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                          18 July 2006

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     There are Qualities, Objects and Classes.

     Objects are collections of qualities.

     Classes are collections of objects.

     The set of all qualities that define an object is called the
Object Quality Set.

     All objects have an Object Quality Set, and anything that has an
Object Quality Set is an object.

     The set of all qualities that define a class is called the
Pertinent Quality set.

     The pertinent quality set of any class are the qualities that are
both common and unique to it.

     Common qualities are those qualities which are common to every
member of the class, that is every member has those qualities.

     Unique means that every object that has those qualities (as a
group) is a member of that class.

     Brown is a quality label.

     Joey, my dog is an object lable.

     Dog is a class label.

     Quality, object and class are class labels.


     A nothing is an object with an empty quality set, this is there
are NO qualities in its quality set.

     A something is an object with a non empty quality set, that is
there are SOME qualities in its quality set.

     There can be only one nothing.  If there were two different
nothings, then they would have to have two different object quality
sets that differentiated them.  Hhowever if two object quality sets
are different, then at least one or both of them are not empty, and
thus not a nothing.


     There are qualities of Being and qualities of Relation.

     Qualities of being are qualities that an object has alone,
unrelated to any other object in the universe.

     Qualities of relation are qualities that an object has by virtue
of its relation to other objects.

     Existence is a quality of being.  Inertial mass is another.

     Mass is a quality of being, as a physical object may have mass
without respect to other objects.

     Weight is a quality of relation as weight depends on the
relationship between the object and another object, for example the
Earth's gravitational field.


     There are 5 broad kinds of qualities of relation.

     Qualities of spatial relation, next to, on top of, bigger than,

     Qualities of temporal relation, before, after, coincident with

     Qualities of material relation, heavier than, denser than, etc.

     Qualities of energtic relation, faster than, more powerful than,

     Qualities of causal relation, is the cause of, is the effect of
is the father of, etc.


     Qualities of relation are equally true of both objects which are
in relation.

     It is true of the ball  that the ball is on top of the table.
     It is true of the table that the ball is on top of the table.

     Qualities of relation can usually be expressed by an opposite.

     It is true of the ball  that the table is under the ball.
     It is true of the table that the table is under the ball.

     It is true of the spoon that the spoon is to the right of the fork.
     It is true of the fork  that the spoon is to the right of the fork.
     It is true of the spoon that the fork is to the left of the spoon.
     It is true of the fork  that the fork is to the left of the spoon.

     Sometimes these relationships can be hidden by the language in use
at the time.  The weight of a mass is usually expressed in terms of a quality
of being, but it is really a quality of relation.

     It is true of the Earth that the Earth pulls the ball.  It is
true of the ball that the Earth pulls the ball.  It is true of the
Earth that the ball is pulled by the Earth.  It is true of the ball
that the ball is pulled by the Earth.


     An object can not have a quality of relation without at least one
quality of being, namely existence, in both objects.

     Existence can be physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual, or
any other kind of existence that is not nothing, that one might care to

     There is hypothetical existence and actual existence.  A unicorn
can have hypothetical or contemplative existence, and a horse has
actual existence.


     Aloneness is a quality of being.

     Unaloneness is a quality of relation.

     The AllThatIs is alone as there is nothing outside he AllThatIs
to which it could be in relation.

     Any part of the AllThatIs is unalone.


     A symbol is an object that is used to refer to a referent.

     A referent is an object that is referred to by a symbol.

     Symbols and referents are TWO DIFFERENT OBJECTS.

     Symbols and referents each have their own independent object
quality sets.

     Some of the qualities of the symbol are mapped to qualities of
the referent.

     Symbols can have picture form and data content.  Picture form
means geometric congruency or similarity with the referent.  Data
content means data about the referent is encoded in the symbol.
Picture form is one form of data content.

     Any two events that are causally related to each other are
referent and symbol to each other, earlier to later.  Thus if event A
causes event B, then B is a symbol for A.

     Symbols and referents always have a causal pathway between them,
or else the symbol would never have come to be used as a symbol for
the referent.

     Data content is somewhat conserved along the causal pathway but
degenerates according to causal distance between referent and symbol
of final authority.

