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                        JOHN MCMASTER TAPE No. 1
                            An Introduction
                                 JM - 1
                            1 December 1984
                    Copyright (C) 1994 John McMaster
       Redistribution rights granted for non commercial purposes.
     ((John McMaster was heavily touted in the '60's as the world's
first Clear and as the Pope of Scientology.
     He plays no small part in the history of Scientology and in the
larger field of Clearing Technology itself.
     This first tape I have transcribed gives an overview of his life,
how he got into auditing and what it meant to him.
     The story is quite incredible as it is practically a textbook
example of all the key issues and elements to auditing.  Reading his
story, you will come to know that the Technology of Clearing works.
     It is too bad that you only have the transcript here of John's
tape.  So much is missed as John has an exceptional cadence to his voice
when he lectures and has a gorgeous ability to emphasis certain phrases
which are missed in the written form.
     (This is talk #1 by John McMaster given on the 1st of December 1984
entitled An Introduction.  It is 90 minutes long.)
     This tape is not about Scientology.  It is about a function.  A
function which we call auditing.  By which we discover those things
which are in existence and as yet not observed.
     For me, it has been the most existing discovery in this lifetime.
It is a function I found out about in 1959.  And I feel...I was so
excited about it, I wanted to shout it from the roof tops.  And I wanted
every person on Earth to know that such a thing existed.
     So, why was I so excited about it?  Why did I think it was so
vital, that each one in the world should know about it.
     I feel that if I tell you my story, then, maybe, you might
understand why I became so excited about it and then, for those of you
who do not know about it, maybe, you would like perhaps to try.
     So, this is part of the story that enabled me to become so excited
and to make so many gains in my awareness, my understanding, not only of
me but of each other person and life.  In fact, all forms of life.
     In 1959, through our stepmother, I heard about this particular
function, and at that stage I was a medical student in my third year at
medical school.
     I had gone home for the holidays and my father was alone.  And I
asked him where our stepmother was.  And he said, "Oh, she's gone".  So
I said, "What do you mean gone?".  He said, "Oh, she's found some new
thing called Scientology.  And she has just left".  So I said, "Oh,
would you like me to find her and bring her back.  And he said, "No".
He says, "I just want you to hurry up and qualify and then we will go
off and be missionaries".
     I didn't comment on that.  Anyway, it was just before Christmas
when I had this phone call from my older brother who said, "Phyllis,
(that is our step mother), would like to see you but she doesn't want
dad to know where she is."  So I said, "OK".
     And I went to see her and I asked her what it was all about.  And
she said, "It is the Science of Knowing How to Know."  So I said, "Well
that sounds tremendous.  It may be an oversimplification.  But until
such time as I know about it I cannot really comment."
     I said, "It is rather odd that if you find something so wonderful
and you run away and leave your family and don't share it with them."
     Anyway, to cut a long story short I agreed to become interested in
what she was doing if she would come back home.  So, it was all arranged
and I did during that...the vacation from medical school, I did first of
all the Personal Efficiency Course, which is currently known as the
Introductory Lectures.  And then after that I did a communications
     Then the holidays were over and I had to return to medical school.
Well, just before Easter 1960, when we were going to have the short
vacation, our stepmother came to Johannesburg to do what was known as
the ACC, the Advanced Clinical Course.  And I was in the anatomy
laboratory doing a dissection of the "theraimen ovalae" ((sp?)) which in
those days began the revolution, well, yeah, the revolution concerning
heart surgery.
     Because in the discovery of the "theraimen ovalae" ((sp?)) they
were able to ligature off the heart and to do really advanced heart
surgery which, as you obviously know, subsequently led to heart
     Right.  Anyway this particular morning, it was about 6:30 in the
morning, I had reached a point where I realized that I was able to use
my hands fairly well and I could very likely become a surgeon because my
dissection of the "theraimen ovalae" had been very good.
     However, I was standing next to my cadaver looking at it and
thinking about something that was way down below my conscious level.
And I suddenly decided to go and have breakfast with our step mother, in
the hotel where she was staying.
     So I put the oil cloth back over the cadaver, packed up my
dissecting instruments, took off my laboratory coat, packed away my
dissection notes and locked up my locker, walked over to the hotel where
she was, and whilst we were having breakfast she said, "John, why don't
you give it another try.  Won't you come and find out about auditing?"
     So I said, "Yes, I will" and I was thinking at the time of the
quote from Shakespeare, "Man, proud man.  Dressed in a little brief
authority, most assured of what he's least aware."  And wondering to my
self, whether that particular cap fitted me, then.
     Because when I had come back to medical school and told some of my
fellow students that I had found out about this thing called
Scientology, they said, "Oh, don't have anything to do with it.  Don't
have ANYTHING to do with it.  It's terrible!"
     So I told them I had been fascinated by the courses I had done.
Anyway, then they were so anti I thought well maybe I am bit of a twit.
I've made a mistake, because I had never heard about it previously but
they had seem to have known all about it.
     So thinking that I was naive I went along with them and decided
well it's not for me.  And that's why I was thinking about, "Man, proud
man", however I agreed to go down to the Organization which, incidently,
was not a church.  It was called the Hubbard Association of
Scientologists International.  Abbreviated as HASI.
     So I went down and I saw the registrar and I signed up for a 25
hour intensive.  And in those days a 25 hour intensive was 5 hours of
auditing a day for 5 days of the week, Monday to Friday.  And you had 2
1/2 hours in the morning and 2 1/2 hours in the afternoon.  Now, that
was to take place during the Easter holidays of 1960.
     So, it duly started.
     I went in to the session and the auditor said to me, you know,
"What are you here for?".  So I said, "Well, apparently by the world
standards I'm a bit screwed up on sex".  I said, "I just...it's...you
know, when I feel love it is something that springs spontaneously and it
springs forth, you know...it just happens.  Whether it's a woman or
whether it's a man.  It's, you know, suddenly there's a spark and it is
what we call, so far as I know, love.
     And there is sort of a very nice feeling about it and the whole of
my metabolism changes and I feel really great that, you know, that I can
love, and my love is being appreciated".
     Anyway, because I had said sex, they did what is known as a Second
Dynamic Assessment.  And the Second Dynamic, as most of you probably
know, is to do with sex, family, you know, men and women, children, and
all that type of thing.
