CB Willis (cbwillis@adore.lightlink.com) wrote:
>Except by God's defn perhaps: God beheld the Creation and saw that it was
>Good.  And Beautiful, I might add.  Nature is part of that Creation,
>though there is evolution in nature as well.

    Yes, your God is one sick puppy.  If any HUMAN had created
this universe and populated it with other sentient beings, we would
consider that evil beyond comprehension.

     Humans in fact take great exception to other human's play God,
because God is a monster, and the last thing we need is human's
emulating His propensity for creating 'Nature' and throwing sentient
beings to the lions against their will, without their consent,
for his own personal edification.

>No weasel. We've been over this before, and here it is again: 
>incarnation, distraction of the senses and worldliness away from things of
>the spirit, poor education (parents and teachers who don't teach about
>things of the spirit, or model life in the Spirit), still in process
>regarding recovery of more of a fullness of understanding. Even if the
>child has a poor education, he may magnetize and respond to the finer
>qualities in people and culture, and from there find a door into spiritual

     Total weasel.  Where does incarnation come from?

     All these things are not fair chosen by the poor being
suffering them.  The being is THROWN into carnation by your God
to suffer willy nilly the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune.

     Where was the being CONSULTED on his own desires in the matter,
his own preferences in being dumped into the sea of ignorance and mistake?

>>     Your God creates these things by design.

>Design allowed for the possibility, even the probability.  We can make use
>of these challenges. 

    Yes we CAN make use of these challenges Carol, but do we WANT to?

     I do not want to, I consider myself RAPED by your GOD, thrown
into a gladiators pit without my consent and against my will and
against my Eternal protest.

>Some have early opportunities, fine education and role models, reminders
>and sparks along the way, recall quickly the life of the spirit, then
>spend a lifetime applying consciousness and beingness to the circumstances
>of life in the world and elsewhere.  Most who arrive at the conscious life
>of spirit have some combination of both.

     You say this as if the random alotment of opportunity both
positive and negative is some grand and admirable scheme.

     What about for the child born of abusive killer parents,
what is that child going to say to your God?
>>>Only the same answer I've stated here for 7 years. 

>>     You have not answered question, what GOOD is there to the Bad?

>>     You have merely stated where you think it came from and what we
>>ought to do with it now that we have it.  

>As far as I'm concerned I've answered the question.

     Good evidence for being retarded.

>Somthing is not answered for you, but I don't know what it is.
>Again, agreement is a separate issue.

     There is nothing to agree with, you haven't answered the