Most overts, unless they are accidental, are usually committed in
an effort to solve a problem.  If one runs the overt and the regret, but
not the earlier problem, the incident will not lift.

      When children misbehave, it is generally because they are trying to
solve a problem, not with themselves, but with their parents.

      When a child misbehaves, the parent has become more of a problem to
the child than a solution.  A psychosomatic is in fact a kind of

      Thus one looks to the parent *FIRST* to resolve the situation and
not the child.

      One can also measure the quality of the parent/child relationship
in this way.

      Is the parent more of a problem to the child than a solution in
life's endeavors to survive?

      If so, then the relationship is on the rocks, and the child will
become an anti asset certainly to his parents and probably to society.

      One can not be handicapped and function well at the same time.


Wed Nov 18 14:28:53 EST 2015