MCT - 7
                            25 December 1993
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     The meatball thinks that consciousness is a name for mechanical
processes going on in the brain, in the same way that dieticians
consider that metabolism is a name for processes going on in the body.
     The dreamball thinks that consciousness is its own thing.
     There are two kinds of dreamballs, Hybrids and Projectionists.
     Hybrids believe in a hybrid theory that contains both the physical
universe AND this thing called a conscious unit.  In this sense the
conscious unit is another part of the whole, a part working and
interacting in tandem with the remaining physical universe parts that
make up the body.
     They envision consciousness as something that can be the effect of
physical forces and events, and also as something that can CAUSE
physical forces and events.  They conceive that cause travels FROM the
physical universe TO the conscious unit, THROUGH the conscious unit, and
back into the physical universe again.
     For example physical sensory data comes in from the physical senses
through the retina, and the optic nerve and are distributed on the
visual cortex of the brain.
     Here the conscious unit overlays the visual cortex and the physical
energies in the visual cortex, which cause a color form display in the
conscious unit, much as a television signal finally gets display on a
color TV set.
     Then the self, which is also part of the conscious unit is able to
see this data right off the conscious color form screen, and so make
decisions based on its desire and knowledge and issue a command back out
towards the physical universe to create a physical action.
     The intentional volition of the self, originating in the mechanics
of the conscious unit itself and NOT in any 'underlying' physical
processes in the brain, travels out of the conscious unit back into the
neuromuscular command pathways of the brain via a second interface, and
the nerve pathways translate the outward going causal flow into body
     Thus there are two hybrid interfaces in this theory.  The first is
the in coming data interface whereby physical data in the visual cortex
becomes translated into conscious color form data for the self to see.
The second is the out going action interface whereby volitional
intention on the part of the conscious unit self is translated back into
physical universe nerve impulses in the brain to be carried out by the
neuromuscular system.
     There would also have to be another set of in coming and outgoing
data interfaces to deal with physically stored memory, but it is also
assumed that the conscious unit has its own memory capacity independent
of the body memory, and which does not depend on the underlying physical
structure of the body for its existence.
     Of course this is a hotly contested and very controversial theory
of things.  Most hardball scientists would reject it out of hand.
     On the surface this theory might imply a violation of conservation
of energy and momentum, because of the influence of the conscious unit.
It has to take energy from the visual cortex to conform its color form
display to the physical data in the visual cortex, and when the self
issues a command to the body, it must be generating impulses to initiate
nerve flow, which involves more energy.
     Even among the hybrids there is contention concerning the role that
the CU plays in such energy transfers.  One group holds that the CU is
merely a stimulus response part in the over all system of parts.  It is
moved by incoming energy, and it in turn moves other parts according to
how it was moved, much as any other state determined part in the system
behaves.  The CU plays the role of gaining its desires and acts as a
computer that constantly calculates what to do based on what it knows
and what it wants.
     The other group claims that the CU has a connection to a higher
universe and can actually inject energy into this universe, and take
energy out of it and does so all the time.  In their view, the CU can
originate actions independently of what is happening to it in the
physical universe, in other words it can do things that are not a
function of its past in the physical universe.  They hold that the CU is
not state determined by its past in either this or the higher universe,
but is of course always state determined by its own present nature.
     This view obviously conflicts with strong conservation of energy
and momentum, but it is claimed that on average the amount of energy
added to this universe is equal to the amount absorbed back out, so the
over all effect is minimal.  This is very dissatisfactory to the
mathematically strict conservationists and state determinedists.
     A deeper look however might suggest that one merely need to
increase the width of one's universe to include the conscious universe,
where one might find that between the two of them, the physical universe
AND the conscious universe, energy and momentum are still conserved.
     But then again one might find that they are not.  The very creation
of a universe at all is the grand daddy of all violation of conservation
of energy and momentum, and if the universe was created at all, then why
not have little moments of creation and destruction going on all the
     Recent mathematical models of the universe suggest that the
universe never was created, it just always was.  The model holds that
both space and time are circular and closed, so one has sort of an
unchanging permanent universe of space-time, forever shining in the
library of spaceless, timeless Eternity.
     As an aside, one of the philosophical reasons that people like to
think that energy is conserved, is because they consider that energy
is what is real.  Since intuitionally they conceive that something
can't come from nothing, nor can something go into nothing, energy,
which is the real 'something' of this universe, must therefore be
     It might be called more accurately, the conservation of Something.
     Although some of the hybrids claim that energy may not be
conserved, what they are all saying is that there are two fundamental
realities interacting with each other, one based on force and mass, and
the other based on will and motivation.
     The meatballs wish to reduce will and motivation TO force and mass.
They wish to reduce PAIN and PLEASURE to PUSH and PULL, as they claim
there is no evidence to support the more complex theory.
     Notice that the hybrid theory IS a more complex theory, probably
exponentially so, however, what the meatballs are really saying is that
they are too lazy to figure it out given a total lack of evidence that
it might be true.
     Philosophers however go at it the other way around.  FIRST they
come up with the more complex theory, not to explain anything they have
observed, the 'scientists' have already done that, but just to do it.
THEN they see if this theory predicts anything new that hasn't even been
thought of before, let alone observed, and THEN they try to observe it.
     WAITING for evidence to come along and FORCE you to change your
theory is a smug meatball's way of getting out of work.  It is also a
way to not rock the boat.  They already have their thesis written that
the universe works this way, and not that way.  Why dream up weird
theories that might predict weirder phenomenon that might then be
observed to exist, when you can just keep quiet, and let everyone be
satisfied with the extant, self consistent and closed body of evidence
and theory that already exist?
     Science can become sort of a self fulfilling body of ignorance.
