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>Hmmm!  That's a deep (and hard hitting) thought, Homer.  I promise I will
>think about this more later, but right now I will address it as best I can
>for efficiency's sake.  Funnily enough, the above is what Crowley said
>(essentially) and you know that I think Crowley was brilliant.  Yes, it IS a
>problem.  To NOT validate sickness, aberration, insanity and so forth, and
>yet still try to make a contribution to asylum Earth.

      The main contribution that each OT needs to make to asylum Earth
is to remove himself and his postulates from the Dharma Pool of cause
that keeps everyone locked into their condition.

      The idea that we have to STAY here and help is actually a chinese
finger trap, the way this universe is built, as you get what you put
your attention on, particularly if you assign it all kinds of importance
and seriousness on it.

      That's why talking to a real OT is so hard, you are trying to get
help, usually to help others who wanted to help others etc, and he just
won't respond to your dramatization.  If you get helped by him, its
usually because he broke you out of your 'putting it all there in order
to get rid of it, asking what do I *DO* about all this' dramatization,
so it becomes handled in you AND in the others.

      A thetan can't WANT something without first postulating he doesn't
have it.  Making more of that little trick is imperative to being able
to have what you want merely by conceiving of it.

      Majesty is the *SOVEREIGN DESIRE* that desire not be Sovereign *FOR

      'A while' is a created span of time, with beginning and end, that
exists in the envelope of Eternity.

      The low level guru will 'help' you get what you want by improving
or optimizing the game for you, getting your engines going again,
blowing the stops off the line, but the game barriers are still there,
maybe you win, maybe you lose, but you feel better because you can play
again.  Enthusiasm is desagreing with one's environment and hoping you
can do something about it.

      The high level OT guru will 'help' you get what you want, by
getting you to dispense with the consideration that you don't have it.
First he needs you to cognite on what you *REALLY* want, and then the
postulate that you don't have it is just there to blow, hard to keep
around in fact.

      Recent auditing indicates that we are all connected to *SOME* other
beings, who have a karmic connection to us, through overts, withholds
and help.  If we blow our karmic connection to the lot, they all lose
the conditions that we are most concerned about having caused them, "Oh
my God, look what I did to HIM!  Now I gotta DO something about it
(because I can't just as-is this mess!")

      By blowing the postulates that they are harmed and need help, the
being 'you harmed' is released from your cause, AND his consideration
that he is the effect of your cause, and that other's are the effect of
*HIS* cause to just that degree.

      That helps them instantly, where staying around trying to help
them, makes it worse.

      Where is Making Amends on the tone scale?

      Well coming up *THROUGH* making amends and demanding that other's
do the same to you, involves recognizing that it is nuts and counter
productive.  But that is *WAY* OT.

      Jiggling out of a chinese finger trap is very enlightening and
illustrative of jiggling out of pre OT to full OT.

      OT's can vanish conditions in themselves and others merely by
voiding out, leaving the scene entirely.  When he decides he has to stay
around and DO something about it, he has come down a level below
straight as-isness, into alter-isness, and then the DOING is even more

      The joke is, it doesn't work.

      That's why auditing sessions need to be SOLO as-ised eventually.

      "Jesus, look at all this cause I assigned over there!"

>>     It's the *METHODS* that are chosen to deal with problems that
>>mark the tone and nature of the being dealing with the problem.
>>      Ryan resorted to *FORCE*.
>>      Think about it.

>It's still a bit better, a bit more uptone, than my intestine process.  :-)

     That is true.


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