After my parents died in 5th grade I moved to Long Island in 6th
grade, and during the first few days of school I made the mistake of
letting it be known to some of the boys that I thought Marilyn
Spielberger was the prettiest girl in the school.  She was bright also,
a rare combination.

     Anyhow this got around, and next day at lunch I was out in the
school yard standing alone and this whole bevy of girls comes over to me
like a school of fish and says in unison "Hey Homer is it true you like
Marilyn Spielberger?"

     I was never able to confront that moment, and it left me haunted
for the rest of my days.

     Now I know what I would say if I could have it to do all over

     "Yes, its a matter of chemistry.  If you were to put me and Marilyn
into vats and boil us down to our basic constituents, and then pour them
together into a single flask, light would come pouring out of it!"

    Let THAT get around.


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