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>CB Willis (cbwillis@adore.lightlink.com) wrote:
>    <telepathy to know what you are talking about instead.>>

>I think his words make sense, but are wrong, because what he is looking
>at when he thinks of "Logic" and what you are looking at when you think
>of "Logic" arent the same thing, although the words on your computer
>might not disclose the actual difference to you. So in actual fact,
>literally speaking, if you would use telepathy you two probably would
>be in agreement with eachother, if you can duplicate eachothers
>pictures of "logic". 

     CBWillis is a woman.

     You be could right, but I disagree in this case.

     I do not believe that God is *GOOD* in any human sense of the

     I believe that God is AUTHOR, the goodness of an author is not
the goodness of his characters.  Good characters, good humans do not
create evil people for entertainment, nor do they create overwhelming
odds in the form of atomic universes to keep them on their toes and
to guarantee that one day ALL games will be lost.

     Virtue for the Creator is not virtue for the Creature.

     I further believe that God as Author BECAME his own Creatures,
thus there is no separation except in illusion between Creator and
Creature.  Thus the Creator is fully responsible for the actions of
the Creature and the Creature is fully responsible for the actions of
the Creator as they are in fact one and the same.

     Further the jump by the Creator into being the Creature was fair
chosen with full knowledge of the consequences, so there was complete
consent and approval, as no one is doing anything to anyone else but
himself at all times.

>I must agree that homer has a better picture of
>what logic actually is, because CB's statement implies that logic is
>something that gets in the way of seeing truth. Only alter-ised logic
>does that. 
     OK.  My position is that there are truths that are ineffable,
literally can't be expressed in the language of IS and IS NOT.  One
can only know this through direct perception, no I have not had this
vision personally, but I can accept the possibility and even
probability of it.
     Notice however that my assertion that IS and IS NOT *IS*
inadequate to ineffable truths, is USING the langauge of IS and IS NOT
to make that assertion. Thus we are walking on shakey language grounds
at best.
     Words may thus fail one when trying to convey the ineffable,
however they can be used as a tool to guide one to the experience,
even though to the end, the words may never express the experience.

     As AMI has suggested, anything beyond time may be beyond logic,
IS and IS NOT and all the rest of language.  One might suspect the
timeless state to be a rich ground for ineffable truths.
>So when
>CB and Homer are talking about "Logic", I think Homer is talking about
>a better picture of what Logic really is, and CB is correct based on
>what he thinks "Logic" is, and I am sorry the current society messed up
>logic so bad that many people think of bad or useless things when they
>think of "Logic". I suggest Homer assume CB's viewpoint and as-is the
>facsimile CB is looking at.

     Unfortunately I would not be so kind in my estimation of CB.

     I do believe there are engrams as you say that have phrases in

      One goes:

      1.) God is Good
      2.) God created Man
      3.) Man is bad

     People who are stuck in the engram/GPM, parrot the phrases but
are unable to see the illogic in them and break out of the nonsense.
We can argue with them forever, but they claim they are being logical
and answering all challenges in good faith.

     In reality they are not understanding what those challenges are
as they can't think through the pain of the engram, and in the end,
they continue to parrot the same old phrases over and over again.

     The pain in the engram prevents them from seeing all three
phrases at once at which point they would be able to see the illogic
and blow the bullshit.

     As these are probably life and death engrams, the person may very
well get sick and die unless the bullshit is handled smoothly and

     Me I don't care, I would rather see them dead, as that one
engram/GPM that we have been discussing with Carol has been
responsible for more death and suffering in the past 10,000 years than
all the natural disasters put together times 10.