(first) engram on the chain which may be in a past life.
accessible to run first, but may not be able to complete it, until even
accessible to run first, but may not be able to complete it, until
     Once you find the basic (first) engram on the chain, you erase it
you need to get the late life sorrows first, MOST IMPORTANTLY THE FUTURE
     So when you first start a case, you scout around for the earliest
LONG before happens, during first conception of death on the matter.
early, so they will try to run late life engrams first and won't go near
you an early sorrow first, but they won't lift.  So you try to find
     Death and loss begin to weigh on our heart when first conceived,
     'Basic' usually means the first incident on a chain, but with
makes no case gain.  THIS then is the first address to the case.
talking 2 or 3 years old, first awareness of death.
     First awareness of death and permanent losses starts this going.
     But be sure to run the earlier beginning at the 'first breath'.
     Last breath's will not clear without clearing 'first breaths'.
     And remember these come in chains, you need to get the first first
     Also his first last breath the past, and is last first breath in
     Those are his first last good byes.  and this last first hellos.
     But to recover his love for his mommy you need to run out first
     Then work it back to first awareness that one day mommy would be no
you contemplate your existence with another billion for the first time.
now I am thinking about who is going to die first, me or Jane, I keep
     This is also a major statement which people will at first glibly
again, for the first time.
     The first level of NOT-ISness was used by the preclear to get
good thing.  In the first case looking made things vanish that he wanted
the first not looking!
     First there is the beauty of vanishment, which is native state.
     Solution to unwanted vanishment was first not looking.
     At first there is the beauty of things not persisting.  This is
Persisting Evil.  That's where he first decided that it would be nice if
     At first the person is happy to have a good memory.  That's the
     At first the person does not smoke and can't imagine ever smoking
      But the primary addiction of course is to First Hellos and Last
created a universe with other people in it in the first place and has
Last Decision and the First Decision.
harmonics down from the first entrance into the staircase at the
when you first became aware of the possible or impending loss.
      Thus going for the first moment of actual loss will miss the
earlier beginning when he first became aware that the loss would happen
      When you are trying to clear someone you want the FIRST engram and
      The first engram is probably somewhere around the beginning of this
actually an aesthetic and desirable expression of 'First' Hellos and
first effort of any healer is to make more of what he is trying to heal.
hasn't even said his First Hellos to yet, just to get it done and over
with.  Thus he suffers ALL of his last Good-byes BEFORE he has any First
step in the dance of life.  That's because there ARE no FIRST Hellos,
      And a 'First' Hello to a Clear is ALWAYS 'See, I told you so!'
      Once you declare a meeting as a 'First' Hello, you open the door
for a 'Last' Good-bye.  This is because a First Hello implies that in
until now, then you have come together for the first time.  But if you
have come together for the first time now, then you can go apart and
future were postulates of FIRST HELLOS.  First Hellos in the past imply
engrams.  But a First Hello is a loss too, its a gain of something YOU
      A First Hello is a DIDN'T HAVE.
      There is actually more LOSS charge on the FIRST HELLO than there is
doesn't remember that he set these surprises up.  The first surprise he
      The CHARGE on the Last Good-bye comes from the charge on the First
resist it to his last breath, but the real resistance is to the First
      To solve his last good byes, he will SEEK new first hellos, but no
matter how many he finds, if he finds any, new first hellos will never
      No future first hello will EVER heal a past last good bye, but
      If you want to run out the death of mommy run out the First Hello
      Being able to handle First Hellos and Last Good-byes almost defines
first, make sure you get the postulate, or you will just be giving him