     So, the assessment consisted of a list of male, female, man, woman,
children, a child, and all sorts of things to do with the Second
     Right.  It was duly assessed on the meter and the charged item was
"a child".  Now, in those days there were many processes but they hadn't
been put together in the way they have been put together now.
     So, I was run on what is known as Overt/Withhold then.  The
commands were slightly different from what they are these days.
However, with the charged item being "a child", I was run on a
repetitive process of O/W,
     "What have you done to a child?"
     "What have you withheld from a child?"
     Well, what have I done to a child was asked and I looked, I had
been a school teacher, and I looked at all that and I thought, well I
haven't really done anything of any great significance to a child.  I
have always tried to help them psychologically.  Because I had taken a
degree in Psychology prior to going to medical school.  And, I looked at
all of that and then as the commands were being repeated, suddenly I was
spiraling and as if I was out of time, just spiraling.  Until I was
looking at a little baby's body and I wondered what am I looking at?
And then suddenly it dawned on me, I was looking at this body when it
was a tiny baby.
     What am I looking at that for?  And I realized that I, the being
who animate this body, was trying to tell the parents of the body, who
would be known as my father and mother, that I who animates the body am
not the baby.  The baby is the body that you have created, however I
could not communicate.
     All I could do was open my mouth and out came something like a cry.
And the frustration produced more cry and more cry and more cry because
I could not communicate.  And I was trying desperately to tell them
something that was very important to me.
     Now, in that particular period of time I became so frustrated, and
of course my father was pretty frustrated too with all the noise this
little body was making, and so, he thought, he told me many years later,
that I was taken to a child psychologist who...this body was taken to a
child psychologist with me inside it, and the child psychologist said,
"There's nothing wrong with the baby he is just being naughty.  Beat
     And so, before this body was three months old it was being
thrashed.  And of course, this was even MORE frustrating because I had
intended no evil in trying to communicate and I could not understand why
this body was being hurt, why I was feeling pain.
     And then, in this awful frustrating situation, which was being made
worse by being beaten, I the being, cursed this body as a trap.  I
cursed it.  And in that instant I discovered why my body had had cancer.
Why I had had my stomach removed because of cancer when this body was 26
years old.
     I had cursed it and so sowed the seed then for what in my early
20's turned out to be cancer.
     So, in that session, in the first 20 minutes, I discovered what had
brought about the cancer of this body.  What I had done to bring it
     Now, if it had not been for this function of auditing I think this
body would have been dead for I would never, NEVER, have found out that
particular thing which was IN EXISTENCE BUT AS YET NOT OBSERVED.
     So, it took 20 minutes of an auditing session for me to discover
that, that the miracle of it was the pain stopped and that is now 24
years ago.  And I have never had it since.
     So, I was in a state of exultancy I suppose.  I went on completed
the 25 hour intensive and looked at other things, lots of other things,
but I had discovered what I had done to a child.
     And in doing that to a child I had withheld from the child a
healthy life.
     Now, it was so exciting to me.  I went to the Dean of Medical
School and I told him that I had discovered this thing, this particular
function, and I wanted to learn more about it.  I wanted to go and do
the courses so that I would understand how to do it myself.
     And so he said to me, now remember at this stage I was over 30, and
he said to me, "Well my boy most of you qualify far too young.  So, I
would say that's a very good idea for you to take a year off, go and
study that, and bring it back to medicine".
     So that was my purpose, for I wanted to tell the whole world and I
wanted to take it into the medical world, for I considered that this was
the one thing that was lacking in the medical world, this understanding
of the being and the body.  And of course, as you know, in psychiatry
they have resorted very much, to the handling of the body.  Like
lobotomies, leucotomies, transorbital leucotomy, shock treatment,
psychotropic drugs.  All these things are handling the body, there is NO
attention to the being, the spirit, that which animates the body, the
     And I felt I would be doing a great service for the medical world
and of course, the whole purpose being, for mankind as a whole and for
life if I studied how to do this and then was able to do it myself.
     So, I then started doing a course in Johannesburg, in South Africa,
in May 1960.
     When I had finished that course our step mother was by then the
Director of Processing in Durbin.  And she sent a telegram to
Johannesburg saying that she wanted me to go down and audit in Durbin.
So, off I went.  To audit.  I was the only auditor in the Organization
at the time.  And, I was finding out all sorts of things.
     Now, the very first person I had to audit was a woman who was
married and had two children and she had become a complete psychopath.
She had been in a mental asylum.  She could not feed herself.  She
couldn't wash herself.  She couldn't dress herself.  And she was brought
everyday, either by her husband or her mother who was a medical nurse.
She would stay with me, I would audit her for 2 1/2 hours in the morning
and then 2 1/2 hours in the afternoon.  They had paid for 100 hours of
     Now, I ran her on CCH's.  That's Communication, Control, and
Havingness.  Now, as you communicate, you see the whole idea of these
processes is that you indicate to the being, through communication, that
the body can be controlled.  And as you do that, then, the being
realizing that the body can be controlled, increases it's own havingness
of the body and so comes back and begins to control it's own body.
     Now, I used to have to sit with her during lunch time and feed her
her sandwiches.  And then, after the lunch break was over we would
continue for the afternoon and then her husband would come and fetch
     Well, before the first 25 hours was over she was able to feed
herself.  Which was ONE improvement.  Then, the beginning of the next
week, she came in and she couldn't get to those sessions fast enough.
She came in to show me that she'd washed her hair and dressed herself.
And she was now communicating, talking.
     Anyway, we went on and the changes in this person were remarkable.
So that to me was an incentive to carry on doing it.  After that, I had
other people whom I audited on, you know, more verbal processes because
the CCH are communication, and they are control and they are havingness,
however they are mainly directed at control of the body.  Now, the other
auditing I did was different but more like the auditing I had when I
started, like Overt/Withhold and Problems and things like that.
     So that was all very exciting.  Anyway, that was my first
experience of being an auditor other than on the Hubbard Professional
Auditors Course, which I had done in Johannesburg where, as you know for
those of you who have done training, you audit each other.  That's how
we did it then and that's how we did it when I got to the Briefing
     So, now, some time after that, 1963, I went to Saint Hill to audit.