     A symbol of final authority is the symbol used to 'learn' about
the original referent by an observer.

     One can not learn with perfect certainty about a referent by
looking at a symbol that is a different object than the referent.

     Mechanical learning in the physical universe is the process of
learning about referents by looking at symbols.  The intervention of
space and time between referent and symbol guarantee that they are two
different objects and thus this process can not provide certainty.

     The most accurate symbol for a referent is the referent itself.

     Self luminous consciousness is a self symbolizing event.  However
in this case learner and learned-about are one and the same object.
Only in this way can certainty arise.


     Statements of fact are statements of the form QUALITY BELONGS TO

     Statements of fact are not always true.

     Truth is a quality of relation between a statement of fact and a
given specified actuality.

     "This house is red" is of the form 'Redness belongs to this

     Redness is the quality, and this house is the object.

     The statement of fact is true only relative to a given specified

     Certain statements can be true even though nothing exists at all.

     "The first 6 digits of PI are 3.14159 regardless of whether anything
exists at all or anyone exists to know it.  In this sense there can
be absolute truths, statements which are true whether anything
exists or not.

     Thus it can be true that something exists, and it can be true
that something is true.  The "specified given actuality" for these
latter kinds of truths we call 'Truth in Heaven'.  Not because
'Heaven' exists, but as a place holder for existence when nothing
exists at all.


     There are 4 kinds of statements of fact, and thus 4 kinds of

     DEFINITIONAL TRUTHS are true by definition of the words within
them.  "A circle is the locus of points equidistant from a given
single point."

     OBSERVATIONAL TRUTHS are true by observation.  "I see two or more
different colors when I look at the world around me."

     LOGICAL TRUTHS are logically true.  Joey is either a dog or not a
dog.  If all dogs are mammals, and Joey is a dog, then Joey is a

     INTUITIVE TRUTHS Something can't come from nothing, and something
can't go into nothing.


     Certainty is a quality of relation between a knower of statements
of fact and the truth of a given specified statement of fact.

     Being certain you can't be certain of anything, is absurd.


     Therefore certainty exists.

     Uncertainty can exist.

     To doubt this is to prove it.


     There is,




     Followingness means event B followed event A.

     Dependable followingness means that as observed to date, event B
always follows even A.

     Necessary dependable followingness means that event B MUST follow
event A.

     All causation implies necessary dependable followingness, and all
necessary dependable followingness implies causation.

     Although event B may be observed to follow event A, there is no
observation of the NECESSARINESS of that followingness, thus no
observation of causation, thus no assurance that event B will always
follow event A because it must.

     Dependable followingness does not prove necessary dependable

     Corellation is dependable followingness.

     Correlation does not prove causation.

     Effect does not prove cause.

     Causation is not sufficient to witness causation.

     Necessariness is not observable in the physical universe because
there is nothing in event B that indicates that it MUST follow from ev
ent A or even that it did.

     Thus causation between event A and B remains forever a theory as
long as one can only observe the beginning and end points of
causation, events A and B.


     The state of an object is the state or contents of its quality
set at the time.

     An object is any event in space/time or anywhere else with a
quality set.

     An object that has moved to a new unit of time is a new different
object as its quality set is not identical to the object at the prior
moment of time.  They at least differ by time stamp.

     A process is a change in state in an object.

     A process chain is a chain of changes in state in a series of
objects (events) that form a causal pathway.

     A casual pathway is a chain of events that are causally related
to each other, one to the next.

     A causal chain produces a chain of objects which are referent and
symbol to each other.  Each object before in time is a referent for
each object which is symbol later in time.

     Each symbol later in time records data in its changed state about
the nature of the referent that caused it to change state.

     State however does not prove prior state, and thus does not prove
change in state.  One can not tell with perfect certainty if an object
has changed state merely by looking at its present state.

     Thus looking at the state of a symbol does not prove that the
symbol has changed state, and thus does not prove that the symbol
received an effect of causal relation from the referent, and thus does
not prove anything at all about the referent.

     Thus learning about referents by looking at symbols does not
produce certainty.


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