"Why does Homer not want dual auditing?"
     Because I don't want my cognitions owned by another.
     Since me and Jane co own everything anyhow, its ok for us to share
ownership of our cogs.  If she helps me get a cog, she becomes part
owner of that cog because her labor and work and love went into it.

     She is *PART* owner.

     But then I help her get a cog and the balance of trade remains
     If I goto Alan, and I get a cog, then he owns a part of that cog in
all operational definitions of the word own.
     He may abdicate that ownership, but this does not in any way change
his part ownership in the balance books of life.

     If I do not help Alan attain a cog of equal magnitude, then Alan
will own more of me than I do of him.
     Trading money for a cog does not reduce the imbalance of trade AT

     Paying money for auditing is like paying money for sex.
     It helps the prostitute keep a roof over her head and a better bed
under your own back.
     Trading money for eternal spiritual freedom is not a fair trade,
and results in eternal ownership of the preclear by the master.
     The master can say that he can run that consideration out on the
pc, but once the pc cognites his way out of it, that cog again is part
owned by the master.

     As for Alan.
     My Codes are mine.
     They are not his, never have been and never will be.
     Allowing others to own or have a lien on one's wisdom,
understanding and know how is itself a very egregious violation of
anyone's Codes.
     Selling one's sovereignty for eternal wisdom and freedom is an
     *THIS* is a violation of Codes.
     It is presumed that Codes govern everything that we do, from them
one determines right and wrong, and from them we adjudicate every action
that we do on all 4 planes of existence, body, heart, mind and soul.
     Thus it is presumed that what we do with our Codes or the tech that
led to our codes, is completely and totally governed by the codes so
     To make someone promise that they will or will not do something
with their codes, or the tech that led to their codes, or with any part
of their life at all, is to assume that the promise that you extract
will always be in alignment with the pc's codes before you even know
what they are.

     In particular a preclear selling his promise to be silent for a
parcel of wisdom is a grievious mistake, no matter the temptation of
easy wins, and eternal glory.

     It is a common practice of those who wish to overwhelm, to sell you
something of great value, and then ask only a pittance in return.  They
ask only that you do the same to others, or they say it was given to
them, so they give it to you, or whatever.
     Snakes wiggle in many ways.

     There intent is to leave the balance of trade out forever so that
you never feel you fully own and therefore deserve to have, or use their
gift properly.

     Evil people do this knowingly, good people dramatize it
unknowingly, everyone gets sick all the way around and the world goes to
     Although money may be necessary for auditing, it is not exchange
for auditing, and must never be postured as exchange for auditing, and
until the matter of full exchange for auditing is handled, no auditing
can take place.
     The preclear is already suffering from being contributed too, and
prevented from contributing, and receiving auditing on that imbalance is
just so much more being contributed to, that the balance gets WORSE just
by auditing it!

     It's like someone saving your life, you owe them your life,
exchange of money will not help.

     At best money is "Ok we are all going to chip in to help build this
house, then we can get some auditing done."
     True exchange is exchange of ownership, whether it goes out and
around in a circle does not matter, it must come back from the preclear
to the master one way or another.

     A Master who can not BE helped becomes problematic.
     Master's who deny this have lost it and are Masters of Folly.

     Until exchange is cleared between Master and Apprehentice, Parent
and Child, Creator and Creature, God and Soul, Author and Character, no
auditing can take place.
     Those who feel that exchange of MEST in any form evens the balance
of trade, are not your friend.

     LaMont demands exchange, but LaMont demands money.  His dick is
still hanging from his mouth.
     Alan too judges worthwhileness by physical ownership, be it money
or other things.
     This assumes that a being who wants to be spiritually free, wants
to be able in the operation of the physical universe.
     Perhaps for OT's that makes sense, as they are supposed to be able
to operate, but for someone who simply wants to be spiritually free, a
much higher state, then demanding that they become a productive GNP
class OT first, is complete Folly.

     The only thing that pays for cogs and jokes, is cogs and jokes.

     Judging the worthwhileness of a person by his ability to "help
build the house" is exceptionally shortsighted and shallow.

     Admittedly laughter won't fill the table, but neither will food
make you laugh.

     Those who claim you can pay for auditing with money are lying to
you, and will crash you dead.

     Wisdom for wisdom, laughter for laughter is the only fair

     Dig it and don't leave it.

     A while you are at it, audit it (help), before you audit anything
else.  except maybe his crashing PTP, but often the PTP is about work,
job, money which is help anyhow!


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