I'll tell you how these things happen.  Well, mainly I went to do the
Special Briefing Course which was the most advanced training one could
get on the Planet at that time.
     My going there was seemingly rather strange and could be taken as
not very pleasant for I was in the family business, because my father
wanted me in the business and so I had...I continued to audit but I left
working for the Organization and I went into the family business.  Well,
by that stage I...my father had wanted some auditing, so I had said OK.
And I had worked out a way of doing it, because he was my father or the
father of this body, he didn't have the same reality about it as I did
at that stage and it didn't matter.
     So, instead of demanding that he should answer the questions.  I
said to him, "I will give you a question or command.  Now, I will watch
the meter and I want you to tell me when you have answered it, you can
speak if you wish but if you don't want to speak you don't need to.  So,
I will watch the meter and when you indicate that, you know, you tell me
that you have answered the question I will just check it on the meter
and see".  And so, we went along ahead, we went merrily along and we had
pleasant time.  He was thoroughly enjoying it and he was making gains
for himself, he was seeing things that he hadn't looked at that way
before simply because of the repetitive questioning.
     Then, after a few weeks of this he began to talk a bit and tell me
things, cause he sort of began to feel that it was quite safe to tell
me.  Anyway, my older brother and his wife and various other members of
the family began to think that I was having an evil influence over my
father.  So, after what about a year I suppose there was a family feud
and I was summoned to my father's office.  I was also a director in the
family business.  Anyway, he called me in and he said, "Unfortunately
you are your mother's son.  You have never got over her death.  You have
always been the odd man out and we just don't want you.
     So, I was very close to tears at this stage and there was no point
in crying so I said, "Dad, remember my gates will always be open and the
next time you see me it will be when you come to me".  And then he said,
"We are giving you just one chance.  You can go to Saint Hill and study
the Saint Hill Special Briefing Course".  And I said, "Very well, that's
what I will do".  And that is how I landed up at Saint Hill.
     Anyway, I had dreamed of it as a mecca of learning.  A palace of
silence where people learnt and learnt.  However, when I got there,
((laughs)), I took one look and I thought, "Oh, how funny.  This is
worse than anything I've ever seen".  All these people running around
dramatizing rudiments; 'I've got an ARC break', 'I've got a PTP", 'I've
got a Withhold', 'I can't do this today because I have a PTP', 'I can't
do this today because I've got an ARC break', instead of getting busy,
they were all running around dramatizing rudiments as if Ron Hubbard had
given them a game to play and they were going to play it to the full.
     And I thought, well I'm not wasting my time having rudiments all
over the place and all out, and I made a, you know, a rule with myself
that I kept all rules of every course I did.  No matter if the rule
seemed ridiculous or not I kept it.  Simply because if I hadn't kept it
I would have had rudiments out on the course and then my attention would
be stuck on my own out rudiments and I would not be able to benefit, you
know, in a maximum way from the materials that were being provided.  Nor
would I benefit from the auditing that we were doing.
     Well 1963 happened to be a very, very, good year for the Briefing
Course in the way it was being...you know...the things that we were
running.  It was a triumph in research really.
     However, I am just giving you a bit of the background as to what
auditing became for me and why it was so incredibly exciting.
     I made many gains on that Briefing Course.  I'll give you some
examples.  In those days, we didn't have lists provided to us.  You
know, and saying this is the way you are.  WE WERE FINDING FOR OURSELVES
((editor's emphasis)).  And we were very lucky to have it that way
     You know, like, I suppose people still find their own Service
Facsimiles, but we were doing the research into that on the Briefing
Course in 1963.  We were also finding our own goals.  And once we were
listing for implant goals at one stage and then we were listing for
actual goals at another stage and then we were listing for...you see
first of all we were doing it this way.  When you were being audited you
were listing for goals.  When you got what was called then a rocket read
on the meter, when a person stated his goal or her goal, then...and it
checked out on the rocket read, that was regarded as a goal.
     Now, you wanted to find one a bit nearer to present time and a bit
nearer to present time and a bit nearer to present time.  Well that
might have taken as long as it took for one to have them.
     So, then Ron Hubbard decided no it was going to take too long.  In
the meantime, we were digging up all these items.  Of course for
different people different things were coming up.  However, they were
digging up their own.  And they were their own goals.  Not something
that was written on a great big list and saying this is the way you are
     So, then Ron Hubbard got a bit impatient with that and he thought
well no we must list for present time GPMs.  Present time goals.  What
is your present time goal?  And then we could work back from that rather
then coming from eons ago working toward the future, coming up to the
present time.
     So, a fascinating thing for me and I'll just give you my story
really, the others are probably equally interesting and may be even more
interesting.  However, we were listing...I had a marvelous auditor
Heather Herman, she's a girl from Capetown and she was my auditor at the
time when we were working for present time goal.
     Now, we listed and listed and listed and then we ran Service
Facsimiles to run off charge and then we came back to listing for the
Present Time GPM and then we ran Service Facsimiles and then back to
running with the Present Time Goal.
     So, now we discovered...  One morning I went in there and I knew
something was going to pop out.  It was just sitting there but I was
holding it back until I could get into session.  And then, Heather
started the session and started listing and we were off and I said I
know what it is.  My Present Time Goal is to TELL THE TRUTH and the
meter just went berserk.
     And Herbie Parkhouse came charging up and had a look and he said to
her, "Oh!  Catch her while she's hot!  Catch her while she's hot!"  He
hadn't heard what I'd said.
     So, then the goal checked out.  So, that evening Ron Hubbard was
lecturing in the Chapel.  And whenever a Present Time GPM was found it
was written down and put on his dias, on the platform, on his little
altar thing behind which he sat.  And he came in that evening and he
said, "Oh!  A new Present Time GPM!"  A new Present Time Goal really.
He said, "Auditor:  Heather Hermann.  Preclear:  John McMaster.  Goal:
To tell the truth.  Present Time Goal, to tell the truth.  Supervisor's
comment, 'very unreal for a Present Time GPM' ".  And Hubbard looked up,
he almost seemed to look out through the ceiling of the chapel and he
said, "Well, so much for the supervisors comment, so far as I am
concerned for this particular person, this is very likely to be his
Present Time GPM".
