"Are you suppressing a higher universe?"

      Probably awareness of past lives will not come for me until I free
up a higher universe from total suppression.

      It would me much more scary for me to discover there were higher
universes in present time that I was actually in and suppressing, than
to find that I have had past lives that I no longer knew about.

      The "WHY" I don't know about them becomes more obvious once I see
that there are whole present time universes I am nailing out of
existence right now as hard as I can.  No wonder I can't remember

      Anyhow the way to full awareness of immortality is not through
remembering past lives or past deaths as Hubbard had us believe in the
50's, but through awareness of higher universes now in present time.

      Higher universe are not up in the sky somewhere, nor somewhere

      We kind of have our faces stuck right through them all the way down
to this universe.  Take a step back and they're right there, we are and
were in them all the time.

      Suppressing a higher universe will kill you much more dead than
suppressing a past life.

      Higher universe are probably what people refer to as pre MEST or
before time.

      However that's a real bad way of refering to them, as they have no
relationship to time at all except maybe that we were in them before we
stuck our nose in the physical universe.

      The incidents going on in these higher universe way out weigh
anything going on in the physical universe.

      Ascension Experiences are not a rising to a higher universe, they
are a momentary backing out of having our nose in the glue of this
universe, and recognizing that we already ARE in those higher universes
and are operating right THROUGH them all the time.  It is the rejection
of this vision that causes the crash later.

      The flow of cause is down from the top through all these higher
universes to this universe we are 'in' now.

      What's going on here in the physical universe is a direct
result of what is going on in these higher universes at all times.

      Again higher doesn't mean above your head.  It means right
in the center of you face.


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