(This posting was written in reponse to the following
argument presented by Carol B Willis, who once said "syllogisms
never did much for me."


     All that comes from God is all good.
     Man came from God.
     Man is not all good.

     The intent is to indicate that God, being the creator
of the monster, knowing the monster would probably sin, is not
accountable for the actions or outcomes of his monster.

     In other words even though the monster is culpable and punishable
for its crimes, the knowing willing creator of the monster is not.)

     LOGIC 4

     Take a piece of paper.  Draw a big circle on it that covers most
of the paper.  Consider that this circle represents and contains the
AllThatIs.  There can be nothing outside of this circle that IS.

     Draw a circle inside this circle that contains everything that IS
GOOD.  Everything outside of this circle IS NOT GOOD.

     Draw a circle that contains everything that IS created by God.

     Draw a circle that contains everything that IS Man or related to

     Is the Man circle completely inside the God circle?

     Is the God circle completely inside the Good circle?

     Then ALL of Man *MUST* be inside the Good circle.

     End of Story.


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