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>And one doesn't need to be ex-Go, ex-OSA to run those ops, but it does 
>"help". They either don't know what they're doing, or they do, hard to say 
>which is worse, but I'd say the 2nd is worse.

     Well when someone can't afford to let someone else be right and
admit they are wrong themselves, they will pick a fight at every turn.

     No matter WHAT you say, they will find something to counter it,
even if they have to fabricate to do so.  It becomes pretty obvious.

     Also when they turn to ad hominem, like 'known drug pusher' as if
that somehow throws doubt on your statement that 2+2=4.  Even a drug
pusher can be right.  It also implies that the accuser has NEVER been
a drug pusher himself, ever etc, so we see how far their reach and
willingness to have been are.

    KP for example revisits old false rebuttals all the time, like
the one that I believe he doesn't exist.

    FIRST he avoids answering the point by SIDETRACKING the
argument into something that is irrelevant.  Whether I believe
he exists or not, has nothing to do with the fact that I am
CLEARLY assuming he exists for the purposes of the debate.

     He knows this.  He is grateful for the out from having to
actually take up the point

     But worse, the idea that I think he doesn't exist
is his misduplication.  Again, needing to find a reason to
fight, he isn't listening to me clearly enough to see that
there is no reason to fight.
     Any the last time he brought it up, I explained very clearly to
him what the real situation was, and he even acked it, saying ok, now
he understand etc.  Yet here he is again, using it all over again.

     He also likes to use the term "irrelevant".

     Irrelevant to what?  Clearing?  Getting better?  Tech?
Understanding the nature of the AllThatIs?

     Anyone who thinks my material is irrelevant to the well being of
their future is gone.
     That's like me saying UCP is irrelevant!
     He also uses the world hallucination a lot, but seems to
demonstrate a lack of understanding about what a hallucination
actually is.

     If one believes in external actualities for which one's
experiences are merely symbols pointing to the actual referent, then
having an experience that implies a referent that does not exist would
be a hallucination, particular if one didn't know the experience was
in error.

     But if one believes that experience is all the actuality there
is, beyond the experiencer of course and the underlying actuality that
connects us, then calling any experience a hallucination is absurd.

     There is a deeper level of hallucination which is to assign
significances to experiences.  One feels a mental mass in the way of
one's mocked up thetan hand moving through one's body.

     OK, so that's an experience we call a mental mass.  To say the
being is hallucinating is again out of line.  He experiences what he

    Same thing for disincarnate beings.  If I have a good session
with a being in a sleep dream, who am I to say the being was not

     If I have a fight with a demonic entity in a sleep dream, and it
wins and I lose, who is to say the being was not actual?

     KP declares as hallucination a whole slew of things that he just
has no possible hope in hell of knowing are hallucinations or not.

     He is 'certain' of things that he CAN'T be certain of, and thus
unable to be certain of things he can be certain of.  Until the false
certainties are cleared, the true certainties will never become
     Anyhow, you can tell them by how they 'pick fights'.  You have
known people out looking to pick a physical fight with someone,
anyone, no matter whether they did something or not, and the need to
mock up that they did something even if they didn't do it.

     Well Koos, KP and others do the same thing.

     It's OBVIOUS.

     But pointing it out, won't change it.  The need inside them to
pick the fight is overwhelming and absolute.  Only the impingement of
life that shows them their safe solution is more dangerous than being
forthright will bring about change.


>- CBW

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