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     The feeling is that people of good heart will always speak up
publicly, anyone who wants to have a *PRIVATE* communication is up to no
     You know, only bad people have secrets, if you aren't doing
anything bad, you won't mind everyone knowing about it.

     OK, well on the face of it that sounds good, but there ARE bad
people in the world, and it is from THEM that you might want to have a
few secrets lest they use what they find out about you and your loved
ones, against you as a good person.


     There are two uses for the communication lines of the world, we use
them for the markets and we use them for the body politic.

     We use the markets to sell what we have sown and reaped, this is
the purpose of a society and what keeps society going, but we use the
body politic to design the society and its markets in the first place.
     The people as the body politic designs the government and the
markets, and the people as producers and consumers then implement the


     So the purpose of the body politic is to design the government and
the markets, and the purpose of government is to police the markets and
enforce a fair trade.

     A fair trade is a fair chosen trade of equal value for equal value,
where each person is fully aware of all details on both sides of the
deal and is willing to engage in the transaction.

     So as the market, we use our comm lines to do our business with
each other, but as the body politic we use our comm lines to design the
way the government and the markets are going to work in the first place.

     Politics is the design process of the government and its markets,
and business is the operation of that design in day to day sow, reap and
trade cycles of transaction and the governing that keeps it working


     The body politic engages in politics, namely political discussion on
the nature of the government and its markets to be.

     For example is the government going to be a democracy, republic,
oligarchy, monarchy or totalitarianism?

     These determine what powers the government has and how it is
allowed to operate them.  Also who gets to rule and how they get there.

     But the body politic also as to determine the nature of the markets
that are governed.

     Are the markets going to be capitalistic, socialistic, communistic
or a complicated quilt spread of all 3.

     Governments have to do with who gets into power and how.

     Markets have to do with what do we make, how much to we charge for
it, who do we sell it to, and who provides the investment capital and
who reaps the rewards of production.

     Market capitalism is usually associated with government democracy,
and market communism is usually associated with government

     These are arbitrary associations, one could just as easily have a
democratic communism with elections and elected officials just as easily
as a lifetime despot.

     And even in a market capitalism, most families are communistic, the
father works, and shares what he earns with everyone in his family.  He
might balk though at having to share what he earns with everyone else's
family!  :)


     People also confuse politics with governing.

     Politics DESIGNS how the government works, the government then
works in oversight over and operation of the markets.

     So called politicians have very little to do with politics and more
with messing around with the government after it has been designed.

     Very little is designed into the government except the mandate to
create laws and enforce them, and how the officials get into power.

     But governments are free to offer many different kinds of things to
the markets, in the way of services, entitlements etc.  which for
example can be left or right leaning.
     This trying to gather votes by giving people what they want, has
everything to do with politicians running for office, but nothing
whatsoever to do with politics in the sense of political design by the
body politic.


     The communication lines of world by which people communicate with
each other are used by the body politic to design the government and its
markets, but are also used by the government and the market players to
go about their business!

     Both the political and market comm lines are the SAME PHYSICAL COMM
LINES, speech, phone, mail, e-mail, newspaper, magazines, radio, books,
TV etc.

     But the needs for privacy and transparency of the body politic and
the markets are very different from each other, almost diametrically

     The body politic needs to be able to talk safely both among
themselves and the public at large, nothing should be suppressed, and
nothing is illegal as there are no laws yet!
     But governments need to have their secrets to carry out their wars
of guardian ship over the markets, and transparency over the people to
monitor their actions and deal with criminality.

     And worse, then markets need their secrets to carry out their trade
and market plans.
     Thus tremendous conflicts arise when the markets want
secure and private communication lines, and the government wants
everything tappable so they can catch the market criminals trying to
rip off the markets.

     But the good people in the markets need to have privacy to protect
themselves from criminals in the government who wish to do everyone in
who doesn't agree with them.

     It might be quite all right to allow a benign government to have
access to all our market based communications as an objective
disinterested referee to keep the playing field fair and square amongst
all players.
     That is what we designed a government for, to enforce a fair trade
amongst buyers and sellers, to keep the criminals at bay.

     But do you really want the government to know who you are going to
vote for before you vote for them?
     If you don't mind existing or competing governments knowing where
your allegiances lie, then of course you won't mind them reading your
e-mail in the name of catching the bad guys who won't be using e-mail

     If however you feel that people in government might be worried what
the people think of them and are planning to do about them, and you
would like to discuss this stuff in e-mail with your friends PRIVATELY,
to keep you and your's safe from retribution from that government, then
you certainly don't want the government to be reading your e-mail or
listening in on any of your other communications.


     Did you know that in some places on earth merely criticizing a
government is considered capital treason?