     And I glowed inside me because I knew it was and I was so glad and
so happy that this man, Ron Hubbard, had validated the thing and given
me the freedom to carry on.  Because if that had been invalidated by
him, I couldn't care less about the supervisor, but I knew it was, my
auditor knew it was, and Ron Hubbard knew it was.  So, now I was free to
     Well, we went back to continue listing but then after that we
listed again for Service Facsimiles and ran Service Facsimiles.  Well, I
want to tell you something that struck me why I think auditing is so
important...cause I tied up so many things in my life.
     So, one of my Service Facsimiles was to communicate.  And I was
asked, "How does to communicate make you right?"  You know with the
Service Facsimile Bracket is,
     "How do you use so and so to make you right?"
     "How do you use so and so to make others wrong?"
     "How do you use so and so to avoid domination?"
     "How do you use so and so to dominate?"
     "How do you use so and so to aid your own survival?"
     "How do you use so and so to hinder the survival of others?"
     Well, I was using communicate to make myself right and I was using
it to aid my own survival.  I was not using it to dominate and I was not
using it to avoid domination.
     So, we ran that off, now I am mentioning this one particularly,
because if you remember I told you, when this body was a baby it was
attempting to communicate and could not.  Could only cry.
     So, I learnt very quickly, as a baby, how to talk.  How to use
words cause that's saved me from alot of trouble.  In fact, it did help
me avoid domination.  It certainly made me right and it certainly aided
my own survival but I never used it to hinder the survival of others.
But there was alot of charge on it.  But it tied up in my life.  It was
a Present Life Time Service Facsimile.
     And then, of course, there were other things as well.  Now all of
this took place in this function that we called auditing.  And various
wonderful things happened.  Like I told you the circumstances under
which my father had insisted that I came to Saint Hill.
     Now, during one of these sessions, to tell the truth, you know the
goal to tell the truth, and running the Service Facsimile, you have got
to be able to communicate to be right, sort of thing, I looked at the
situation between my father and me.  And I was able to take almost
complete responsibility because I understood, apparently, so much more
than he did, but I did not know whilst I was living in the same
environment, that I understood so much more than he did.  I just assumed
he understood and so I had been irresponsible in assuming that he knew
more than I did because he was an older man.  Fact of the matter is he
     And as I took responsibility for those things which happened
between us and I blew all my own aberrations on it and the charge on it,
a wonderful thing happened.  It was in one session when I realized what
I had done to bring about the situation between my father and myself.
And all of a sudden, out of the blue, as long as it take to get a letter
from Durbin, South Africa to Saint Hill, Sussex, England, there was an
airmail letter for me, from my father saying, "Dear John, I am so glad
that you have found such a worthwhile thing to do in such a troubled
     And I just thought, my word, how wonderful, that there is this
telepathic communication, because I hadn't written and told them
anything.  I was just working, working, working at auditing.  I was
determined to find out what was in existence and is yet not observed.  I
was going to be able to perform that function so that I could help
others and in order to do that I had to work, work, work with every
ounce of integrity I had whilst I was being audited.  For I considered
it the most incredible gesture, compliment, or whatever that someone
could sit there and audit me.  Run processes on me.  To me, that was
something wonderful and I didn't want to waste the other persons time
and I didn't want to waste my time and I wanted to use every split
second of it to find out as much as I could possibly find out.
     So, you see, because of that first 20 minutes of auditing that I
ever had, in which I discovered how I had brought about the condition of
cancer in this body, obviously, I valued auditing.  And I did want to be
able to do it well and to be able to communicate about it to the world
at large so that people could find out about it.
     So, in due course I graduated from the Briefing Course.  And I had
never spoken to Hubbard previously and he sent for me the day I was
graduating and he said, "John McMaster you have done a fabulous job on
the Briefing Course", and I said, "Oh, thank you, have I?"  He said,
"Yes, you have.  Pull up a chair and come and sit next to me".  And so I
did and we talked about the Briefing Course and recent **** what I
enjoyed most.  And I told him about how I'd thoroughly enjoyed the
running of Goals or GPMs.  And how I'd thoroughly enjoyed running
Service Facsimile and all the discoveries I'd made and it was a fabulous
experience and I thanked him very much for it.  And then he said, "Do
you want to work here?"  And I said, "Yes, I'd loved to".  Well, he
said, "Well, anytime you want a post here, there is one for you".
     So, I said, "I am going to the Channel Isles now because I have got
to go and earn some money.  And I am going out there on a special
assignment to audit some old time Dianeticists and Scientologists.
     So, he said, "Right".  So, I said, "As soon as I've completed that
job and I've done it well, I shall come back and come on staff".  And
then suddenly I thought, "Well, I'd better tell you, Ron.  I am not a
Scientologist.  I have never been a Scientologist and I never will be.
I am not even interested in Scientology.  All I am interested in is
continuing researching what we're all about and using this function that
we called auditing".
     And Hubbard said to me, "THAT IS JUST WHY I WANT YOU, JOHN
     Whether that is so or not I have no idea.  However, I thanked him
very much and I said that as soon as I had finished the job in the
Channel Isles I would be back.
     So, I went over there and there again I saw auditing working,
working, working.  It was wonderful.  This function was becoming...every
time I audited I learnt something.  And I saw some wonderful things
happening to the other people.
     So, it's a tool that I am so greateful to have learnt about.  I
have been able to help many people with this particular function, this
tool into truth.  Cause it is a tool into truth.  As you find out more
and more about that which is in existence and is yet not observed, so,
you know more and more and more about what is.  And so you come nearer
and nearer to truth.
     For me, a very, very important function.  Finding out about truth.
And if we found out, say many of us, many of us were to find out more
and more about truth we would find other things to do than constantly
wanting to defend ourselves.  Spending millions, billions of dollars and
pounds on self defense.  Defense of a nation.
     Well, if we were in agreement that 90% of the nation had found out
more about what is in existence but as yet not observed, if they had
found out more about that, they would have their attention on far
greater things than self defense.  And that money could have been spent
on more and more research into what we are all about instead of being
spent on nuclear weapons with which we can completely annihilate
     Now, if you look at the behavior of Prime Ministers and Presidents
and members of Parliament and members of Congress and all these types of
things, if you look at their behavior you will see the incredible need
they have for finding out more.  They are so myopic in their
appreciation of life.  They have only got these certain things, they are
blinkered.  They cannot look beyond those particular things.
