You see this subject of perfect certainties is very important.

     For one it opens the gate to perception of perfection, and thus
*DIRECT* awareness of perfection.

     People can believe in perfection, that 'God is perfect' all they
want, but belief is for losers.  Once you have direct perception of
perfection, then it is no longer a belief.

     Perfect certainties are in fact the first perceivable perfection
among many others that exist, that's because if one can't perceive a
perfect certainty, how can one be certain one has perceived any

     So to perceive any perfection and to know that one has without
question perceived a perfection, one MUST first be able to perceive
perfect certainties.

     Once one can perceive perfect certainties, only then can one
perceive other perfections.  It is quite in vogue to consider that
things are not perfect.  One finds out this is wrong.

     There just simply IS no imperfection to anything.

     Only in the numbing atmosphere of doubting doubt, can one even
hold the idea that something is imperfect for long without laughing
one's self silly.

     The descent of the being from perfect certainty of perfect
sovereignty falls down through 4 self chosen steps.

     They are,

     Certainty of Certainty
     Certainty of Doubt
     Doubt of Certainty
     Doubt of Doubt

     At the top the being is certain and he knows he is right, can't
be wrong.  He is also certain of doubt, and when he doubts something
he KNOWS he doubts something, no question about it, no chance of being

     Then he CHOOSES to doubt a perfect certainty, he has the
certainty well in hand and commits the overt act of doubt against it
in order to hide it.  He does this for fun and a taste for fear.

     This doubt then becomes self casting, doubting a perfect
certainty causes feelings that are so bad and omninous that the
feelings themselves become further evidence that the doubt is right,
and thus the doubt becomes sealed as a 'certainty' of something that
is false.

     Its not a real certainty, its just a doubt screaming pain and
fire, but the perfect certainties are gone, the person no longer has
his standard of perfect certainty against which to measure contenders,
so his doubt becomes his new standard.

     If it *HURTS* its probably true.

     This doubt is not only screaming pain and fire but is in fact
*PERFFECTLY* unconfrontable as all loss of sovereignty is, so the
being protects himself by doubting that he doubts.

     "Maybe I am mortal, maybe I'm not, who is to know, no one CAN

     He is so afraid to find out that his self casted doubt that he is
mortal is true, he can no longer confront his doubt, thus he doubts
his doubt, claims no one can be certain of anything including doubt,
and thus can not regain his original perfect certainty that he is in
fact immortal.

     Doubting doubt is the sound of a marble rolling around the drain
to hell forever and ever Amen.

     Run with,

     "Doubt something.
      Do you doubt that you doubt?"

     Until pc regains perfect certainty that he exists, that he doubts,
and that he is perfectly certain that he doubts.


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