     Or God forbid should you ever crack an ethnic joke or write a
sarcastic piece about someone in power.

     Not in America of course where we are free to criticize and crack
jokes about Home Land Security, the Patriot Act, and our government's
various ill considered or selfish wars.

     Did you know that in some places on earth criticizing a government
for an ongoing war is also considered treason as it destroys the morale
of the soldiers and boosts the morale of the enemy?

     The idea that the best way to support our men on the front is to
bring them home is foreign to a government that is only interested in
its own personal survival, war time profiteering or grandiose plans for
a one world one people government.

     What you get back from them is "If you aren't with us, you are
against us."

     Unfortunately there is no way to tell the government "Hey you can
listen in on my market communications, but my political communications
are private!"

     Now in times of great stress where the desire for safety surpasses
the desire for freedom, many will be willing to give up the freedoms to
have their safety.
     "Hey we designed the government to protect us, we don't need to
change or correct it, let it deliver already!"

     We suffer searches at airports, we suffer the government to tap our
phones, and perhaps we suffer them also to tap our e-mail, all in the
name of catching the bad guys.

     During acute moments of panic and trouble, this could be seen to be
a good idea.
     But never to sunset it?

     Democracy, if it is to mean anything, must stand on its own two
feet, it must stand on its own principles, particularly during times of
stress, otherwise it's just another has been.

     Democracy is about more than the right to VOTE, it is also about
the right to SPEAK safely, in particular about the government and its
actions and intentions.

     The left wants to enslave the employer to the employee, and
the right wants to enslave the employee to the employer.

     Now is not the time to vote, don't you see, its time to SPEAK.

     Democracy is not ONLY about the ability to engage in markets
freely, but the ability to engage in the body politic freely.

     It's OK to want to course correct a government in mid stride.

     People like to claim how proud they are to be an American and they
like to spout all the great things that America stands for, but then
they fold up like a morning glory when touched by the darkness of
     Particularly terror fabricated by the government to keep the
populace enthralled by its 'performance'.

     The morning glory democracy attracts yet another kind of person,
they aren't the terrorists themselves who commit all these horrific
acts, but they will sell you a subscription for a pretty penny that
tells you how dangerous it all is and how it will continue to be so,
     We call these people the Merchants of Fear, as they profit from
violating the Constitution in the name of protecting the Constitution.
     They don't just sell you the bad news and warnings, they take away
your rights in order to protect you from that danger and fill the
coffers of the military and police installed to enforce your new state
rights of silence and compliance.

     "If you speak the terrorists will get you, so shut up already!"
     That's fine when the terrorists are real perhaps, but when the
terrorists of first resort are the government itself, then being silent
is not the ideal path.

     Sheesh, it used to be the purpose of the police was to protect your
rights, now its purpose is to protect the rights of the government
against YOU.

     "Don't criticize the government, your government is perfect."

     Is it even possible to protect the constitution long term by
violating the constitution short term?

     Merchants of Fear however, profit from the morning glory closing up
and staying closed as they get paid one way or another to keep you
silent and in fear.
     Who now are the terrorists?


     By far and way, hands down, the best way to make a living on Earth
at this time is to start a war and sell arms to both sides, throw the
whole place into martial law and make everyone work for YOUR living
rather than for their own.

     So you end up in this hypocrisy where America is the greatest
country on Earth and we stand for all these wonderful things, but we are
always at war, so we can't enjoy any of them!
     And God save you if you should speak openly or even privately about

     Speaking openly is called treason.

     Speaking privately is called conspiracy.

     If certain people know that a democracy will fold up at the
slightest hint of trouble, then they will go out of their way to make
trouble to make sure that it does.
     That is absolute, its called evil, and you can always tell evil
when someone is saying that something is for you own good, when it fact
it is for their good at your expense AND THEY KNOW IT.

     Eschew and eradicate these from your life and you will feel better
in the morning when you wake up.

     On the other hand if people know a democracy will stand its ground
no matter what, there will be less incentive for those who would see the
democracy not survive to cause trouble.
     So one has to ask what happens when the government BECOMES the bad

     One has to have a certain level of trust in the government, the
police and the military, to allow a cop in every bedroom and a spy in
every computer to verify the 'goodness' of our every desire, thought and

     When the cops come to save you from the bad guys, they are the good
guys, but when the cops come to save the government from you, they are
the bad guys.

     Police are like fat, once you put them on, you can never take them

     That's because the police depend for their jobs on the absence of
peace and security, once they notice that there is too much peace and
security they will sense their jobs are in danger.

     Then a few of them will take covert action to CREATE threats to
peace and security so that their JOBS are secure even if you aren't.

     They WANT you secure in your insecurity.

     They also get a lot of money and toys from a state of constant war,
let alone a carte blanche license to violence, barbarism and thuggery.