     Now, say, this is why...I do not wish to be a revolutionist.  I do
not wish anarchy at all.  I wish auditing to be made available for
people so that man can free himself/herself from man's incredible
inhumanity to man...
     There is only one function about which I know that could help man
to discover these things which will put his attention on the mountain
tops, over the rainbow, and help him to realize that we could live in a
completely different style of living.  We wouldn't have to think about
hurting each other, we wouldn't have to think about the possibility of
annihilating the planet.
     You see, there's a compulsion there.  If you look and if you study,
I wish that you all would study these things, if you study the
technology of a Service Facsimile, study it and see the need that people
have to make themselves right, to make others wrong, the need they have
to dominate, the need they have to avoid domination.  The need they have
to aid their own survivals and in so doing hinder the survival of
     Look all around you at what is going on.  Just have a good look.
And see for yourself, look at that technology of a Service Facsimile and
take it as a tool, not a means of being clever, not a weapon, not a
means of observing an auditor be cleverer than someone else.
     Use it to observe, as a tool to observe, and to help you to
understand why you do some thing you do, and why others do some things
they do.
     And then you will begin to see that when you get a whole nation
doing this type of thing you get a government that does the same sort of
thing.  The electorate, the people of a nation, put that particular
government into power.  And in the long run a nation gets the government
that it deserves.
     And I don't mean deserves in a negative sense.  Like, if everyone,
every person in the electorate observed life through the eyes of a
person who can audit, a person who can perform that function, observed
life this way, and I mean REALLY perform that function, not run into the
traps of being superior because you can audit, no...  An auditor, if he
is doing his job properly, is there only for the person who is being
audited.  He is there to make that space as safe as possible for the
person to be able to look and find what he is there for to look and
     And that is the function of an auditor, not to be more important
than the person you are auditing, not to assume that you know what the
person across the table from you, that you happen to be auditing, that
you know all about him.  What you must know is that there is only one
person on Earth who knows what is really there, for him, and that is the
person himself.  And the only way he is going to be able to unEarth
that, to dig it out and bring it to conscious view is by having a space
safe enough and being gently directed towards those particular things
which imprison him.
     Because things like Service Facsimile imprison you.  They compel
behavior patterns.  They compel actions.  And then you get to a point
where you are doing things you do not know you are doing.
     And a very important thing which evolved later was a process by
which people sought to find out what they were doing that they did not
know they were doing.  How often have you said to yourself, "I don't
know why I did that" and questioned yourself.
     Well, there are ways and means of finding out why you do things
that you do not know the reason for doing.  And this, is why again I say
auditing is a fantastic tool by which you can find out reasons why you
do what you do and do not know why you are doing it.
     It is not something that God has made you do.  It's not something
that anyone else has made you do.  It is because you have, for various
reasons, a 'magnetic' field within your own universe that pulls in those
particular things that happen in your life.
     Now, in auditing, you can discover more and more about your own
electro-magnetic field.  Which is all to do with, if you like, mind.  I
prefer not to use the word mind for it such a vast generality.  It's
just a word that encompasses all the unknowns.  And as you, say, find
out more and more and more about yourself, so your removing various
things that are classified as mind, however they are not mind at all.
     They are things stored away in your beingness, and whether you
accept past lifes, physical past lives or not, I think it becomes fairly
apparent as you go along with auditing, the realization that you are not
the body you happen to be animating.
     That you are the being, the spirit, the psyche, call it whatever
you will, that animates that body.  If that seems rather strange and you
think I am this body, well, that's OK if you wish, however go and have a
look at a dead body.  Just go and have a look at one.  A dead animal's
body.  If you haven't got a human body, if you haven't go a hospital
near you where they will let you look at things like that, then just
look at a dead animal's body.  Look at a dead tree, a dead plant.  And
you will see a fantastic difference from the way it was when it was
alive and being animated.
     So that which animated it has gone away.  Right.  We call that
death.  So, and death, strangely enough, has had so many mysterious
connotations placed upon it, going to heaven and going to hell, whatever
it may be.  However, it is something where people find it difficult to
     So, if you have a good look you will realize, well, I have realized
for me, and I won't superimpose my realizations on you, however, I have
realized that death is a transition, sometimes brought about unknowingly
and sometimes brought about by an unknowing postulate, for people
whether they are old or young have a postulate there that could very
likely bring about the death of a body when they are unaware that they
have got this postulate deep down, that is bringing about the death of
the body.  It might be young.  It might be very old.
     But they don't know that they've got it.  With a function like
auditing you could get a person to find out that postulate, that they've
got running that's compelling them to do something they do not know they
are doing.  In other words, bring a body to death and they do not know
they are doing that because the postulate is there.
     Now whether the being made if for himself or not, whether somebody
else made it and superimposed it, there is, in the electro-magnetic
field of that being the attraction for that postulate.  So, whether the
person was source of the postulate or not he is taking it over and is
wearing it as his own.  So he could bring about a premature death or for
instance when a body gets old and feeble, people are subconsciously
postulating that they want to get out.  They don't want to be trapped in
an old and feeble body.  But consciously, they do not know that they are
doing this.
     Now, I would like you to look at this, something that was close to
me in my life because I told you about the dissection of the Theraimen
Ovalae, which led later to the transplant of hearts, human hearts and
animal hearts and so on into other bodies.
     Now, I want you to see this or I would like you to see it, let me
tell you how I have seen it.  You see, the being who is animating that
body is having difficulty with having a heart.  He is definitely having
difficulty with having a heart.  So, he couldn't have one heart.  Now
you put in another one that is in perfect condition.  Not one person who
has had a heart transplant has had a very long and successful life so
far, but some of them have been more successful than others.
     Now, if a person had auditing in relation to that condition prior
to the surgery and the person was able to discover what it was that he
or she could not have about a heart and you ran out all the
considerations in relation to a heart and then, because if the heart
that he had or she had had not completely recovered and had been so
messed about that it still needed a replacement, by the time you put in
the new heart the person would be able to have it.  Because, you see, in
the medical world they say the body is rejecting the heart.  The body
can reject nothing.  See, what can a dead body reject?  Exactly nothing.
