Copyright (C) 1989 Homer Wilson Smith
                Wit is Intelligence.  Wit is Laughter.
            Wit's End is the End of Intelligent Laughter.
        From ADORE, A Divine Operating Religion of Excellence.


     This posting is prediluvian.

     However technically its pretty good for a drooling idiot, but it
has one serious error.

     It fails to distinguish between IMMORTALITY and ETERNALITY.

     Mortality means live once and die once in time and that's it Bud.

     Immortality means live once forever and never die in time.  All
Immortalities become hells forever eventually.  These then lead to fair
chosen deceits of Mortality, anything to avoid rememberance of a
detested Immortality.
     Eternality means existing in the Big Snooze 'forever' above time,
and descending into an endless number of finite whiles called
dreamtimes, in time as you please.
     More can be found on this in TRIAD.


     MY VIEW
     People ask me "Homer where do you get all this stuff?"

     I didn't just sit down and write all this stuff.  It comes from
interactions I have had with people.  If someone steps on your toe you
say 'Ow!'.  It arises from the collision.  Well that is how all this got
written.  I ran into a few people and this is what came out.
     Every writer writes from a certain philosophical viewpoint.  We all
subscribe to some religion or other even if it is just the one called
'Dust in the Wind'.  For my part I am neither a Secular Humanist nor a
Stark Fundamentalist.  I am an Adorian.  Adore originated millions of
lifetimes ago and millions of planets ago at another earlier age of this
Universe.  Possibly before any of us came here.
     As an Adorian, I am tolerant of all religions, wise and stupid
alike, although I weary of the intolerance shown to me by some of them.
I am not, however, tolerant of all their science.  I find the science of
both the Materialists and the Religious Fundamentalists to be lacking in
Scope, Span, Depth and Field.  Serious science should not be left to
pinheads of either materialistic or religious persuasions.  This results
in 'camps', violently opposed to each other and forever at war.  This is
a far cry from the differences of opinion that finally get resolved in
the mature scientific community.
     For example on the one hand you have the materialistic Dust in the
Winders who claim that all of life is made of dead matter and that there
is no God and that all living conscious intelligence is born of the
complexities of this dead matter.  Their view (a reasonable one) is that
electrons respond by FORCE and MASS, not by PAIN and WILL; i.e.
electrons do not move because they HURT.  Yet somehow out of these dead
parts (FORCE and MASS) PAIN and PLEASURE, LOVE and SHAME are born.
     On the other hand you have the Flat Earthers who claim that God
made the world 6000 years ago, that in a fit of fury drowned most of it
4000 years ago, that evolution has nothing to do with biological form,
especially HUMAN biological form, and that Earth is the only planet in
the entire universe that ever has had life or ever will.
     (Christ said while being nailed to the cross "Only once, Father,
only once God damn it!")
     Further in 3000 years we who are good will all be in Heaven and
there will be no further need for the physical universe at all.  And the
purpose of stars is to give you something to look at at night.
     This leaves the Adorians.  Adorians have the view that, frankly,
these other two groups well deserve each other but that one day both
will wake up to a truth which is both longer than 6000 years and more
alive than ball bearings.
     The Adorian view is that not only is there a God, but there is more
than one God, each a sole commander of his own universe like ours.
     Further these Gods are in co-communication with each other and as
such live in their own co-universe each of which has its OWN God, with
Gods above THEM too.
     It does not go on up forever.
     At the top are either lone Gods or a lone group of Gods in a
final top level universe of other lone Gods or lone groups of Gods.  A
lone God is a God NOT in communication with any other God above or next
to him.  Such other Gods of course exist as there is potential for an
infinite number of lone Gods any of whom can choose to co-communicate if
it should move both of them to do so.  But then they are not lone Gods
any more, and they now co share the universe of which they are both
     In any case there are an infinite number of spirits (Gods) some of
whom are playing at being Creator and some of whom are playing at being
Creature.  Others are playing the game of the Big Snooze.  All awake
periodically to play the game of Creator/Creature.  It's a Free Willed
Choice.  Fair chosen in all its aspects.  And all return to sleep after
a finite amount of time.  And all awake to play again on another day.
     However THIS universe and others like it ARE at the bottom of the
barrel filled with men like me and thee who are also Gods but have no
universes of our own.  The purpose of this universe is to change that.
     If the Cosmos is one large school, then everyone in this universe
is in the first grade after having been sent back from 12th.
     Yes there was a kind of fall, not all fell.