     Their mothers are so proud of them!

     Imagine a whole group of men with a hard on for war, a case of blue
balls that no whore can satisfy.
     Many cops are addicted to power.

     They aren't addicted to peace and security, but they are addicted
to OBEDIENCE through silence and compliance.

     That's why no matter what a cop is doing to you or another, you
must NEVER put your hands on a cop as that is an immediate charge of
assault by you on the cop, you get it?

     Surely if the government were a Divine Oligarchy made of perfect
people, assigned directly by God, then perhaps omni present oversight of
the people by the government and its assigns would be a good thing.

     But we are trying to create and run a Democracy in an arena of
human life filled to the brim with covert evil intention, whose sole
purpose is to squash freedoms and enslave the good to evil ends.

     Their intent is to enslave, imprison, immobilize or destroy.

     Do you trust your government to act divinely?
     Do you even trust your own parents to act that way?


     There is a problem with too much trust in a government and here it

     When law makers outlaw criminals, criminals become law makers.
     When a bad guy knows he can't "get away with murder" amongst the
people, he will get himself elected into power where he will then
legislate his kind of "murder" into law so he can get away with it, and
use the police force or military to help him.

     Thus any hierarchy of power is a place where bad people bubble up
to the top as they are cornered out of the lower ranks of the civilian
masses by the laws against criminality.

     Its not that absolute power corrupts absolutely, its that absolute
power attracts rats.

     It is much easier to skim off the top of society as a Senator or
Chief of Police than it is as a civilian, ESPECIALLY IF YOU HAVE THE LAW
and ITS POLICE FORCE BEHIND YOU with their mandate towards total secrecy
and zero oversight of the government to protect you and cover themselves
     Pretty soon the police state that people elected into power to
protect themselves from bad guys is itself made of bad guys making sure
the good guys stay imprisoned in their cell of protection.

     And that prison cell of protection is paid for by your taxes!

     Talk about Justice.

     Remember when a good person builds a cell of protection that NO bad
person can get into, not even good people can get into it to let him
     This is why certain things that look awfully tempting during times
of stress, namely eradication of privacy or giving government oversight
over all communications, area generally a bad idea because it opens the
doors for the criminals, who have bubbled up into positions of power, to
consolidate their power and do more bad things to the people they were
elected to protect.

     The strongest force we have today for freedom of speech is the
internet, but the internet is but a one way pablum push without strong
anonymity and encryption.

     These make speech SAFE.
     Without SAFETY of speech, there is no protection of speech and that
isn't what people have in mind when they talk about freedom to speak.

     They mean freedom to speak safely.

     This is really very simple.

     Strong anonymity allows people to speak publicly to everyone on
Earth without moderation, trackability, censorship, reprimand or
retribution.  That's called the right to secure public congregation.

     Strong encryption allows people to speak privately to those of
their own choice, and no one else.  That's called the right of secure
private congregation.

     Strong encryption also allows people to sign their own works so
that others can not post falsely in their name.

     And lastly strong encryption allows verification of the integrity
of the communication line, that is what was received got there exactly
as it was said without alteration, either accidental or intentional.

     Strong anonymity and encryption form a necessary and sufficient
mathematical BASIS for freedom to speak safely.

     A basis is a set of vectors that together completely span a
particular space, in this case the space of freedom of speech.

     This is all quite aside from the very real possibility that the
government or its handlers itself may be covertly creating those times
of stress just so they can come to your aid by putting you in a jail
cell of solitary confinement where you aren't even free to talk to
yourself any more, because of the video cameras and microphones all over
the place.

     And once they have microphones that can pick up your thoughts
directly, now you can't even think to yourself, what are you going to

     When the criminal knows your every thought and your every friend
ahead of time, what chance do you have?
     They will take BOTH of you out just to make sure your friend hasn't
been infected by your politically incorrect thought.

     And make no mistake about it, when the criminals want to control
YOU, they WILL go after your family and friends, even your jobs and

     Worse, one of the first things criminals do when using power to
consolidate power, is to let more criminals into positions of power!
     So the more power you give a criminal, the more criminals in power
there will be.

     Now I am not into conspiracy theories, but certain facts are

     Fear creates a festering wound where corruption, temptation and
seduction can grow like a virus without control.

     Corruption is the chinks in the armor of a person's personal

     Temptation is where the light of the Devil shines through those

     Seduction is giving into the light of temptation and crushing one's
integrity under foot like a cigarette butt.

     Once the government and the people get into the idea that its OK to
trade freedoms for security, the door is opened for the government to
engage in Merchant of Fearism itself.