It is the animated body that rejects and the body is being animated by a
being and it is the being who is rejecting the heart because he has
already rejecting the one that he's got, that is why he has got to have
it replaced.
     Now, if we could get people's awareness up to a stage where they
realized obviously a body can't reject anything.  It is the life of the
body, the being, the psyche, the spirit which is rejecting the heart.
     So, now I hope this makes sense to you.  For it hasd made such
sense to me and I would love it to be known so that the medical
world...and then you would help me, if you would do this, you would help
me to fulfill my postulate for finding out all about auditing and that
was to bring it into the medical world, to help them be successful.
Cause I can assure you no matter how hard or callous a medical
practitioner or surgeon or whatever may be, he's had to steel himself to
that in order to be able to cope with failures.  Cause nobody likes to
have an failure and no body likes to see people die.  It is a great
sadness for the person whose performed the surgery when the person dies
but he has to steel himself against it.
     Now, if we could get this knowledge to the person, this simple
obvious knowledge that a dead body can reject nothing, only an animated
body can reject, and it is that which animates the body that is doing
the rejecting.
     Now, this is why the function of auditing is so incredibly
valuable.  It does not matter about the Grades and the Levels or
whatever.  What matters is that people can discover wonderful things at
any Grade, at any Level.
     There is no particular thing that should be discovered at this
level or that level or anything else.  I discovered, for instance, in
what is now Level II, I discovered the reason why my body had had
cancer.  Why I'd had to have my stomach removed when I was 26, when this
body was 26.
     I discovered that I, I who animate the body, had cursed it as a
trap and brought about the deterioration of that part of the body which
was most vulnerable, for me.  And so it became cancerous, had to be
     Now, I'll tell you another thing by which I saved my life.  I was
having these terrible pains from an early age before I was even 10 years
old.  They used to come in cycles.  They came about every June and
they'd last then they'd go away and then they'd come every October, then
they'd go away.
     Now sometimes they were unbearable.  But I was terrified of telling
anybody because in those days, because our step mother was interested in
all sorts of things, and our mother had died when this body was 6 years
old, I had taken on all these things and my own mother had been
interested in them too, the ***Karma, which is part of an oriental
religion and several oriental religions, the idea that you have to pay
back with pain and suffering in this lifetime for all your crimes in the
other lifetime.
     And I thought well alright I am paying back karma for what I have
done before and when I was in my last year at school before I went to
University, I had this pain, it was really worrying me and I was getting
worse and worse and worse and I went for a walk through the park during
the lunch hour with a friend of mine and I said, "Gordon, do you know
about karma?"  And he said, "Yes, I've heard something about it why?"
So I said, "Well, it seems to me that when the person pays back his
karma they always seem to get to a point of death and die.  I want to
pay back all my karma, with whatever suffering I've got and I would go
right to the point of death but when I get there I do not wish to die.
I want to know that I've paid back all my karma and I want to go on
living, until I'd found out a lot more things."  "Oh", he said, "That's
     Anyway, so I made another postulate you see, I made the postulate
that I would go to the point of death.  Now I didn't know anything about
auditing or anything like that or postulates for that matter but when I
was 16 years old, the year in which I left school, I made the postulate
that I would pay back all my karma and suffer everything I had to suffer
and I would go to the brink of death and in fact at one stage they did
think, in the hospital, this body was dead after the surgery.  And it
wasn't dead.  I came back.  I went to the point of death and came back.
     Now, the karma I was paying back for was not neccessaryly out of
past lives at all.  It was out of the things I had done that I did not
know I had done consciously.
     I did not know that I had cursed this body.  So, I was bringing
about something which was the death of this body.  However, I saved the
body dying simply by making that other postulate, that second postulate
which was, I will go pay back my karma and when I have paid it back and
have reached the point of death I will come back and live.
     Well, that happened.  Well, I wouldn't have known what had gone on
until I remembered it all during auditing sessions.  Because I hadn't
forgotten any of these things but I'd never thought that they were
particularly important.
     But in auditing, when I was being audited and subsequently when I
audited myself on solo auditing, I have discovered how...not only the
negative things, nothing is either negative or positive really, it's
just one does something to bring about something and doesn't know ones
done it to bring about something.
     Now, I'll tell you another very interesting thing which was to do
with this, after that first session I had another session.  Quite some
time later.  About two years later when my wife and I went back to do a
new course which was called the course of R2-12.
     And we were studying this course and I was loving every second of
it and I was moving like quick lightening, grease lightening or whatever
the expression may be.  And anyway I developed a new type of thing.
Penny and I thought the cancer was back and I was terribly distressed
and I had an intensive.
     Anyway, during that intensive, I went back in memory to where I was
standing next to the grave side when my mother, my mother's coffin, was
being buried or let down into the grave, into the pit if you like.
     And my father gave me an Iceland poppy which is one of her favorite
flowers, and when the priest or the minister of the church said, "Ashes
to ash, dust to dust", and so on, he, my father didn't want me to throw
in any**** He asked me to throw this Iceland poppy in.
     And I dropped the Iceland poppy and I watched it floating down,
like a butterfly and it landed on the head side of coffin.  And whilst
that flower was floating down I was thinking, thinking, everyone...there
were hundreds of people there and they were all so sad and my father was
crying and everyone else was crying and I thought well I mustn't cry
now, I must work it all out.
     And I was working it all out, and working it all out, and working
it all out.  Right.  So, when I had worked it all out I looked up and in
the middle of everything I just spontaneously said to my father, "Daddy,
I am going to die at the same age".
     And he said, "What!  What are you talking about?" sort of thing and
I could see I'd absolutely shocked him, so I never thought about that
again and I'd never forgotten it.  But I'd never thought about it again
because I'd realized that I'd, I'd said something that wasn't
     So, in this particular session when I was going through this
strange recurrence of what I thought might be, a recurrence of the
cancer, and I thought I was a failure, and I was really feeling very
grief stricken cause I thought I was gone.
     Anyway, I said to my auditor, because for the first time I asked
myself the question, "What was I thinking about for me to say that to my
father?"  And there it was all just sitting there.  If anybody had
thought about it at the time, I would never have had to go through all
the things that happened later.  That's why the auditing is so
incredibly valuable.
