There are two basic views on this list.

      1.) Hubbard had an evil intention to enslave which more or less

      2.) Hubbard had a good intention to free which more or less failed.

     Evil Intention Succeeded
     Good Intention Failed

      Most of the opp comm on this list is about this dicom.

      My view of course is that Hubbard had a good intention to free
which failed for absolutely standard tech reasons and which can be fixed
with absolutely standard tech solutions.

      It is not questioned that there may be better technical solutions
both to the Church and to the problems of life at large, it is also not
questioned that "standard tech" is itself petrified, corrupted, booby
trapped and contradictory and in need of grand code review and rewrite
from the bottom up.

      Standard Tech Version 2.0

      But any Scientologist free to speak his mind can put in the
Auditor's code and basics on the whole mess and clean it up and do it

      Those that postulate that Hubbard's basic thrust was an evil
intention that succeeded, depsite the fact that they are our eternal
friends, are not worth talking to, or having on this list except as
laboratory examples of dramatizing and computing psychotics seeing the
world through their own Nemesis One colored glasses.

      They deal *ONLY* in minimization, ridicule, contempt and 'spin'.

      They deal with destruction rather than correction.  They can not
correct, as they claim there is nothing there to correct.

      That is of course nonsense.

      As are the group that claim standard tech is perfect and doesn't
need any correction.

      There is nothing wrong with pointing out out-points and
situtations, 'sits', i.e.  greatest departures from an ideal scene.

      We can start here, the foundation of Hubbard's insanity.

      "Competition is a trick of the weak to fetter the strong."

      Fair gaming the competition out of existence JUST BECAUSE THEY ARE
COMPETITION is an evil solultion to a good problem, because without
competition no one survives.

      "The way to survive is to make everyone else succumb" is a classic
service fac item and a rock slamming item on Hubbard's case.


      Critics and disaffecteds are out ethics auditors who refuse to
audit a dog pc.  Their endless natter-natter-sub-natter is mere

      That's fine, no one is forcing anyone to audit here, its a free
willed activity.  One doesn't OWE the dog pc a good session.

      However if they take action which leads to control and oversight
over auditing and bio feed back devices by the government, AMA, WHO and
Psychatric Zombie Lords then they are to be fair gamed out of existence
with Class until they come to their senses and abandon the path of
descruction for the path of correction.

      "Class is an attitude, that ALL should live forever and be my

      "Cool is the ability to maintain Class."

      "Desire is Sovereign."


Sun Nov 29 17:17:39 EST 2015