     Or worse CREATE threats to security in order to further justify
taking away freedoms, in order to further consolidate their own power
and personal wealth, through taxes, slavery, imprisonment, and arms

     Yeah I know, maybe this is the way somebody in some foreign
sleazeball government 'over there' might act, but surely no one standing
under the American Flag would ever do such a thing.

     Pardon me while I wax religious here for a moment.

     The following is critically important to a sane and prosperous and
flourishing society, so governments of course hate it.

     The following is a quote from the various catechisms of ADORE, A
Divine Operating Religion of Excellence, parts of which you can find


     The paths of lovers cross in the line of duty.

     For every duty there is a right, and for every right there is a

     Rights are fair chosen exchange for fair chosen duties.

     You choose and are responsible for both.

     You have a right to have duties and a duty to rights.

     No one ever told it to you that way before.
     Justice is a fair chosen operating balance of duties and rights.

     If you want equal rights, seek equal duties.

     The fundamental duty is honor.

     The fundamental right is dignity.

     Honor is the ability to make, keep and trade fair chosen promises.

     Basic promise is to adore operation.

     Adoration IS operation.  If you adore something, operate it.
     Dignity is being the sole operator of yourself.

     Reputation is for those who excel in this field.

     In Excelsis Deo."
     From Adore, A Divine Operating Religion of Excellence


     A politician once said that the purpose of the government was to
protect the rights and freedoms of the people.

     He then said "the greatest right is to be free from fear."

     But at what cost?

     Silence and compliance?

     Freedom of speech can be provided and maintained, but can freedom
from fear even be offered?

     It might even be said that no matter how much fear scares us silly,
we have a duty to maintain our freedom of speech and we do NOT have a
right to freedom from fear.

     These two, freedom of speech and freedom from fear, are mutually
     Those promising the right to freedom from fear can not provide it,
and they must first remove freedom to speak safely in order to provide


     Basically once the majority of people are NO LONGER ABLE to take
out the government should it ever become corrupt, either by force or by
vote, you have, by definition, a police state.

     At the point of a gun you pay your taxes so you can continue to pay
for the gun pointing at you and the mother's son pointing it.

     That's called a political feedback loop.

     Eventually feedback loops like this go screaming out of control.

     A total self perpetuating lock down of freedom, so tight no one can
move, not even the cops.

     Another feed back loop is when a government organization only
accepts employees of low intelligence on purpose, thus one would not
expect intelligent solutions to problems to issue from such an

     Further, stupid people hate smart people, so once an organization
becomes stupid heavy, it quickly becomes stupid heavier as the stupid
persecute and push out the smart.

     Just what exactly is the average IQ of the people in your


     But probably the most deadly feedback loop of all, is when a
government seeks only people who will obey any order regardless of their
own personal conscience in the matter and keep it to themselves.

     Personal conscience is the final arbiter of any decision, someone
who has abdicated control of their conscience to another has abdicated
himself as a son of God over to the Devil.
     And if there is such a thing as the Devil, THIS is what he waits

     As internal oversight within the government begins to fail and
those with intelligence and a conscience are destroyed, pushed out or
filtered before they are employed, the entire government collapses into
a black hole state of criminality that would make even the Devil blink.

     Devil: "Whoa, that's EVIL!  It's *DARK* in there!"

     The mathematically inevitable result is the government becomes
saturated with people who are stupid and conscience free, and so a
monster is created with total power and control that not all the guns in
the world can kill.

     A monster with a hard on for war, total continuous war forever for

     You won't be able to sunset it.

     Or snowdenize it.

     And guess who the endless soldiers of misfortune are?

     Omni good work, and omni amen.

     Thus the protections written into the constitution are there to
guarantee that such a state of affairs can never happen, and that power
will always belong to the majority of people once they wake up, and not
to a government that might have slithered its way into power during the
dream time.


     Notice the best approach to an aborning police state is not force
and violent revolution but exposure.

     Violence and revolution just create more cops who can never be
gotten rid of after they are installed.

     However the light of day, of civilian oversight, shining into the
dark conclaves of corruption, temptation and seduction, busts the viral
wound wide open.
     Thus the festering sore of a self serving government gone infected
by acting as a filter for people without conscience, intelligence or the
courage to speak out, can not long survive.


     Transparency belongs to the sovereign citizen, not to the sworn
civil servant.

     This is important.

     Transparency means being able to see into, to know what's going on
inside the group, and every skeleton in every closet.

     Who gets to knows what about who.

     Dig it and don't leave it.

     If everyone were good, we might not need our freedoms so bad, but
since half the world is bad, we do need our freedoms to protect
ourselves against the bad, even if the bad can use them too against the

     There is something worse than crime, drugs, copyright theft,
terrorism and child pornography.

     And that is a police state.

     A police state at total peace.

     Peace and security through silence and compliance.

     Everyone agreed to be a brick in the wall.