     All hypocrisy, arrogance, conceit and vanity to the contrary.
     Eventually we get to be TA's.  Then Professors, then Masters and
finally God's of our own universe full of first graders.  I guess you
could call that a Divine PhD.
     That's the positive view.  The negative view is that this universe
is a Sargasso Sea for sick, dead and dying thetans and no one has seen
the bottom of the whirlpool.

     "All the world is a stage because all the universe is a grave.

     If Timestone be Tombstone then let wisdom be epitaph.

     The way out of your grave is to read the words on your tombstone."

     From Adore.

     So cheery, but if you take a look at the various dead thetan
graveyards that people call their faces, one can wonder if anyone EVER
gets out of this place.

     But then no one really WANTS to get out of this place, if you look
deep enough, being asleep in someone else's dingleberry gives the
persistence that we all considered heaven when this place was designed.

     As for the positive view, yes lessons need to be learned to go
free, but the primary lesson that needs to be learned is the UNLEARNING
of lessons that have been learned.  Once free there won't be any lessons
hanging out reminding us of how to survive, it is lessons that hang
around our neck and sink us to the bottom of the sea.

     The saving grace is that THAT lesson doesn't need to be learned, we
already know it, we just need to dust it off and start operating it
again from native total knowingness.

     Remember total knowingness doesn't mean knowing everything ABOUT
things, it means totally knowing how to operate and create universes of
knowledge without having to learn as a lesson how to operate these
things, or having been taught from anywhere else.

     So we gotta keep our words clear here, knowingness means knowing
how to create and operate knowledge or know about, it doesn't mean
knowing all the know about that everyone has ever created.

     Knowingness is built in native, it comes with the deal.

     A thetan doesn't have to LEARN how to create.

     And lessons are things we think we learn by looking, learn from
experience, from being an effect, which teach us how to not be an effect
again.  But one can't become cause by being an effect, and changing
oneself by tying oneself to a lesson from being an effect is a self
determined change which needs to be run out.

     By changing one's self as a result of an effect, one's beingness
becomes the effect of an effect and is thus worse off in spite
of apparencies to the contrary as the being is further from cause.

     So knowing is about how to create knowledge and lessons, all of
which is mass and havingness which eventually sink a person.  The lesson
of unlearning lessons of knowledge, is the innate knowing of how to get
back away from knowledge back to knowing again.  That will free you from
all knowledge and its consequences.

     Knowledge is necessary if you want to play the physical universe
game of survival, nothing wrong with that, except that all lose in the
end if played too long.

     The game against entropy can not be won.

     But one needn't play so hard and so long that one completely
forgets how to go Author again and reoptimize the game for a while.

     One can go beyond the point of no return, but since all games must
end one day, as other's go free, the pressures keeping everyone
ignorant, the total broadcast power of the intent to not know, lessen
and even the tar balls begin to wake up again on a prime postulate

     A prime postulate can be negative or positive but they are
independent of what has gone before or what is going on now, so they can
save or ruin anyone for a while regardless of extant circumstances.

     A prime postulate is like the being throwing the dice for himself
once in a while.

     Not only is there a God of this universe (who can be considered its
Author) there are millions and millions of lesser gods under Him in an
organizational Hierarchy so thorough and well designed that even IBM
would be proud.  It is the purpose and task of all Human beings on this
and zillions of other teeming planets, to raise their consciousness from
Rock to Spirit in order to one day partake themselves in this hierarchy
of eternal fun and productivity.  This takes place through a time
spanning multiple lifetimes on multiple planets.
     Those who recover from the fall will be more advanced than those
that didn't fall.  The fall served a purpose and took some balls.

