One can choose to distinguish between

    1.) The ACT of creating
    2.) The end product of that creation, WHAT was created.

     Given this it then becomes possible that the ACT of creation
might be GOOD even though WHAT was created is BAD.  We assume that
WHAT was created was exactly as it was intended in the ACT.

     Thus we can come up with a Syllogism that Carol will probably
agree with.

    All acts of creation by God are Good.
    Man was created as an act of creation by God.
    Therefore God's act of creating Man was Good. 

     Notice this does not say MAN is Good, only that the ACT of
creating man by God was GOOD, even though man himself is BAD (or not
perfectly GOOD).

     This does however imply that it can be good to create something
bad.  No way around that.

     The problem with:

     Everything that comes from God is Good

     is that it is talking about the end product, the WHAT was
created, so of course it implies all end products of God are GOOD.  If
Man is one of those end products, then Man must be Good too, no matter


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