>> Lion said "case is what separates us...", 

     Most people want to exteriorize.  They want out of their body
into the PU so they can see around them etc.

     But many points in space are already occupied, namely by others
who are interior or exterior, but viewing none the less from their
own viewpoint in that position in space.

     Wouldn't it be a lot easier to exteriorize into a viewpoint that
already had someone viewing from there?  Then all one has to do is
contact the inner connectedness of us all, and wham look at all the
places you could see from.

     But joke is no one wants to be in another's view point, we have
or are trying to cause too much pain to that view point over there in
order to be willing to go see the world from there.  "Who do you still
want to punish or murder/kill/cause the death of?"

     So we try to exteriorize into every place in space BUT where
there are people already viewing from, and end up getting stuck in our
own bodies from being unwilling to exteriorize to where WE, the HIGH US,
already are.

     What a joke.

     Justice reigns at all times.