     If somebody had said to me what were you thinking about just before
you said that John, I would have told them cause I still remembered it.
And as I remembered it, see whilst that flower was floating down to fall
on top of the coffin, and I was thinking, I was thinking to myself,
"He's got a son, my older brother, and he's got a daughter, and he
doesn't really want me anyway and I'm the one whose most like my mother
so if I take her place, then everything will be alright.  Cause I'm the
one whose most like her and she and I were the greatest friends.
     So, and then it came to me well if I become her I'll have to die at
the same age.  Oh, that's alright it seemed hundreds of years away she
was only 33 when she died but it seemed like hundreds of years away.
     So, I thought, "Oh, that's nothing.  I can die at the same age".
And so all I said to my father, because I'd worked out everything, I
said to my father, "Oh, Daddy, I'm going die at the same age".
     You know, in thinking well that's alright that's solved everything.
Q. E. D. Quad Ed Demonstrandum.  However, it didn't solve anything at
all.  Because all my life I was doing something I did not know I was
doing.  I was trying to be my mother.  Because all of the working art of
my thinking, what brought me to say, "Daddy, I'm going to die at the
same age", was suppressed and it was compelling my behavior patterns.
Compelling me to try and be my mother.
     Well, of course, I was incorrectly equipped in the first place,
however I did not know that I was doing that.  So, do you see, why
auditing can be, well for me anyway,...was so incredibly valuable.
     Now, I don't say it only for me.  I am running me for you to give
you reasons or to give you the picture as to why, for me, it was
something I felt so vital.
     You see, because afterwards when I qualified from the Briefing
Course and I worked at Saint Hill I was doing many things.  I was
auditing, auditing, auditing, auditing.  I gave much more auditing,
thousands and thousands of hours more auditing then I ever had, you
know, from other people.  I have audited myself obviously for many, many
     However, in every session that I have given and, if you could
contact the people that I have audited, you would find that this
statement that I've been making would be verified, every single one of
them won.  And it was my consideration about auditing that I am there
for you.  Whoever it is I am auditing.  I will do everything I can to
make the space safe enough, safe enough for you to find out what you
want to find out.  I will impose nothing.  And if I feel that I am sort
of not making the space wide enough I will do all I can to make it
wider, and wider, and greater.
     I'll expand it in to every dimension I know how and I will keep on
learning how to expand it further and further and further so that you
may discover those things which you need to discover.
     Of course, you see, if as an auditor you sit there with blinkers on
and you cannot receive everything and anything that the person being
audited is saying, you are putting on a stop.
     Now, I have seen people who've called themselves auditing actually
using the process they are running as a defense.  A defense mechanism.
They are using the process to protect themselves against what the
preclear is saying.
     And, in other words, trying to stop the preclear from actually
saying something that the auditor couldn't have.  So an auditor had
better keep raising and raising his confront to the extent that he can
receive anything and everything with no judgment WHATSOEVER.
     And to enable the person he is auditing to feel that he MAY say or
she may say anything and everything that comes up without having to
edit, cause the moment that a person feels obliged to edit, fears that
you are waiting for a specific answer, the person is NOT being audited.
The person is doing something else, you see.
     The person is considering that he's suppose to be doing something
instead of just giving that immediate, spontaneous thing that comes up
as he is given the question or the command, he or she is given the
question or the command.
     Of course, you see, sometimes if you are sitting there and you are
reflecting and your editing and you thinking, "Oh, that's not important,
that's not important, that doesn't really answer the question" and so
on, and that's why an e-meter is so important because it reads
subliminally.  And if the auditor is watching it, he can pick it up.
     And he can say, "There, there".  When the person's going to gloss
over something cause quite often, something is coming to the surface and
as you look at it, it sort of the precursor of it's arrival, you think,
"Oh that's, that's not important" and you gloss over it.
     In the meantime, that might be the very gateway that's going to
open the vista right into the truth you are seeking.  Right into the
facts you are looking for in order to free yourself from some particular
behavior pattern or something that's going that you are displeased
about.  Or to find out what you're doing that you do not know you're
doing.  Or to find out what you are doing to make yourself right and
make others wrong.
     All these types of things lie there in the person's spontaneous
answer.  And the freedom the person feels to be able to say anything
that comes up and not have to edit it because of the expression on the
auditor's face, because the auditor doesn't look as if he can have it.
     An auditor is there to be able to have, and to indicate, that he
can have anything that the person he is auditing wants to say or
suddenly sees.
     If they don't make sense, encourage the person that you are
auditing to say anything and everything.  The very thing that he glosses
over, and watch that meter, watch that meter for the tiniest tick, cause
that can be the gateway to, and I'll use the word, to paradise for that
particular person.
     When he suddenly realizes that what he thought was insignificant is
in actual fact THE thing for which he was looking.
     And so, you can run out death postulates, premature death
postulates.  You can let people have them but if a person wants to go on
living, you can help them find out what he is doing that he does not
know he's doing to bring about his death.
     In other words, he is fulfilling some postulate which may or may
not be his or hers, to have the body dead, when he doesn't want the body
dead, really, he wants to live till tomorrow because there's something
important going to happen.
     Maybe he's going to win the football pools.  And he wants to win
those before he takes off.  He wants to go out in fact on a win and not
a negative.
     And if we could...cause you see...with auditing you can achieve
wonders.  Call them miracles if you like.  I know I've been involved in
things which, you know, people have said miraculous.  Well, so far as I
am concerned it is an event.
     It is a possible event that is available for anyone and everyone.
And I don't wish to become, you know, to become in a sense Messianic in
quoting this but...well, I won't use the word "but" I'll remove that and
I'll say "and", it is to me a known reality.
     The words of Jesus, "These things I do ye shall do and greater
things.  Seek and ye shall find for the kingdom of heaven is within
     And if there is any function on Earth at this stage that will help
you to know for sure with no doubt whatsoever that the Kingdom of Heaven
is within you, that function is currently known as auditing.
     It does not matter to me what it is called, but know that function,
use that function well.  And I can promise you this, you will never,
ever be sorry.
     It is a wonderful tool.  That has been made available for we who
live at this time on this planet.  So lets use it well ourselves and
pass it on to the generations yet to be.