     This can be a very painful process because people who spent their
whole lives believing they were made of rock and were Mortal don't like
changing their minds.  Makes 'em feel kind of sheepish.  And not a
little disgruntled.  Also it is not immediately apparent to them.
'Mortality' is very much like hiding your head in the eternal sand with
your ass sticking out in the open where everyone can kick it.
     You have to WANT to be Immortal to see that you are.  But who wants
to be Immortal after living a whole life believing you are going to die?
Or made of meat.  My Aunt Nelly sure doesn't.  'Oh NO!  Not ME.  I'M not
going to be a little baby again!.  Oh NO!  I'm going to DIE, thank God,
and that's THAT!.'
     She has had time enough for love, right?
     Immortality will never be apparent to those who wish to die.  The
apparency of Mortality, the Pall of Mortal Doom, came about in fact due
to a long standing and psychotic unhappiness with Immortality.  Death is
a chosen delusion born of fear.  We would rather face the grave than
face our future.
     This doesn't change the facts though.  You can SLEEP for as long as
you like, but you can not DIE forever.  Nor can you get stuck in this
round robin of life after life forever.  Nor can you get stuck on Earth
forever.  You can stay here for a very long time though.
     The truth is there for anyone to see if only you start off with the
right assumptions.  You CHOSE.  For most though, it's easier living the
lie, in the short run.  However the naked truth is, there is only one
thing more insane than a man who thinks he is going to live forever when
he is going to die, and that is a man who thinks he is going to die,
when in fact he is going to live forever.
     Adorians hold that although a God or a spirit (same thing) can
create a universe, they can not create other spirits.  Other spirits are
all co-eternal with the underlying Source.  All spirits of what ever
rank in this or any other universe all originate by their own Will from
an independent state of immutable, permanent and eternal self-existence
above and before any creation by anyone, and choose to partake in
universes created by others for FUN.  FUN stands for Finding and
UNearthing unearthly hypocrisies.
     Thus being a Creator or a Creature is a fair chosen choice made
under no duress and with full awareness of all consequences.  As a God
it is quite a compliment to have a spirit choose to be in your universe
and be your creature.  It's sort of like someone buying your record.
     Gods like to name their universes to give them individuality and a
personal touch.  Thus each universe has a name.
     The name of this one is 'Killer Pit'.  (Don't worry, be happy.)
     As for evolution, God created the physical universe in the Big Bang
and he and his Company have been tinkering around with the DNA ever
since.  They may or may not break any physical universe laws doing this,
they generally work entirely within the universe.  They do not do this
often, but they do it when ever it is necessary or meets their fancy.
Gods are artists after all.  This would explain the gaps in biological
evolution that drive the evolution boys batty.
     So that's my view.  It may not be true, but at least I like it.
     It is true though, and it is DEMONSTRABLY true.  But demonstrating
it is non trivial.  Especially to people who CHOOSE to believe in death.
First you have to demonstrate to them that they chose THAT, but part of
what they chose is to NOT have it demonstrated to them ever again.  They
will get over it.  There is enough chagrin to go around for everyone.
No one need miss out or feel deprived.
     'Consciousness is real, possibly more real than the physical
universe everyone studies with such fervor and the study of
consciousness should be accorded more importance according to the
stature of its actually.' (Me, long ago.)
     It is almost impossible to write about science and mechanics
without eventually having to write something about consciousness and
psychology.  And it is a short step from there to ethics and religion
and philosophy.  It all pertains.  It's all in the math.  And if it
isn't, that too should be said.  The existence of taboos in our
scientific writings does not speak well for the intelligence or honesty
of Earthlings.
     However, recognizing that many of our readers will be under age and
recognizing that some of our written material may be too hot to handle
we have considered deleting it from the publicly available manuscripts.
Parents have a concern that if kids read the wrong thing they will go
out and chew bubble-gum or something.  It is a small step from there to
the hard stuff.  And heaven forbid their kids should lose their fear of
ETERNAL HELL.  DRUNKS tell this stuff to their kids.  Even for them
there is mercy.
     When parents tell their children about hell forever, the child
doesn't believe it, he knows it isn't true, couldn't be true, wouldn't
be true, shouldn't be true.

     But he thinks his parents believe it, and THAT scares the hell out
of him.

     So he wonders, then does the same to his kids.

     If you worship the Gods of DEATH FOREVER or HELL FOREVER, you don't
cut it.  If you worship the Gods of life and total responsibility you
are up for a promotion.  You do live in a world you can ADORE.  It seems
bad because it is all wrong.  Clean up the lies and you clean up the
     When you get the lies right, even the lies will be adorable and you
will understand why you engaged in them, they were a gift of love to
everyone else.

     It is as simple as that.  It is also the hardest job you will ever
do.  DEATH and HELL FOREVER are both lies.  ADORATION is the only truth.
Yes even adoration of lies.  But truth always wins out in the end.  For
     It is the ADORATION that makes it so.