to know or not know?

     Homer (who is *REALLY* good at head talk) Smith.

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