     And I will quote Rupert Brooke here, "Set it on a banner that man
may know.  To dare the generations, burn and blow out on the winds of
time, shining and streaming".
     And I'll quote from Shakespeare in relation to the Independent
     It's magnificences, it's effortless magnificences, IS BEING
SUPPRESSED.  It is being used to entrap.  And so, I observe for myself
with great pleasure that so many people have seen for themselves now the
need to preserve the function of auditing.
     So we have got to face these facts.  Preserve the function of
auditing.  And into auditing we will FIT THE NEW DISCOVERIES AS THEY
     So, I will quote this in relation to all of that, cause it is over
15 years now since I resigned from Scientology seeing what was going on.
It has been, in a sense, physically a lonely 15 years, telepathically
not lonely, but physically a lonely 15 years.
     I did not wish to influence anyone.  They had to find it out for
themselves otherwise it was worthless.  And then all of the sudden in
May 1984, I heard, thanks to the reconnection group, that there were
these independent groups.  And I was delighted because they are
wonderful people most of them, maybe all of them.
     And to start off with, it must have been like the Duke's speech,
the exiled Duke from the play, "As You Like It", when he is speaking to
the people who have come with him, the people who are loyal.  And he
     "Now, my co-mates and brothers in exile,
     Hast not old custom made this life sweet then that of Painted Pomp
     Are not these woods more free from peril than the envious court
     Here feel we but the penalties of Adam
     The seasons difference as the icy thong
     which when it bites and blows upon my body
     even till I shrink with cold
     I smile and say
     This is no flattery, these are courtiers that feelingly persuade
     me what I am.
     So, in relation to this function auditing about which I have been
communicating with you, let it be a courtier that feelingly persuades
you what you are.  Take it and generate it.  Generate it across the
Earth, generate it further, if you wish.
     Preserve it.  And into the whole concept of auditing PUT WHATEVER
     However, please bear with me on what I have said and realize that
what is currently in existence is a means of going a long, long way
toward discovering all the things you want to discover.
     There is wonderful technology in existence.  I have only said what
I have said for there will be MORE TO KNOW.  WE WILL FIND BETTER WAYS OF
     There are many people on Earth, as yet, who've never heard of this
function auditing.  And when they come, eventually, for auditing, when
we have made it something so safe and certain and such an effortless
tool, when they come there will be maybe new discoveries, for there are
many, as I said, untouched as yet, and from these we might get so many
new ideas in presentation and also in things that are in existence and
as yet not discovered.
     So, I am not discrediting what we have, in fact, with what we have
I have found out SO much.  So, I can only be exceedingly happy and
grateful for the technology we have.  And grateful to those who have
applied it in such a way that I could find out what I do know.
     And I am looking further and further DISCOVERING NEW THINGS
EVERYTIME I AUDIT.  And now I audit myself mainly.  And I am very
grateful for having learnt the function.
     Strangly enough I find now I can be gentle with me and I can help
me to discover me which is rather nice.  I have, as you know, had much
experience.  In the beginning of 1965 Ron Hubbard gave me the technology
and research hats of Scientology.
     Well, as I told him I was not particularly interested in
Scientology.  And I considered them the research hats of what we are all
about.  Well, I can assure you that in my research I have found lots of
things.  I've been able to help me and help alot of other people.  And I
have thoroughly enjoyed it.
     However I also know that there is more to be found.  Quite a lot
more.  I can see it then.  I haven't worked it out.  Now, anyone can put
on a research hat.  The thing is learn first to be a very safe auditor.
To be safe so that through the safety you generate a person can look
further and further, deeper and deeper, and bring out those things
which, for that person, are in existence but as yet have not been
     So, both things are valuable.
     I consider the function of auditing the more valuable for it is
through the function that one has discovered the technology we have and
through which we will discover further neccessary technology in order to
take ourselves, each one of us, into realms where we will not be
spending our time, our energies, and money is an energy, evolving new
means of nuclear weapons with which to so called defend ourselves by
annihilating others.
     For this time, it appears that whatever annihilation takes place in
so called self-defense, that annihilation is going to boomerang.  It is
not self defense.  It is total destruction.  And as I know basically
there is no one on Earth at this time who really would like nuclear
warfare, entire annihilation.  There's no one who basically wants it.
     So, I ask you, please, look at this function of auditing.  Take the
tools we have, the technology we have, apply them so that we can find
out more and more.
     Apply them with a confidence and an effortless safe certainty,
knowing that there is no one alive on Earth who basically, really, at
this time wants annihilation, either for himself, herself or any other.
     For any of the things that we have there is underneath the behavior
patterns that have brought about the current existing condition on
Earth.  Behind that they are the unknown complusive behavior patterns
that people have because they do not know what they are all about.
     Now, with auditing we can help them find out what they are all
about.  You see, we have to reach so many people.  We have so many to
reach and particularly we have to see that in electoral systems, in the
very, very near future, the people we vote into power will be
enlightened people.
     People who have had auditing.  Who appreciate the value of this
function and who know much more about themselves than the current people
who have been put in power.  For in actual fact although it is called
power it is not power.  It is a means by which each one is making
himself right.
     Now, I do not say this in a derogatory sense, I say it simply
because it is so obviously factual.  Listen to the debates in the House
of Commons.  Listen to what goes on in Congress in America.  Listen to
what goes on in most parliaments across the world.
     Just listen.  And you will see Service Facsimiles screaming at you.
Just screaming at you.  Now, if those people had auditing on Service
Facsimiles, and they will quietly smile at the way they have been,
because they will never be that way again.
     So, let's get auditing on the road, on the great highway to truth
and generate this quickly.  So that in the very near future all those
people who are there in the administration of life, in governments, will
have this understanding that we have and are privileged to have.
     It is not ours to keep away from them.  Once one has it, it is
obligatory that it shall be generated and generated quickly.  It is
every man's.
     Auditing is the tool by which using the technology available one is
able to give to another his ability to find his or her truth and then
ultimately truth itself in relation to all life.  And everything,
strangely enough, has life.
     So then, please have a look at auditing if you haven't already done
so.  And even if you have done so look at it and expand it.  See what it
is really there for.  And with it you will never fail and you will help
each one who comes your way to discover, to become more aware...
     John McMaster
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