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>I disagree that you as ISP are responsible for a customer using your
>system to conspire with cohorts to commit a crime. Or maybe actually
>committing an IP crime. As if were supposed to know in advance of its
>happening and prevent it.  You can cancel their account after the fact and
>attempt to do damage control, but the horse is out of the barn. Were you
>or were you not responsible for the person's acts.  You provided the means
>for them to do the crime.  Did you do something unethical by providing the
>means, knowing full well that customers CAN use your system to commit

    I am responsible for all the actions that I engender in the world.

    A simpler example is the gun manufacturer.  Is he responsible
for the crimes committed by the manufacture of guns.  The answer
is yes.  But he is also responsible for the good that comes from guns.

    By agreement society deems that it is better to have guns than not,
so the gun manufacturer is not taken to task for the bad use of his
guns, however he is put under some pressure to make sure only good
people get guns.

    In the case of an all knowing, all powerful gun manufacturer,
yes any crime committed by his guns would be his direct or indirect

>That is a matter of your viewpoint. We are so far afield at this point I
>doubt we can retrace in the detail it would to be fair to either of us.

     Piece of cake.

     "All that flows from God is Good.
      Man that can do bad flows from God.
      Therfore man that can do bad is Good.
      Therefore it is GOOD that Man CAN DO BAD.

>I make no claims for logic *in general* when doing theology or pastoral
>counseling.  I have talked about what I call the "single-valued logic of

    Yes, you talk garbage about single-valued logic while using
two valued logic to talk about it.

    There isn't ONE thing you can say about single-valued logic
that isn't USING two valued logic to say it.

    Give it up Carol, philosophical pompousness is a high crime before


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