So let's take a deeper look at Carol's propositions.

     All that comes from God is Good.
     All bad comes from Man.

     Notice that worded this way, some Good also comes from Man,
that's the whole point of this travail, to learn to be like God.

     But let's look at "All bad comes from Man."

     What about the plagues, the earthquakes, the tidal waves, the
hurricanes, the volcanoes, the famines that destroy millions of lives,
crushing bodies, leaving little children homeless, splitting lovers

     What about asteroids that take out half the planet and ruin life
for millions of years?

     What about suns going super nova destroying entire solar systems
and all civilizations on them forever?

     Certainly these did not come from Man, even though Carol once said to
me that people had a choice about living at the bottom of the volcano
so they were responsible for their own suffering.

     No these things did not come from man, they come from God the
creator, who created this universe of thermonuclear explosions and
put man on their planets to fend as best he could against the forces
of the night.

     So is it true that Only Good comes from God?

     If it is not true that only Good comes from God, if in fact both Good
and Bad come from God, what relationship then is there between the IDEAL
OF GOOD and God?

     Does God live up to that ideal of Good?

     Should Man?

     Can Man?


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