CB Willis (cbwillis@adore.lightlink.com) wrote:

>You have gone wildly far afield here, I never denounced the value of logic
>IN GENERAL, only certain what I could consider [mis]uses of logic where it
>may attempt to usurp linguistic intuitions, grasp of intention,
>commonsense, and otherwise making sense including making sense

     So you put 'linguistic intuitions' and 'grasp of intention' above
logical analysis of your statements and the proper use of words?

     That's fine, but you end up talking to yourself, and looking like
a stupid fool unless you state that you are doing this.

     In any case its fine if you wish to use linguistic intuitions
etc, but when you do this, and someone takes you to task for the
illogic in your words, you should simply say, "Yes words fail me, they
are illogical as presented, please try to get what I am trying to say
and don't look at the literal meaning of my words."

     You will get alot further along than saying something *STUPID*
like "Logic (syllogisms) never did a thing for me".

     That "syllogisms never did a thing for you" says much about you
that I don't think you wish to publicize.

     Sound logic is the foundation of all philosophy as it is the
basis of language and meaning, and without those philosophy is just so
much babble of the monkeys.

     I don't know how much training in formal logic you have had, but
if it is lacking, you might want to bone up on what it is and why it
is useful, so that when you run into someone who actually knows
something about logic, you don't come across like a fucking idiot
making nothing of the foundation of all language and meaning.