It is fashionable among the philosophically effete to claim that
anything is true only because it was postulated by someone to be true.

      Was that truth postulated to be true by someone?

      What would happen if someone postulated the opposite, that some
things could be true that WEREN'T postulated to be true?

      Are postulates capable of creating some 'truths'?  Yes.

      Is that true because someone postulated it?

      Of course not, its an inherent ability in Source, the total

      A thetan upon first waking may make postulates that parallel
Sources inherent abilities for the sake of keeping his postulates
aligned with What Is, but to then claim that the What IS exists BECAUSE
of those postulates is getting cause backwards.

      The postulates exist because of Sources inherent abilities, not the
other way around.

      The ability to postulate existed before any postulates were made
about that ability.

      Therefore some things are just true period, and other created
truths are true because we create them as true through postulates.

      The difference of course is the difference between the actual
WhatIs and the virtual WhatIs.

      Postulates can only create truth in the virtual reality, the actual
reality exists and has its own truths regardless of any postulates made.

      One of those truths that exists in the actual reality regardless of
any postulates made, is that postulates can create truths in the virtual

      CERTAINTY is not a created truth in the virtual reality, it is an
eternal truth in the actual reality.  Just as one does not have to
postulate that one can postulate before one can postulate, one does not
have to postulate certainty in order to have certainty or operate it.

      Certainty comes as part and parcel of the very act of postulating
anything in the virtual reality.  Certainty shows you that it actually
happened as you postulated it, its a form of "checking it out".

      Certainty connects the actual reality through the conscious unit to
the virtual reality.  It verifies that what was sourced from the actual
reality through the conscious unit actually arrived and was manifested
in the virtual reality.

      Certainty is part of the process of postulation and exists as
potential ability before any postulates are made.  Postulates can not be
made without certainty, although later postulates can counter postulate
that certainty and try to make postulates without certainty.

      Thus an inability to contact certainty, PERFECT certainty, is in
fact an inability to contact the true fountainhead of Source, and what
was postulated.

      Source does not take kindly to effete snobbery passing as wisdom
and philosophy.

      You either get it right, or you don't get it.

      Basically certainty is the perception of an as-isness, and its
concommittant alter-is's that keep it in a state of persisting truth.

      Without certainty, no as-isness can take place because it just
isn't being fully viewed.

      One does not get to heaven on doubt, and one does not go free on
uncertainty of uncertainty.

      And these are perfect certainties, not gradient scale certainties
that still have a finite possibility of being wrong.

      The guy who says "I AM,... er uh, I think" is gone.

      Certainty of Certainty and Certainty of Uncertainty are the only
way out.

      Uncertainty of Certainty and Uncertainty of Uncertainty are the
only way in.

Mon Sep 26 14:22:20 EDT 2016