(From ADORE, A Divine Operating Religion)
             Copyright (C) 1985 by Homer Wilson Smith
     ADORE has one basic operating principle.

     It is all encompassing and admits to no exceptions.
     Nor does it admit to any competitors.  There can not be more than
one basic operating principle.  There may be other ways of saying the
same thing, but the underlying truth is ONE truth, regardless of how it
is said in what age or what language.
     It can be wrong, but either it is wrong or it is right.
     The only way to determine which way it is, is to apply it and see
if it works.  Does it open your doors?  Can you vanish your unwanted
conditions?  Can you make more if you should so want?
     If you don't operate it, you can't judge if it works or not.
     To say that ADORE does not work, is to say this one operating
principle does not work.  To say you are looking for a better way, is to
say that there is some other operating principle closer to the truth or
more workable than this one, which there may be.
     Any exception that people take to ADORE, any disagreement they have
with ADORE, any complaint they have with ADORE can only be with this one
single solitary operating principle.
     Of course there will be those who will try to overwhelm you and
create unwanted conditions for you by the barrel full, in order to prove
to you that you have failed and that your operating principle does not

     That is what a crucifixion is "You can't vanish this!"
     They will do this regardless of what operating principle you chose.
     However if your operating principle does work, you should be able
to apply it to THEM as just one more unwanted condition.  Perhaps this
is the final test of any basic operating principle underlying Eternal
Omni Sovereignty.
     In the end, when the far future is here and those of us who are
going to make it to our Sovereignty and Freedom have done so, we will
look back on all the truths and operating principles we have tried and
thrown away.  We will also look upon the ones we saw fit to carve in
stone so that others might not throw them away because they worked.
     I believe that among those that will still be revered will be this
one present operating principle of ADORE.
     The WAY IN  is the WAY OUT.
     The WAY OUT is the WAY IN.
     Thus if you deny ADORE or its usefulness to your lives, you are
saying there is another WAY OUT besides the WAY IN.
     Maybe there is a back door to your prison, but the front door by
which you entered it still there.
     Maybe there is another way out, but the way in will be there for
Eternity in this and all future games that you enter.
     It can be no other way.
     You can not be IN a game without ENTERING a game.
     To deny this is to deny full responsibility for your condition.
     The ENTRANCE is always there.
     People who look for EXITS have lost sight of the ENTRANCE.

     Trying to COME IN, puts you OUT, because you can't COME IN without
being OUT.
     Responsibility is a big thing.