Found this in a dusty pile of paper...


     To doubt that you have any doubts is absurd.
     To be certain that can't be certain of anything is absurd.

     To not know what you can know may kill you.
     To think you know what you can't know will kill you.
     It is better to not know what you can know than to 'know'
 what you can't know. 

     To doubt a certainty may kill you.
     To be 'certain' of something that is false will kill you.

     Uncertainty exists.
     To doubt this, is to prove it.

     Therefore certainty of uncertainty exists.
     Therefore certainty exists.
     To wonder if you are certain, is to be uncertain.

     Uncertainty is different from certainty.
     To be uncertain of this or anything is to be certainly uncertain
of this or anything.  
     If you are certainly uncertain of something and can't tell the
difference between certainty and uncertainty, boy are you in trouble.

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