The very first page of Adore that I ever wrote was the following
little ditty, that resulted in a major but short lived Aescension
Experience while smoking some of the world's best Afghanistani Hash.
     It was this cognition that I hoped would signal the beginning of
the end of my case and suffering, but it was not to be.

     All the rest of Adore was downhill from there, an effort to
complete the cognition and produce the sought for result of release
and relief.

     Here is what it said:

     "The Code of a Conscious Dream Unit.
     There is only one condition of disgrace.
     No Love.
     There is only one condition of Sin.
     Hating Hating.

     Because you can't Love and Hate Hating at the same time."
     This of course was stolen from Filbert who said that people tend
to fall into 3 groups according to which Dichotomy they were
dramatizing in life.
     The 3 dichotomies were,
     Love   - Hate
     Beauty - Ugly
     Good   - Evil

     I would have guessed myself to be the Beauty - Ugly dichotomy,
but it was the above Love - Hate one that christened Adore on its way.
     Whether Love - Hate are 'my codes' or not, I have no idea.  As I
said it never went anywhere, and Lord knows I have tried, but it does
show an example of the downfall that Codes take.
     One starts off tring to Love, runs into Hate, and then ends up
using Hate against Hate, thus violating one's code to Love.

     There was another little ditty that followed in Adore soon after
that which said,

     "Love Hates Hate
      Hate Hates Love
      How come Hate always wins? 
     Because its 4 against 2, that's why."

     One might ask if the answer is to Love Hate rather than Hate
Hate, but one suspects that turning Love into a transitive verb, To
Love Anything, is the beginning of the down fall.
     It is one thing To Love, and quite another To Love X.

     I believe it was LaMont who once said that songs come to him as
single points, which then expand out in space and time to form a
complete piece.

     Just so one imagines that the Codes exist as a single point
before space and time, and from the Codes come all games and game
spheres that follow.
     One becomes 'here' with Love, and over there are the bad guys
with Hate.  That creates space and time between Love and Hate.  Then
you can proceed with the game of closing terminals with Hate and
eradicating it.  Kind of silly since Love and Hate started on one
point in the first place.
     Love thinks it can be the only one left standing.

     One also suspects that there *IS* no correct way to operate one's
Codes without getting into trouble.  That if one really wishes to
become free of the downhill slolum, one should return the Codes back
to their original point, and let them go.  There is no right way for
Love to oppose Hate and 'win' or even have a good time ultimately.

     Codes are like the point at the top of the pyramid, operating
them leads to lower and bigger game spheres, with more complex and
lugubrious items that build denser and heavier universes ad infinitum
until you can't stand it any more.

     Above one's specific pesonal Codes for a space time game stream,
one will probably find meta codes that are in fact identical across
all beings, such as Operate and Not Operate, Be and Not Be etc.

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