There are two kinds of intentions, intrinsic intentions and
instrumental intentions.
     Intrinsic intentions are the root intentions of the being, and are
basically Divine and can not be changed and are the same for all beings.
     Instrumental intentions are computed from intrinsic intentions,
according to what the person conceives about the universe.
     More commonly it is considered that one of the intrinsic intention
of all beings is to survive or to manifest followed by periods of sleep.
     From this will come the instrumental intentions to suppress those
things that are hindering his survival, and support those things which
aid his survival.
     Everyone has intrinsic intentions and instrumental intentions, and
everyone is suppressing anti survival factors and supporting pro survival
factors in their own estimation.
     The difference then between an SP and a non SP, is sanity, which is
the accurate estimation of other's intentions, abilities and effect.
     A person who perceives evil intrinsic intentions in another, will
act instrumentally evil towards that other person.

     Perceiving evil intrinsic intention is always an error, thus such
perceptions can not be considered sane.
     A person who perceives evil instrumental intentions in another
toward himself, may perceive the same in return.
     Perceiving evil instrumental intentions in others can be in error
and would in that case also be considered insane or at least severely
mistaken.  Others survival sometimes very innocently and simply conflicts
with one's own, for example in the world of eating and being eaten.
     The difference then between an SP and a non SP comes down to
knowing who or what your friends really are.

     The sane person accurately calculates who or what wants to, and is
able to, help him survive and he responds in like kind, and he is also
able to calculate who or what wants to, and is able to, harm him and he
may responds in like kind if necessary.
     It is possible to even like scorpions.

     The insane person perceives evil instrumental intentions or ability
where there is only support and sees good instrumental intentions or
ability where there is only suppression.
     Both are operating on the same basis, the SP is merely wrong,
confusing what is with what was or some other hallucination fabricated
out of whole cloth.

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