Ignorance comes from the word IGNORE by the way.  It doesn't mean
stupidity, nor does it mean uneducated or unknowledgeable.  It means the
state of mind you get into when you IGNORE things that are clearly
     Anyhow if the scientific community has a body of evidence that they
have found, and a theory that models the evidence as well as they can
measure it, then you have a closed self consistent system.  This does
not mean it is correct, nor does it mean that MORE evidence is not
available for observation.  It may mean only that no one has thought of
the remaining evidence because it is not predicted by their theory, and
so they may never get around to looking for it.
     So unless such new and unknown evidence comes along on its own
accord and kicks some scientific rump, people can get kind of
complacent.  They sit around WAITING ON CALL for some evidence to show
up.  But Lord forbid they should ever start theorizing something new out
of the blue, that might predict some new phenomena they would then be
obligated to go verify.
     It is politically DANGEROUS to theorize in the absence of evidence
prompting you to do so.  It creates more work for scientists who have
already written their theses and it ruins perfectly good theories that
give people stature and importance and awards in their communities, even
though they are completely wrong.
     Everyone knows they have to change their theories if evidence comes
along, but why push it?
     So you find societies falling into stagnant eddies of scientific
thought.  Their theories predict the evidence and the evidence supports
the theories, and you have a closed system that everyone thinks is the
last word, even though in truth it covers about .00001 percent of
     That's about where we are today with our nuclear physics and quarks
and things.  And don't be fooled, our present theories will NOT advance
very far in the same direction they have been going all along, into more
and more quarks and things and different kinds of sub atomic particles.
They will advance instead into more CONSCIOUSNESS.
     OF COURSE the meatballs scream for proof, they are terrified you
might have it.
     What would happen to their physics if one little thetan could throw
one little spark that someone else could feel?
     What would happen if they put two people in two separate Faraday
Cages, you know the kind completely surrounded with chicken wire so
NOTHING electrical could get through, and these two could still swap
notes on a telepathic basis?
     I mean forget the social, religious and political impact of such a
demonstration.  What about the poor guys in white lab coats.  What would
happen to them?  They would have no where to go.  Their priorities would
fall through the floor.  They wouldn't know where to start picking up
the pieces.  All they were good at was making ADJUSTMENTS to theories,
they never thought they would have to start FROM SCRATCH.
     You see it is still too wild.  They can't even conceive of the
consequences.  It would take a science fiction writer like Asimov or
Clarke to figure this one out.
     Now I am being a bit unfair, this kind of scientific revolution has
happened before including during the late 19th and early 20th century
with the discovery of Special Relativity.  Those guys had to throw it
ALL away and start over again.  And they were up to the job, but me
thinks those days are gone, and those guys are gone too, although they
may still be walking among us.
     You know great advances come in waves, in periods.  For example,
all the really great music happened from 1650 to 1930 or so.  But now
they are gone.  You are NEVER going to get the likes of Mozart, Brahms,
Bach, Beethoven, Chopin, Tchaikovski, Grieg, Mousourski, Rachmaninoff,
and Debussy walking around the planet again.  Music has decayed down to
levels of degradation that those guys never dreamed could happen.
     Today, except for a few exceptions like Bernstein and Rogers and
Hammerstein, and a couple of songs here and there, people put noise
pollution on a pedestal and call it art.
     Same for physics.  Today you have very few people who are really
able to do the work that Maxwell, Faraday, Einstein, Heisenberg, Pauli,
and Borh did.
     Maybe it will take a new breed of person to finally crack open the
next level of how this universe really works.  The meatballs don't seem
to have the depth to do it.  They have the intelligence and the
complexity to do it, but the shallowness of their Divinity is appalling.
     They are like the technicians that Beethoven complained about who
could play his pieces with extraordinary technical skill and speed,
never making a mistake, but who left everyone bored stiff.  They had no
     The same thing goes for today's extant breed of high tech
physicist, they struggle to get that last decimal place in their
equation to agree with reality and then they think they will have it
all, the pinnacle of achievement of conscious thought in this universe.
     For maybe the universe does not work the way they think it does,
maybe they have it all wrong from beginning to end.  Maybe the world
really is a dream as the Dreamball Projectionists think and maybe all
this physical universe nonsense was just an intellectual trap to tie up
a civilization's resources so that they would develop the bomb before
developing a heart.
     And that brings us to the real dreamballs, if there are any of you
out there.  You listening?
     You have your work cut out for you.  NO ONE WILL LISTEN except
those who can see.  Everyone else would prefer to eat rather than wake
up.  Even if the physical universe is true, we don't have to be here.
We CAN be here if we want!  We can come visit the machines, and the
people who think they are machines, and we can argue the philosophy of
those who say we are machines.
     But first and foremost, we need to collect our own kind.  Tap them
on the shoulder, tell them, "You can wake up, remember where you came
from, remember that you DON'T know how it all works."
     Remind them that consciousness-of is consciousness of certainty and
cause.  Remind them that machines can never be certain of anything and
can never know if there is cause.
     Remind them that machines don't care and don't give a damn.
     Remind them that people who think they are machines, act like
machines and shouldn't be in control.
     Keep after them until they know that without consciousness of
certainty and cause, their souls are but Dust in the Wind.
     They will get it fast enough.  Any 3 year old can understand this.
     Then you won't have to be alone when the government and the police
force, and the army, and the Church, and the school teachers, and the
drunken parents, and the religiously insane, and the Psychiatric Zombie
Lords, and the walking dead, come for you in the middle of the night for
waking up people who they would prefer to be asleep.
     There is only one crime in this universe of lies.
     Because it wakes you up from the liars.
     It's a loss of havingness to them, because they have no one to lie
to any more.
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