If one considers that the world is a virtual projection, then the
definition of OT powers is readily obvious.

     It is someone who can reseat himself in the sovereign center of his
own projection booth again, and re grab the making of any projection,
and then let go of it such that it disappears.
     Christ said that if we had enough faith, we could cast the mountain
sideways.  This is not exactly correct, because the projection is anew
every moment of time, like a candle flame.

     However one can cease projecting the mountain where it is, and then
reproject a new refresh of it somewhere else.  Even when one is just
seeing the mountain where it is, its a constant refresh every second.
It isn't the same mountain from moment to moment.

     More germane to human existence is the concept of resonance and
synchronization of projection.

     If two beings sit at a table, and each projects their mental image
of a colored ball on the table, it is conceivable that the two disparate
projections could lock onto each other, go into sync, and begin to act
'as one ball' to the two viewers.
     By this we mean that if one viewer moved his projection of the
ball, the other viewer would find his projection moving also without his

     Thus they think they are two people looking at the 'same ball' from
two different viewpoints, when in fact they are both looking at two
different balls (their own rendition) from the same viewpoint, scalar
static where all beings lie.
     Of course they would have had to will the syncing to take place,
or it couldn't hold, but if they play the game of denying this after it
has in fact taken hold, they can get into a struggle with the ball for
'ownership', namely whose will moves it where.

     If one considers the virtual projection theory of external reality,
then it is readily obvious that the entire external projection could be
such a resonant co synchronization between all the beings in it.
     Thus at no time does anyone NOT have full OT powers, they are
merely denying that they do in such a way that they can not momentarily
unsync their projection with the projection of others.  That inability
to cease projecting in sync with others, is itself an OT ability.
     Inability to project or NOT project is an OT power.

     This results in the magic of no magic.

     Whether or not one 'believes' in OT powers, one must admit that IF
there are OT powers, then the above analysis has to be correct.
     It can be no other way.

     Such understandings can possibly lead to fruitful lines of
research, hypothesis, experimentation and verification.

     I think it is mainly a matter of willingness, the flinch from
infinite power and infinite beauty is infinite.

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